5.35% 15-Month CD at a Florida Bank


Public Bank Florida was advertising a 5.35% APY 15-month CD earlier this week. The minimum deposit is $5K and the offer is only available for a limited time. The special doesn't seem to be listed at the bank's website, but was advertied in the Orlando Sentinel. The ad listed the branch in Altamonte Springs. It's not know if this certificate is available at all branches.

Public Bank Florida has branches through out Central Florida.

Best Rate CDs with Terms Around One year

CD rates with terms around 1 year have been rising fast. This week Mutal Bank just started offering a 12-month CD with an APY of 5.35%. GTE Federal Credit Union is still offering a 5.38% 12-month CD. You can get 5.30% APY 1-year CDs now at GMAC Bank, Corus Bank and AmTrust Direct.
5.26% 15-Month CD at a Florida Bank ($50K min)
Florida Choice Bank is offering a 5.26% APY 15-month CD. The minimum deposit is $50K. An APY of 5.12% is available for deposits between $25K and $50K. These certificates of deposit are Flex CDs which have the following features: allows one withdrawal of up to one half the original principle balance without penalty, allows additional deposits in increments of $100, up to one half of the initial deposit amount, and Flex CDs allow an increase of the interest rate one time if the bank offers a higher rate on the...
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