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Shockingly Bad CS, Leaving BBVA

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My simple bank account transitioned over to BBVA. On the day of transition virtually everything was screwed up. Unable to setup my account on the app, ambiguous errors with no direction. Unable to reach anyone on the phone for DAYS, message stating "we are having technical difficulties".
HORRIBLE to be unable to access your account for days. Pathetic customer care.
That says it all, leaving for a company that provides service to customers.

Very Disappointing Bank

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I received multiple offers for a credit card and decided to accept one of them. I received a healthy credit limit and the card in a few days. There is an incentive for a certain amount of spending after opening. So i made a large donation to my charity. I then found the card was "blocked" with no explanation so I sent several secure messages through the website and heard nothing in return. I called the customer service number and after 20 mnutes reached a representative that asked an annoying amount of verification questions then told me he couldnt help me i needed to call another number. Then he said he could transfer me and i was transferred to a recording which i believe was in chinese and translated to english saying the card was blocked and then disconnected the call. I called the fraud alert number and gave up on that after waiting on hold for 40 minutes. I was also able on one call to hear the bbva hours for the christmas holiday 2020. this bank does not seem to have its act together at all and i now regret wasting an inquiry on my credit report for an account i now want to close.

Stay AWAY From BBVA Bank

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Stay AWAY from BBVA bank.

They have no email in Spain and therefore they can lie and cheat the way they do.

Their machine telephone understands nothing and disconnects after a few minutes. Waste of time BBVA.

"Undeliverable Email"
"Sorry, we were unable to deliver your message to the following address.
[email protected]:

Awful Bank.

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I dont have a lot of money.. I keep track of every cent and i can't afford to be stolen from.. This bank is so sneaky.. I noticed they charged me twice for an order i made.. And its not the first time they do something sketchy like this.. Im so done. Im changing banks as soon as i get my direct deposit from work.. Its a hassle to change banks. Its also such a pain to deal with unauthorized charges because this bank makes it really hard to get your money back.

Blatantly Lied

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I tried to use the mobile deposit feature last night. I could not find any record of the transaction in my app or online account. When I called this morning to check to see if they could see the check on their end, the CSR Grace told me that she could see it and that I should have the money sooner than "what they said." I found the feature on the app that shows a history of all mobile deposits and mine was not there. Called back and got Ernesto who said that he had no record of the deposit. He looked for a while and said "I do not know what my collogue saw because there is nothing to see." Grace flat out lied. I had to retake the mobile photos and this time it shows up in the history. Now, let's see if it actually posts or gets rejected. I have had so many issues with this bank. They have overdrawn my account three times in error. I had to call every time and they say "Oh, this was an error." Not a good taste in my mouth. Really not happy, I also had to write "For mobile deposit only" on the back of the check. I asked both CSRs if for some reason, this mobile transaction fails and they reject my check, will it be a problem cashing or depositing the check in a branch with "for mobile deposit only" on the back? they said that it "shouldn't ." That is alarming. It shouldn't? How about "No, that won't be a problem since our technology failed, of course you can cash or deposit it in a branch" is the right answer, not "It shouldn't be a problem."

Holds Ourmoney Hostage

This bank will hold our direct deposits for days. I finally called and questioned this method. The representative confirmed my suspicions and suggested I move to a local bank. Best advice I ever received from their customer service (who speaks broken English). I will be closing my account as soon as I receive my 3rd stimulus deposit. Late of course!

Worst Banking Experience Ever

I attempted a wire transfer in January that failed. This failed transfer affected my limit and disallowed me to initiate a subsequent transfer to correct it. I was first told that a new transfer would be done for me by BBVA. They never did it and never followed up with me. I called again and was told the failed transfer would be removed so I could make another. They never did it and never followed up. After some more of this I filed a complaint with the FEC. I was then told by BBVA that a failed transfer should not affect my limit, like knowing just how F’d up BBVA internal systems are would be some kind of comfort!?!? My complaint is still valid and still has not been properly addressed. It has been a full month of dealing with this now. I have now submitted a new transfer, not because BBVA did anything, but because they have drug me along for such a long time that my limit has now reset!

Money Market Accounts

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This bank to me looks like a fraud. MAybe I should have read more details about this bank before putting money in the Money market account. I want to withdraw the money because I realized the interest rate has been reduced tio 0.1% as of today. When I want to withdraw, there is a limit of maximum $8000 per day and a maximum of $20000 per month. Each withdrawal is $3. You have to pay to withdraw your own money and the money is locked for many many months at a very uncompetitive rate. Keep away from this bank if you want to use their money market accounts. It is a trap.

Bbva Mobile Banking Deposit

I did a mobile deposit below the amount I was allowed.
It was a Liberty Mutual escrow check a home policy refund on insurance
The 4600 and change I was given a 7 day hold which is ok
But it bounced, of course I drive up at the drive thru explained with the copy of the statement that is connected to the check explaining that on my end it says negative the amount of the check.
What happened I don’t know the capture of the check in the picture is good also the numbers .
Now I have to call get a stop payment reissue another check that’s not hard . But the one I recieved is good, BIG QUESTION THE 19.00 WHOS GOING TO GIVE THAT TO ME BBVA ..? Well we will soon find out. Lol.

BBVA Online CD

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BBVA uses non-disclosure and delaying tactics so you miss the deadline to close your CD account on time and don't get the advertised rate. They make you mail a signed, notarized letter with a copy of your driver's license (front and back) to close your account at maturity to get your money. Really! BBVA does everything they can to make you late so you'll have to pay $25 plus 1% penalty (or more depending on your term). How is this legal? Do a little research online and find out all they do to their customers once they get their money. Do not have anything to do with BBVA. You have been warned!

