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Horrible!!! Do Not Bank Here!

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It's horrible! I've been locked out of Zelle recently and had to re order my card. I will definitely be switching.
I banked with them starting at the age of 16 I'm 31 now and its definitely lost its customer service. They DO NOT CARE. I'll definitely be switching this coming up week 10/3/22

Amegy Bank Beware

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beware. amegy bank very difficult to deal with. i have spent the last 6 months getting shuffled back and forth between amegy and zions. they are unwilling to release funds from a deceased account. wanting me to spend $2500 of legal fees to get money to the rightful beneficiaries. go bank anywhere else.

Worse Bank Ever

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I’ve have been with this bank over 4 years.
Cannot write a poem here with ALL PROBLEMS they were giving me, my husband and my niece’s accounts.
Very disappointing!
We had closed all accounts. And I recommend never even open one but if you did - run!

More Like Ameteur Bank

I really think that a more accurate name would be Ameteur Bank.

I grew up using Bank of America, then switched to Capital One and then a couple of years ago we moved everything over to Amegy because we got a one-time-close home constrcution loan/mortgage from Amegy.

They just don't really feel like a real bank. It's tough to get access to your online accounts and their app needs help. They have some silly fees for this and that. Communication is pretty hit or miss. You can't put your Amegy mortgage accounts into Mint.

The biggest source of our frustration with Amegy has been the way that they administer loan funds on their One-Time Close Loan - which is a great idea and an attractive product, but if you're working a dishonest contractor, then you're not going to get any help from Amegy as they really don't check to make sure that the contractor is withdrawing funds for what the contractor says they're withdrawing the funds for.

And if you show the Enterprise Mortgage Lending department clear evidence that the general contractor is submitting fraudulent draw requests that are chock full of expenses for other properties being built at the same time as your home, then Amegy's loan department will tell you "that's between you and the contractor, we're neutral on this".

To be fair, the draw requests clearly say that the borrower has verified that the funds we're approving to be withdrawn are going to fund expenses related to the home construction project and that all work has been completed.

But it's still pretty apparent that Amegy values the general contractor who refers new construction loan clients to them much more than they value the individual client.

There are some good people that we've worked with some good people at Amegy, that's why they're getting 2 stars.

But in general, working with Amegy feels like working wtih a C+ student. They're sort of a medium-sized bank - not small enough to give you that personal level of service and not big enough to run a 1st class bank with a good app and a no-nonsense, not-waste-your-time attitude.

Greedy Bank

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A check and my payroll hit on the same day and this greedy bank charged me an NSF fee. The credit and debit hit at the same time, but instead of recognizing the credit first, they chose to recognize the debit first and charged me $35.00, when the funds were in the account to cover the check. A bunch of thieves. Will be moving my account elsewhere as soon as possible.

Worst Customer Service, Fee Extortiion,, Attiude Poor

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After banking here for over twenty years this bank customer service has gone down hill. The customer service is horrible. They are finding creative ways to extort fees, from clients for debits they authorize after opting out. Repeatedly opt out of debit overdraft, then they charge you for allowing charges to go through anyway, nothing but poor excuses, and don't care attitudes,, I run hundreds of thousands through my account and then when you call you get this attitude like "TOUGH" we really don't care. The right hand not only does not know what the left hand is doing but the right hand does not care about the left. DO NOT BANK HERE UNLESS YOU WANT TO SPEND YOUR LIFE FRUSTRATED. The only reason I deal with the frustration all the time and the prevalent I don't care about you attitude is cause i have been there so darn long, This bank at one time was awesome,, but has lost all care for the small and medium clients. I am gald I have other bank repationships so I don't need to have this any more as my main source of banking,,, save your self the frustration and go somewhere else! Just FYI if you go over by a dollar you will not get a phone call and they will bounce your check so fast with no phone calls and after being there 20 years,,,but then they will let a debit clear after you opt out ,, that will send you further into overdraft, then charge you for the fee for the check ,, then again for the overdraft, then agin for the debit they allow to clear when there was not enough money in the account,, then again when they return the check that should have cleared if the debit was declined as it was supposed to be. you better be very wealthy to bank here cause the average Joe will go broke at this bank!