Roach Motel Bank

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Last year I invested in a time deposit (CD) with BBVA because of a decent interest rate on my money. A year later I became concerned about the return of my money. BBVA was the roach motel of banks - you can check-in easy, but checking out was difficult. Surprise! If you want your money back, you need to mail/fax a formal letter spelling out your request in detail along with a picture of your driver's license, front and back. Despite being told it would take 3 to 5 business days, the process was a 23 day and 6 phone call marathon. Why so difficult? Incompetence? Or was the process intentionally designed so BBVA could hold on to your money for float or some other financial slight of hand? BTW: the individuals I spoke with at the bank seemed attentive to my needs and seemed to try their best, but they too seemed to be trapped in the system like myself. On the bright side: 1. I finally got my money back. 2. I know one bank to avoid.

Their CD Is A Scam

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Will never do business with BBVA again. I had a $10,000 one year CD with BBVA that matured on Saturday 5/2/2020. I tried to transfer the balance of my account online and could not figure out how to directly transfer it to my checking account at another bank. I called BBVA on Monday (5/4/2020) and they said the only way to withdraw the balance of my CD would be to send a request via physical mail that included a scanned copy of the front and back of my drivers licence, my BBVA CD's account number, and the account and routing number of my other bank's checking account. I told them this was unsafe to send in the mail. The only other option they gave me was to fax all of that information to them. I faxed the request with all the required information to the number they provided on Monday 5/4. I called the next day (Tuesday 5/5) to check the status of my request, and the individual I talked with said they no longer had a fax number. So the only way to withdraw your CD from BBVA is a mailed request?! This seems archaic and unsafe, but I did it anyway because there is no other option. Now I'm calling to check the status of my request again. I called at 8:30am eastern time an I get a message saying they're not open yet. Ok, that's fine, maybe they open at 8am central time. I called at 9:35am eastern time. They're still not open. I can't believe the hoops I've had to jump through to get my own money back from these crooks.

THE WORST _ Run Away NOW!!!!

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I have been trying to get my funds from a CD that matured on 4/9/2020. It is now 4/24 and I still do not have my funds. I have called every day since the 9th. I have NEVER had a banking experience like this!

Horrible Customer Service

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BBVA has some interesting new features on their call line: you can no longer check your balance online, you must talk to a rep; I have been waiting 18 minutes on speaker phone. Download the app?? LOL, don't make me laugh, it couldn't recognize my email or even my account #. Pitiful. I will be happily returning to Security Service FCU next month.

BBVA Interest Rate Of 1.50% Only For New Accounts

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I have been with BBVA since May of 2019 when they offered $100 bonus for opening new Money Market ccount & maintaining $10,000 balance. Interest rate has steadly gone down and currently only receiving Interest Rate of 1.242% (not 1.50%). Customer Service Rep related that BBVA may lower interest rate at anytime, so what they pay you after they get you as a customer can change than what they currently advertise. Also be aware of penalty if account is closed within one year. :-(
Update 03-05-20:
BBVA Money Market APR drops to 0.846%

Worst Bank Ever

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Not only are their policies and fees ridiculous but their customer service reps are very sneaky and untruthful. What customer service reps have told me has been false, misleading and differs from what their policies say online. I have tried multiple times to close my checking and savings account and they simply will not do it. I no longer live in a state with BBVA branches but at this point I am tempted to fly to my original branch just to get this resolved. Or will be reporting to BBB. Likely will do both at this point they’ve been so misleading.

Very Poor Customer Service.

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Phone representatives unable to give answers to basic account questions without taking down your information and having someone call you back in 3-5 business days. Unable to get status information regarding bonus award for opening new account four months ago.

Worst Customer Service In My Life

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I promise I have talked to every single person that works in the call centers at least twice

Can’T Leave Fast Enough After 10 Years

I have been with BBVA Compass for over 10 years. The first few years were just fine and I was satisfied with the service. However, in the past 5 years my experience has been that this is a Bank not motivated to help their customers and are operating as if it was 100 years ago. Most recently, I sold my home in Texas and moved to Virginia. I went to wire the money from my account for my down payment and was told it was impossible to wire over $5,000 unless you physically came to a branch. Well, there are no branches in Virginia. After hours on the phone speaking with 6 different BBVA reps, all I heard was a repetitive “no, we can’t do that” and ultimately was told that it is impossible to get my money out in time for the closing in two days. No wire, no cashiers check, no adding someone to my account, no writing a check,, no branch manager discretion ,,,,, nothing that could be accomplished in 48 hours. They were not at all solution focused or intent on helping me as the customer get my money out in time for my closing. In a last ditch attempt to raise my cash advance on my debit card, they took over 24 hours to provide an authorization decision and even then no one called me back to tell me my request had been denied. The impact on me was to delay closing, reschedule movers, pay for additional temporary housing and a ton of undue stress during one of the most stressful life-events you go through in adulthood. Explaining to my 6 year old daughter why she couldn’t move in to her new room when she expected was tough. Listen, I get the additional security in this time of increased wire fraud. I understand and respect that. However, I felt completely like they are holding my money hostage and in this day and age of technology advancement there is no reason they do not have an alternate way of identity proofing clients that are out of state,,,,especially long time clients in good standing. And to feel that they did nothing to work with me on a resolution but just kept saying “I’m sorry, there is nothing we can do” is not the kind of Bank I want to do business with. Add on top of this an experience with BBVA as my mortgage lender 4 years ago in which the incompetence of the lender was such that it was the worst real estate transaction of my career, of which I have had several. I should have known better. If you want a bank that is customer and solution focused, and that takes smart advantage of technology and process, this is not the Bank for you!

Worst Experience Ever!

Horrible online bank. Their fees will more than eat up any interest you earn. They charge for everything. I was a customer for 90 days and was told I would have to pay them to close my account! Horrible bank. Be sure to read their fees before you open an account.

Service Has Nose-Dived

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I've had to call customer service more times in the last couple months for unexpected fees, website problems, and mystery holds than I had in the entire two decades or so that I've had this checking account, originally with Compass. If I didn't have so many automatic payments and deposits tied to it I'd get out now but I'm too lazy to sort through it. Be forewarned.