Discriminating Employees Who Should Be Fired!

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I went into the Seagler and Westheimer location to cash a check for 10 grand. The tellers name was Terry and the manager assisting him was named Aileen. I was asked to wait a moment while the check was verified - I responded "no problem" after 20 minutes Terry returns and tells me that after speaking with someone the check is a "fake". I am a 27 year old business owner who has dealt with panic attacks in the past so I calmly took deep breaths and insisted they go through every possible avenue because I have too much to lose for a foolish attempt of that sort. 10 minutes later they came back and cashed the check but my issue began the moment they "jumped the gun" and approached me saying the check was fraudulent. Moral of this story is Never judge a book by it's cover. I will be cashing many more checks with Amegy and possibly would have considered opening an account but now that will NEVER happen. I hope the employees are reprimanded at minimum for ignorant, discriminatory and unprofessional behavior. I will now simply put them in one of my Bank Of America accounts. Avoid dealing with these guys. They aren't worth the hassle.

Do Not Trust This Bank!

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Just to let you know that I'm not a crack pot, I want you to know that I have been a small business owner for 17 years. I have borrowed and paid back close to two million dollars over that time. DO NOT TRUST THIS BANK!!!! I believe that they have an internal breech of security.

Good Community Bank With No Bogus And Simple Ideas Of How To Take Care Of Business And Its Customers.

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I've been with Amegy for over 2 years now and I must say that it has so far been a good relationship. Just like the majority of middle class folks, I work hard for my earnings and would like to keep my money safe and secure at some institution where everything makes sense and simple. Unlike all the other banks that I had been with (Chase, Bank of America, Capital One, ETC;) Amegy runs their business with common sense and sincererity. There were times when things got rough due to our economic situation these days but you will never see any bogus charges from Amegy on your statement, unlike any other major banks who had no problems slapping all those fees 5 or 6 times in a row and even take them longer to resolve their own mistakes. Their online banking is very thorough and simple and you know exactly where your money is. This is the only bank that will not "purposely"  debit the highest charges you had first before posting the deposite that you made in cash even on the same day. I had that problem with all the other banks even though I made the debit transactions after I deposited the fund in cash prior so that they could get your account to be overdrawn and then charge you the overdraft fees. 

I rarely ever had any problem with Amegy and even when I did, I went into the bank to talk to someone and they were able to get it resolved without having to wait 30 or 45 days due to "procedure" that some other banks had to take. Just like I said prior, common sense and running its business the right way is the way to earn loyalty from folks who they do business with. I am a very satisfied customer and will look forward for years of healthy relationship that has yet to come.

Amegy! How Low Will They Go?

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Amegy is not as healthy as it says it is which goes to what kind of bank they are.  Awful!  Amegy and any other business that wants to fraudulently charge their customers come first.  When you ask them why certain policies are set up, they will lie.  If you ask them why your direct deposit isn't showing, they will blame it on whoever your company uses.  I went through 30 minutes of calling them and hearing it wasn't there, then calling employer flex who said, they have it they are just not giving you your money for a day.  I called back and all of the sudden they could see it but it was too late to show credit in my account.  Apparently, they test people before they hire them to make sure that they are not very bright, are pathological liars and do not have a conscience.  Whew...that is close to what a bank ceo is but their bulb shines a little brighter.  At any rate, they are thugs just like their fellow criminals, chase, wells fargo, bank of america, etc.  When your money is in their bank, it is not is theirs to do with whatever they want!  On top of that when they get you in a bind, they charge you for it.  They make Tony Soprano look like a good guy.  Hopefully, they will become extinct.

The said part is they bought the best bank I have ever dealt with which was Southwest.  The customer was top priority and they did quite well because of that.  Do not think they would have sold to Zion/Amegy if they knew that their mission is to prey on their customers.  These jerks got TARP money and act like we are the ones with our hand out.  Going to look for a Community Bank.

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