Edit: in the process of switching now, I just don't trust their customer service to handle problems anymore.

Worst Bank

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Opened two accounts with this institution: One account a CD (large balance) and one account Money Market (large balance). The money market funds came from another institution. After I was notified by BBVA email that MM account was open and funds were available BBVA SENT ADDITIONAL REQUEST TO INSTITUTION WHERE FUNDS CAME FROM FOR ANOTHER WITHDRAWAL OF THE SAME AMOUNT. The account at the other institution charged me $35 for insufficient funds. Two days later, BBVA DID THE SAME EXACT THING AGAIN WITH ANOTHER RESULTING $35 INSUFFICIENT FUNDS CHARGE). I filed online complaint with BBVA with no reply whatsoever. I then attempted to close money market and bank is insisting on charging $3 fee. In addition, they will not credit me with the $75 fees caused by their mistakes. As an ex banker for 26 years, I have never seen such incompetence and fee nickel diming (I deal with 8 other institutions - all are 100% professional, unlike this place). Find another institution for your money.

Awful Time-Consuming Experience

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Steer clear of this bank altogether. I had a private banker and I still had numerous problems galore with my MMA, checking account, and refi process. Debit cards not stripe-coded and would not work, errors with deposits, errors in check printing and check fees charged on an account with $0 check fees, NSF fees due to errors in their sweep system (they admitted it was their system's issue -had to email and text the private banker multiple times to reverse these error NSF fees). I was going to refi with them as well and they increased the LOCKED rate during the process (after fees were paid, conveniently for them).
I was able to text the private banker with problems but it was constant back-and-forth and excuses....I cannot imagine how even more terrible it would be if you had to go through the regular 800 number. I finally told the private banker that I had more texts with her than I did with most of my friends!
It was so terrible that after about 6 months we moved everything and closed all of our accounts. Spoke with Private Banker and even regional CEO to rectify issues and they really don't care. They are only looking at the numbers and $.....not the people.

Rate Varies By State, Customer Service Merry-Go-Round

The interest rate varies by state and is much lower in CA. It took 15 minutes and being re-directed to 4 different customer service reps. to finally get the interest rate.

Purchase Of IRA Cds

I purchased several IRA CDs with different Interest rates at different times. BBVA combined all CDs and withdrew the RMD from the smallest one, leaving it to get .10% interest instead of the 1.98% purchase rate

Online Support Is Horrible

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I opened a CD account for the 2.8% rate. First they were not able to get the initial deposit from my local checking account, funny everyone else can, so I had to mail a check. Then I went to the web site to add my daughter as a beneficiary, I could not do that. So I asked customer service how to add a beneficiary, they said I have to go with her to a branch and show our IDs. I live in VA and she lives in Puerto Rico, that is not convenient. So much for being an online bank.

Mobile Deposit A Problem.

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Mobile Deposit sometimes works okay. BBVA staff is unable to do much or know what is going on when they have a weekly shutdown.

Very Poor Management

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It was easy enough to open the accounts online but very hard to ask any questions on how the accounts work. They have so many departments for the type of account you may have. When you call customer service, you will either get someone who has no clue on any question you ask(could be a language barrier) call them and you will understand or you will get someone who can answer your questions. This is a hit or miss operation. If you need to add a beneficiary to an account customer service has to put in a request then you have to wait days before the call you back. I still have not been called. Forget the great rates, I'm worried about my deposits.

Worst Experience Ever - Run

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I opened this account because I had a good sum of money that I didn't want to ouch. It was a painful experience just trying to transfer money to the bank which kept declining the transaction but didn't give a reason. The maximum transfer amount was $50k per day. I then decided that I'd had enough and wanted to close the account. Now they tell me that I can only close the account with a zero balance. The limit to ACH my money was $10k per month which is ridiculous. Then I was told that I can wire the money. Looking at this closer I can only wire $7500 per day at a cost of $15. To close they gave me a fax number to use which doesn't answer. This was after having to go and get a request notarized requesting closer. They don't even have a standard for this. I'm shocked!!

Terrible Experience

Everything started off great and I was especially surprised when I got a call from a "Mobile Experience Rep" who was checking on how things were going and offered a direct number to reach her at if I needed assistance with anything. But it quickly went south from there. I successfully linked two external accounts to make deposits. One deposit failed due to some unexplained technicality or glitch. Rather than attempting to understand the problem, BBVA referred my account to their fraud department who promptly locked me out of the account and later closed it which was absolutely ridiculous! It took the next 2 months and several phone calls and emails to get them to release my funds. I got the feeling this is a large bank with lots of red tape and no one that uses common sense. I have never had such a bad customer service experience!


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Unless you enjoy being ripped off and having your money swipped away by sneaky overdraft fees and not getting your unauthorized transactions denied because your talking to reps on foreign counties then DO NOT become a member of this bank of thrives! I got ripped off and bad service for over 15 years with this bank, and didn't realize just how bad it was until I left. All banks are crooks, find a credit union they're easy to join and are actually being ran by humans with greater interest in humanity.

Too High Tech?

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This bank is so high tech that you can't do an on-line account without having a phone that will accept a text. It has no way around this. They have a good rate money market, and I can't set up an account to fund it and monitor it. I have a business phone, a cell without texting, purposely so I don't have to pay for robo-text messages, plus an email, and they leave me no way to set up an online account. Unreal. Is there such thing as being too high tech? Rick

Poor Customer Service After Account Opening

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I opened an account over the phone and they said it was a no fee account. However, they set me up for paper statements which has a $3 fee. Once I saw the fee hit my account, I immediatly turned that off and requested a refund via their website secure messaging. They refused.

I know fees are big revenue for banks, but for $3 they could have delivered a great first impression. Instead, I already think they don't value me as a customer. My plan was to shift all my Bank of America accounts and deposits over to them. Now I will just leave it alone because I'm too worried about how they'll treat me if something really bad happens. What if someone steals my debit card and withdrawals $$$. Will they side against me then also? No Thanks. Enjoy your $3. I'll keep my money away from you for now.

Worst Bank Ever

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This is the worst bank I have ever had to deal with. I am a single mom who works hard for her money. I have an excellent credit score and manage my money well. This bank is only out to get your money. They do not explain their services well and then charge rdiculously high fees. I can honestly say not one, ONE part of my experience with this bank has been enjoyable. They even screwed up my auto loan causing me to have to pay about $2,000 out of pocket unexpectedly. Literally the worst bank ever!

Never Get Direct Deposit On Time

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I've been with BBVA compass since 2015.
I get paid salary every 1st of the month & I NEVER get it on time. Before I never had issues because my direct deposit would be deposited by 2am the day I was scheduled to be paid.
It gets annoying I have to call them Every 1st of the month after 5pm asking them where is my direct deposit? This is the second time it's happened and I'm not going to wait a third time to get the run around again.
I'm very dissatisfied, disappointed in how you treat your customers.

Terrible Customer Service

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I have a car loan with compass bank and i just went thru hurricane harvey and i needed help to push back only 1 month payment til i get back on my feet...i lost 1 week of work pay and have damage to my home and i called chase'discover'and tdecu and they help me with no questions ask...i called compass on 9/1/17 and again on 9/7 and they can not even call me back...i spoke to 5 different service reps and they cant tell me anything except there manager will call me...once they did but i was back at work and could not answer and i call back manager number and again its not manager number but just a process number in total i called 4 times if i can get hurricane relief and no help with any customer service agent.... i know how compass does not care for there clients...i be leaving compass bank soon ... people do not use compass bank...


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Great Bank To Do Business With My Experience!

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I received nothing but great service from this Bank. Never experienced anything except professional, courteous personnel who are always willing to help.

BBVA Compass provides excellent service and convenient banking options.

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When I opened my account, the bank representative was very nice. He gave me a lot of options and helped me choose the accounts that were beneficial to me. He took the time to explain each banking account option and suggested ways I could save more money and prepare for retirement through investment accounts. I learned a lot about investment opportunities and was given the option to come back whenever I needed help or information. Overall, it was a very pleasant experience. The representative talked to me on a very personal level and went out of his way to help me make the best decisions for my circumstances. I was able to open a checking account with an attached savings account. Before I even left the bank, he printed starter checks and even set up my online banking for me. I walked out of the bank feeling that BBVA Compass was an excellent choice.

Questionable Customer Service

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Wanting to use a local bank to buy a CD, I purchased a $20,000 CD from BBVA Compass in March on 2016 at the competitive rate of 1.3% . Unfortunately I failed to check the renewal rate when the CD came due assuming the new new rate would be comparable to the old. Instead they renewed the CD at .1% or about 1/10 of the market CD rate and which is lower than their money market rate. What a horrible way to take care of their customers. When I went in the withdraw the CD, the fee was $255 or 3% of the about of the CD plus $25. That made is cheaper to keep it at their horrible rate. Rest assured I will never again put a dime in a bank that cares so little about it's customers.

Terrible Service And Ridiculous Policies!

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After banking here for the past 15 years, I'm done!
Customer service is terrible, wait time on phone is ridiculous and their policies are completely senseless!

Something as simple as removing one party from a joint account is evidently a major ordeal and can only be done with a death certificate. Seriously?

Closing A CD At Maturity--More Difficult Than Opening It

I recently received a message in the mail that a CD that I have with BBVA Compass will be maturing. The notice gave me options to add funds to the CD or do nothing and let it roll over. Nowhere on this notice, even the fine print on the reverse, said what I need to do if I want to have my funds back at maturity.

Calling did not provide information, so I sent a message to customer service. Here's the reply:
"if you would like the CD to close after maturity you may send a written request or visit your local branch. The following information must be sent by fax or mail to the address provided below:
1. Name
2. Account number
3. Request to close
4. Distribution request (Transfer to another account or cashier?s check. Check mailed to address on file.)
5. Copy of ID
6. Supporting documentation (Death certificate, letters of testamentary, Power of Attorney, etc)
7. Notarized signature "

Yes, to receive my funds at maturity BBVA Compass requires that I get both a notarized signature and to send in a copy of my identification. Quite a bit of hassle compared to the many other options available.

Here's the update: After sending the fax, the maturity date passed and the CD was still open. A call to customer service took the better part of an hour to receive the response that the ID in the fax was difficult to read, so they could not process the request. Why one needs to send a copy of an ID to close an account is a mystery, made all the more infuriating by the fact that one needs to show an ID to get a signature notarized.

Bad Policies

I have no problems with their applications, I have not been charged any surprise fees and I have not had any overdraft issues. What I do have a problem with is there inability to understand my complaint: 1 Opened an account online and was vetted by a thorough online ID check and the account was opened. I received all documents and the debit with no problems and within in their 7 to 10 day advertised period. During this period I prudently opened the account with 25. Also during this period I received a letter from BBVA that they needed copies of my ID and other documents which I could fax them. I sent them the docs and never heard back. I finally got a response that was over done informing me that they wanted me to go to their branch and present these documents in person since they needed to verify all signatories. I am the only one. This is a perfect example of why most bank customers are fed up. They could have sent a letter indicating they needed to see me in person with the documents at one of their branches if I wanted to do business with them. This is in spite of the fact that the product is only available online and not in their branches. I did not realize that they had a branch less than 1/5 mile from me. I thought I was dealing with an out of area bank that is attempting to build an online bank especially since this product is only available online. The product is average and if you do everything they disclose is free. What I want to know is how much extra does it cost to bank with a bank that has common sense! For this they get a 1.

BBVA New System Sucks

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I have been banking at Compass Bank for over 30 years and starting this week they have a new system that places a hold from 2 to 5 days for checks deposited. Never has this been an issue just screwing their customers riding the float. Time to switch banks.

CAREFUL - Lousy Customer Service

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Opening the money market account online was easy. Customer service afterwards is a mess. I've had four questions about the FEE OF $3.00 FOR EACH ACH TRANSFER (very slow), check writing (none), the effect of the steep interest rate drop on current accounts, and when the interest is posted to the account (at the end/beginning of the month no interest was posted). The bank's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section doesn't address these or other inquiries typically dealt with by banks. Over a few weeks I sent three messages from my online account, but didn't receive either an answer, or an acknowledgement. I phoned customer service. After very, very long waits the customer service reps couldn't answer these questions. I was put on hold as they sought in confusion answers which weren't available even to them. This bank is a dark hole. ...... Post Script~ I closed this account when I found another bank returning much higher interest. This decision was made easier by BVA Compass Bank's requirement of keeping $10,000 minimum in the account to avoid their maintenance fee. It's a fee happy bank. Customer service was awful to the end. After waiting on the phone over 20 minutes for a service rep to answer and arrange closing my account I was disconnected. I then tried the online chat feature with a service rep. It said a rep will be with you in a moment. Never happened. It was back to waiting in the long, winding phone line for a service rep.

Sudden Drop In Interest Rate

A tad disappointed. Opened Money Market in September 2015 when the rate was advertised at 1.20 per cent. When checking this a/c on line I noticed I was getting a rate of 1.09. Upon calling the rep I opened the a/c with she said this rate would last for a year (citing it was actually a better deal than the 1.20.)
This month, after being nine months into the 12 month period mentioned, the rate has dropped to ,20.
Fool me once -- fool me twice.
Website is also quirky and a bit awkward to navigate.

BBVA Compass - love them

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I have been with BBVA Compass for a few years now. I started with them by opening up a checking account. Since I'd never had a checking account before the staff was wonderful at explaining all the terms and agreements of opening an account with them. They have been great especially with over draft fees. One time I accidentally overcharged my account and put it in the negative. In a panic I called them to prevent the thirty five dollar over draft fee. They were very understanding about it and waived the fee! I've also used their mobile app when depositing funds, which is a lot easier for me than going all the way across town to put in the money. Another plus of this bank is that there is no minimum deposit you have to have to start up, or keep the account. I will be with them for years to come.

Bbva Compass - Nsf Fees

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BBVA Compass is a wonderful bank in terms of customer service and up-to-date technology. However, their policy on leveraging NSF (non-sufficient funds) charges has been a frustration on more than one occasion. There is a charge of $38 for even a small over draft of $.01, and getting that charge reversed is near impossible. That being said, any other matters concerning customer service have been handled flawlessly. I am most impressed by the mobile application BBVA provides. It is quick and easy to use for many services. I especially like that it can be unlocked using my finger print on my iPhone, this creates a quick access to all of my accounts. Overall, I am satisfied with BBVA. I would recommend a more lenient policy on NSF charges, however, as most banks have created a grace program for such situations. As a college student, every penny counts and I would prefer not to have to set up with another bank as I have banked with BBVA for 6 years now.

I like their free checking accounts

I very much dislike paying banking fees of any type. I had the luxury of having free checking accounts with a few banks while I was in college, as many banks offer free checking and savings accounts to students. Once I graduated, I was converted over to checking accounts that had high monthly fees. I was happy when I found that BBVA Compass offered free checking accounts to anyone, not just students. Not only does my checking account not have any monthly fees, there are also no fees to use the ATM. There are times when you are not near your own bank's ATM and have to use another bank's ATM. Most banks charge a high fee to use an ATM that is not their own. Monthly fees and ATM fees can add up quickly if you are not careful. So I am happy that I found a bank that I can trust, and not have to worry about money suddenly coming out of my account due to unexpected fees. If you are looking for a good bank with no fees, you should definitely check out BBVA Compass.

My Personal Experience With BBVA Compass

I banked with BBVA Compass for about two years starting in 2012 and ending in 2014. The reason why I started banking with them in the first place was based on a recommendation from a friend of mine who banked with them and said it was the best experience with a bank she'd had thus far. When I first opened my account, inside the branch, everyone was so helpful and friendly. My wait inside the lobby for someone to assist me could have been no longer than three minutes, and the bank was full of people. I thought that was impressive off the bat. At the time I was receiving disabiility SSI payments for my daughter and needed a bank that would set up a representative payee account for me, which I'd previously had with Chase. They were able to set this account up for me with ease and my daughter's SSI payments are transferred to that particular account with no problem every single month. There were a couple of times that I wasn't paying attention to the balance in my checking account and was charged an overdraft fee. When I saw the charges, I called the bank to see if they'd be willing to work with me. I had a lot of things going on in my life that made it to where I wasn't keeping up with my balance. They were more than happy to give me a second chance and returned the overdraft fee to my account with advice on how to receive low balance alert texts so that I wouldn't have that problem again. Every time I called customer service the representatives and very helpful, friendly, and informative. Overall it was the best experience I've had before and since with a bank and I'm actually considering banking with them again in the near future.

Great people, great bank!

I live in Corona, and have been using BBVA for almost a year now. I have both a checking and a savings account with them, and I couldn't be happier with my service. The people at my location are amazing! They are very personal, and know me by name (even though I don't go there that often). One time in particular that stands out, is when I had overdrafted my checking account. I went there in person to deal with the issue, and they were more than helpful. They happily assisted me, waved the fee, and helped me set up a free overdraft account in case it happened again. It was a great experience, and that is just one example of the excellent customer service I have received there. The only rating that I didn't give them a 5 on is their web/mobile experience. I'm not a huge fan of the mobile app, and have had problems with it crashing in the past.

BBVA Compass

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I have banked at BBVA Compass for several years. I love them! I have had nothing but positive experiences with them. When I need to contact customer service over the phone, they always have been helpful and met my needs. They actually make me feel like they appreciate my business. I use their website for online banking just about every day, and have never had a problem with it. It's easy to use and is in "real-time" so I always know exactly what my balance is. The bank is very convenient for me when I travel because they have so many locations that I can always find one of their ATMs. I've also gone into other locations when I am out of town and still receive high quality customer service. The best thing about this bank is their mobile app. I can check my balance and make transfers anytime from my Android phone. The app is super easy to use.

BBVA Is a Decent Bank

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I have been a member with BBVA Compass Bank for years. It was easy to sign up, only a quick questionnaire, with no minimum balance to start my checking account. I didn't qualify for free checking, so I had to pay a monthly maintenance fee of $9.95. Since then, the fee has increased to $13.95 a month, which isn't as bad as a lot of other institutions. I've had mostly good experiences with BBVA Compass. They are always quick to greet me when I got into the bank to receive service. Only once did I have a transaction that wasn't accurate. The teller gave me $100 less than I requested. However, the problem was resolved the next day and $100 was returned to my checking account. I ended up opening a savings account with them as well. It's great for a basic savings account, but I do not receive a dividend and I have a limit to the amount of transfers I make from my savings to other accounts if I initiate the transfer online. If I pass the limit, I get charged a fee. Other than that, my experience with BBVA Compass bank is positive and I will continue to be a member of the bank unless they no longer provide their services to my area.

Great Financial Products

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I was a little bit hesitant when I first considered BBVA Compass. My worries were soon alleviated when I discussed the financial products that they have to offer with their online agent. The customer service was awesome even before I signed up for anything. I was really interested in their savings products as they offer a very competitive APY relative to other banks. The terms of the certificates of deposit were very reasonable. Opening an account on the BBVA Compass website was very easy and intuitive. Overall, it was a very pleasurable experience to do business with BBVA Compass.

Feels Like Bait & Switch To Me

I tried to take advantage of BBVA's attractive money market account by opening an account online but it didn't go well. The website gave me two different answers (including directing me to a screen to "fund my account") and customer service (via telephone) gave me three different answers. Bottom line - they couldn't verify my identity (never had that happen before) and wouldn't tell me why (no opportunity to document identity) and directed me to go to a branch. When I visited a local branch I discovered the pricing & requirements are completely different and, of course, not in my favor. To make matters worse, they pulled my credit. The account was never opened. I will take my business elsewhere. Stay clear of BBVA.

Easy To Use

I have used BBVA Compass as one of my checking accounts for the last few years. I choose the bank because it is located less than 3 minutes from my job. It is easy to set up a direct deposit account and get checks. I would visit the branch about once every two weeks to make a withdraw or deposit some live checks. There was not a fee involved, which was important to me because I refuse to pay basic banking fees. Since I set up direct deposit my checking account was free. I would not set up the checking account if there was a fee attached. The bank was very busy on Fridays and I would not go in those days. It was also easy to use online banking. I could pay bills directly from the website and not have to use my checks for that. I would recommend the bank to my friends.

Great customer service!

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I have been banking with BBVA for many years now and have been going into their branches as well. Every time I go in the tellers are always professional and courteous. They are quick to help and always seem upbeat and I love it there! BBVA doesn't have the best online application just yet but they are getting there. With BBVA I feel like I bank with a smaller bank so it also has more of a personal feel to it. I currently have a checking and savings account with them and have inquired a few fees. But, they we're my fault so when the bank charged them I understood. They have never really worked with me on overdraft fees so they are a little strict with their policy. But, BBVA is exceptional and I will continue to bank with them.

Good bank for general needs

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I had a checking account at BBVA Compass for several years while living in Arizona. I used to go to the Payson branch on a regular basis. I thought the employees there were very nice and helpful. My questions were always answered to my satisfaction, and I never really had to wait in line when I went into the branch. Parking was convenient and adequate. Overall I would recommend this bank for any of your general banking needs. I think the fees are in line with what you have to pay at any other bank. The difference here is the service they provide. The flexible hours are also convenient for my needs. I never had any surprise fees or charges on my account. My identity was never compromised while banking here and I trusted them with my personal information.

BBVA Is A Hit!

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I moved recently and was searching for a new bank. After spending what seemed like hours of research, I decided to try BBVA Compass. I had carefully researched its products, fees, and most importantly, the reviews from current customers. I opened a simple checking account. Not many banks will allow that without jumping through a lot of hoops each month in order to avoid paying fees. I do not have to maintain a large balance in the account to avoid fees either. I particularly like that BBVA Compass offers so many different products. They have very competitive rates on their CD's and there is the option of having a savings account that actually earns interest. The tellers at the local bank are always friendly and extremely helpful. Any time that I have had even a silly question, they were able to give me the information necessary immediately. They have also helped me plan my financial goals and portfolio management. I feel quite at ease with this bank and tell all of my friends. Many have changed banks and are now customers with BBVA Compass. It is a pleasure to do business with a bank that is not out only for their own interests. They take the time, invest in the training, hire the right people and most importantly, take your account seriously.

The right choice for simple banking

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I have been a customer of BBVA for 8 years. I previously was with Bank of America, and I consistently had random fees show up on my account. Also, the customer service was terrible. I really love that BBVA doesn't have a mandatory minimum balance for their savings accounts, and the checking account is reasonable for the service. The online website is very easy to use and any transfers to and from my account are processed quickly and efficiently. Finally, something that I personally value, the customer service is amazing and attentive. By far exceeds the industry standard, and has been consistently reliable for me throughout my banking experience.

A decent Bank Overall

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I have been a long time customer of BBVA Compass. When I first applied I was 18 years old and knew very little about the world of fiances. The nice staff worked together with me to help me establish a savings account for what I needed and they helped to explain all of the finer details of the account. There have been a few incidents where I've overdrawn my account accidentally and the customer service has worked with me to help correct these problems and waive the fees as well. The online features feel a little dated, I have trouble with the online depositing features on the website and have had some issues depositing checks received from my job. Other than that, BBVA Compass is a very good establishment.

BBVA Great customer Service!

I recently had a very scary experience when I found out that my debit card had been compromised. I usually check my account every couple of days via the mobile banking app and found out there was some mysterious charges at a frozen yogurt place in the middle of Los Angeles that I had never heard of. I called the support line right away and the customer service representative was very helpful. They walked me through the process and I was able to cancel the card and have the fraudulent charges refunded. They told me a number of ways the debit card can be compromised and warned me to avoid these possible activities in the future. I was sent a new card and it arrived within the week. I was extremely pleased with my experience and would recommend BBVA to anyone looking for a bank in the Sacramento area.

Great Customer Service

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I was at a business where a worker took my card to charge me for my bill and they ended up taking my debit card number/information. They made one large purchase to one of the biggest app stores. I called the company they purchased from several times and was put on hold constantly and transferred between many people, until the final time I was transferred and subsequently disconnected without anyone helping me. I decided to call the number on my BBVA Compass card and was able to talk to a customer service rep who was extremely nice and didn't push my problems to someone else. She commiserated with me and told me exactly the steps I would have to take, and ordered a new debit card for me at no charge. Within a couple days, I had the missing money back into my account entirely based on the actions of the worker at BBVA Compass. I highly recommend their services and appreciate the help they offer whenever you need it.

Terrible Experience

Here's just the last anecdote from few years using Compass as my primary bank:

My wife and I had separate checking accounts and we shared a joint account solely for joint expenses and to transfer money to each other (because Clueless Compass employees couldn't set up a way for me to do a direct transfer). After a couple years with no problems, they unexpectedly began charging me $10.95 a month for the joint account. At the same time, a separate business checking account was also getting this charge.

It took several phone calls with Clueless CSRs, a few unanswered emails, and two visits to two separate, Clueless branch managers to figure this out - but they eventually told me the account was not going to be free any more unless I had $400 directly deposited each month. Not happy, but I changed my paycheck to put in $200 each payday (totaling at least $400 a month). After seeing the charge for the next two months, I went back in and eventually one of the Clueless Ones figured out that it had to be $400 all at once.

I explained that I was just going to transfer the $400 back out the next day, but it was out of his control. I asked if he could refund the amount that I had been charged based on his bad advice, they couldn't help me. I explained that this was the last straw and I was going to be closing my accounts - he said sorry.

This really is just one example of many bad interactions - if I didn't have so much stuff tied to that account I would have left years before.

Horrible Customer Service

I lost my password to my online banking, and also got a new computer.  I have called the bank 5 or 6 times and they cannot get me back on online.   They sent me a letter to confirm that I had a new password, but neither the letter has a link on a password reset.   What a joke.

So,  the logical alternative is to call and do business over the phone, one would think.  Nope,   one of my accounts is "inactive" so I can't make transfers from that account.  More paperwork is needed.....

When I wanted to cancel a CD, they told me to fax a notarized request, with my driver license to a nonexistent fax number.  When I sent it by the regular mail, they never complied with my request.  

So, when I visit the bank to withdraw my funds, what will the excuse be?  I sincerely suspect that they will make it difficult.   Dreadful, horrible experience. 


Mrs. CW Carlson

BBVA Compass Bank Sucks - No Regards For Customers

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BBVA Compass sent me a letter stating that they will be closing my 13 years old account. I went to two BBVA Compass Branches, called the phone# on the letter (877-297-8803) and no one can tell me why. tthe Reps i spoke to told me there's nothing wrong with my account but BBVA Compass is uncomfortable with it.  When I asked what they are uncomfortable with, no one at BBVA Compass seem to know. Per the reps on 877-297-8803,  they do not have to tell my why they are closing my account. What a shame... after 13 years BBVA cannot tell me what I did wrong and why they are closing my account? BBVA compass customer beware, someone at BBVA Compass can wake up one day and decide to close your account for no single reason, they do not owe you an explanation...


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Not Reliable For Business Accounts

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BVAA Compass decided to cull company accounts not deemed profitable enough.  Mine was one of the ones they decided to close.  By the time I got back from a business trip to Europe and wanted to deposit some checks, the account was closed and they claimed to have sent the money in the account to the State of Colorado. The local bank claims this was initiated by the national office and when I called the national office "customer service" they claimed it was initiated by the local office. State website claims there is no money under my company name.

Run, run for your life. Your company success could actually be on the line if you select BVAA Compass.

Former Employee

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BBVA Compass prides itself on being the best bank to work for, and frankly it is bull crap. I worked at this bank for almost 5 years, had to fight for a promotion and threaten to quit. I even worked out a notice to be offered a promotion over an hour from my house. I have a small child, so I took this, but was unable to make the drive. I quit, and now they have me as no rehire. Which I believe is crap. They are one of the lowest paying banks. No one knows what they are doing there. The right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing. They charge customers tons of fees, and offer no help when an accidental overdraft occurs. I know this because I was a Financial Sales Advisor and was told not to give any fees back under any circumstances. I would not recommend this bank for employment or for customers.


Quickbooks Nightmare.

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I work for an accounting firm and Compass no longer supports QuickBook downloads. You can log on through QBs, but you must be the primary user having full access to the account. No bank should require a client to give their accountant total access to the bank account. Plus you can't specify a time period to download account activity. It dumps all transactions since your last download into QBs.

The Following Are Pretty Compelling Reasons That I Am In The Market For A New Bank For My Business.

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The following are pretty compelling reasons that I am in the market for a new bank for my business.

1. Compass Points program changes and problems. The program is essentially worthless based on changes in the fall of 2011. The program is now limited to a glorified advertising/referral program for vendors I don't use. Also, I’ve never received notice of expiring points from when the program was worth something.  They might check with United Airlines, but I don't think systematically diluting value from a customer loyalty program is advisable especially when it is this blatant.

2. Charges for phone transfers despite the fact they are never done correctly. I have watched this service decline over the last 24 months to the point that it is almost laughable. I could get in my car and drive the funds to the counterparty and avoid delays and follow up calls necessary to make certain the transfer was completed correctly. I also enjoy being chastised by a Compass phone representative for using phone transfers as opposed to options I have already evaluated and found were not a good fit. Did I mention I pay for each transaction?  That’s what I look for in a bank, condescending customer service. Compass might remind their customer service reps that I am revenue and they are expense.

3. Deactivation of business check card accounts for possible fraud and no attempt to contact the customer to let them know. It was nice of Compass to shut down my business without notifying me. To add insult to injury, the security representative explains that I was not notified because they are shorthanded. She then tells me about the $50 fee to expedite my card replacement. I guess as long as they can shut down my business, they might as well gouge me with an outrageous replacement card fee since they know I have no other option. I guess I could let the fee slide if it supports the cost structure for their 24 hour check card support line, but they no longer have one. 

I think Compass can do better, especially since they’ve proven so in the past. It’s amazing what adding four letters to the Compass brand has done to their perceived value of customers. Rest assured that if the Compass culture is one where the customer is a problem, it will be a temporary issue.



I opened an account with this bank when they were Guaranty Bank.  I loved that bank and didn't have any issues with the direct deposits, transfers or bill pay.  I used to get nickle rewards whenever I used my debit card, and if I ever had to use my card out of network, they would reimburse the ATM fee.  

Then along came the buyout.  BBVA Compass buys out Guaranty and it has become one nightmare after another.  

I make less than $1000.00 a month and have a very strict budget I live on.  I was told my direct deposits are considered a pending transaction on the day my employers "electronically" deposit my paycheck, and are available for use immediatly.  I have bills to pay as soon as I get my monthly paycheck.  I receive word our paychecks have been deposited (on a Tuesday), and I go online to pay my bills.  3 days later I get 3 postcards from BBVA stating my account had been overdrawn, bilsl paid,  but I was charged $38.00 NSF fees.  OMG I am furious.  I recheck the balance on my account online and it shows my deposit never went in till Thursday.  WTF.  I had left just enough money in my account to eat on for the month, and now I was completely broke and in the hole by all the overdraft and NSF fees BBVA deemed to be appropriate.  

I went to the bank to speak to someone about these charges and printouts from their website showing when my paycheck first was on the pending transactions with the Tuesday date listed and the printout from Friday morning when I found out I was completely in the hole.  I spoke to someone who could not and would not give me a straight answer.   She made one excuse after another as to how a electronic deposit takes up to two days to actually be deposited into the bank and be available for use by the customer.  BULL***T!!!!  I had proof the deposit was there on the tuesday, and proof it was not credited till thursday.  I explained to her that any idiot can tell the difference between an electronic deposit and one made in person.  I showed her the contract I first signed with Guaranty, and she told me that contract became voided once they were bought out by BBVA, and I had been sent and signed a new contract when the buyout had been completed.  Again BULL***T!!  I asked her to prove to me I signed a new contract for my checking account when BBVA took over.  She couldn't.  

To make a long story even longer (lol) since she couldn't prove to me I signed a new contract (which I did not do), I told her I wanted my money put back they had taken from me in OD charges and NSF fees, or I was going to take my printed statements, and printed online copies of my account to a lawyer and sue them for stealing, then file claims with the FDIC and BBB.  She had to speak to a supervisor (which she told me she was when I first got there), got the authority to put back all my money, but it would take up to 36 hours for it to be there. Funny, it didn't take them that long to take it out of my account.   I told her if they ever did this again, then I will file suits against them.  

What they are doing is ILLEGAL and UNETHICAL.  Needless to say I did not learn my lesson with them, and just recently I am having the same issues with them, but this time they are not messing with my paycheck (moved that to a different bank) but they are messing with my fiance's weekly deposits made by his trucking company.  His company "electronically" deposited a $1800.00 paycheck before noon on Friday.   Electronically is Immediately, and any deposits made before 3pm Monday - Friday are available for use by 9am the following morning.  Electronic deposits are available for use immediately, based on their (BBVA's) policy.  That paycheck showed up on Friday under pending, and once again it was NEVER made available to us until Monday, which once again, I paid bills and had to withdraw money for travel, and we got 6 $38.00 NSF fee's and overdraft fees because of their irreputable standards.  


Horrible Bank

I would close out everything they charge for everything and all about making money and dont care about their customers. The are so money driven its sad. I feel bad for anyone that banks with such a bad bank.

Not For The 99%

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I had my checking account with Guareentee bank since I was old enough to have one. They got bought out by this bank the same year I joined peace corps. I made the mistake of not paying attention to the increasing account fees partly out of ignorance, yes, but I had only monthly access to internet, and since I wasn't using it for 2 years it didn't cross my mind to check up on it. Needless to say I closed it angerly. $20 a month unless you are eligible for their waiver program, while I've been making $200 abroad, volunteering, a chunk of that has been taken from these thieves.

Please avoid this bank unless you have so much money, you qualify for get their waivers.

If I had a BBVA in the town I live in, I'd be handing out pamphlets to people, educating them on the reasons not to bank there.

This bank is NOT for the 99%.

Fees Go Up

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I was hit with a $2.00 fee to check my account balance - I wasn't aware BBVA Compass had added a fee for non network ATMs - but I wouldn't have expected a fee to simply check a balance. Anyone in IT knows there is almost no cost associated with something like this once the software parameters have been set. Apparently word went out in the paper statements. I generally don't open them because I manage my account on-line. Anyway, when checking the balance, I had enough to cover the purchase. The $2.00 wasn't deducted until after I checked the balance. I ended up being .50 short in my account and was charged a $38.00 overdraft fee. My fault? Yes. Fair? I don't think it was, but it was a charge I earned by not paying close enough attention. I rarely use ATMs so didn't see the new fees being added.

I complained to my branch and they refunded the fee, but left the big red OD line on my statement and heaped a bit of shame on me for my mistake. I then looked around and found their fees for an overdraft are quite high, even for the Denver area. I also learned $2.00 is a high charge to check one's balance. So, I consider myself chastized and am ashamed of myself for my mistake. So ashamed in fact I am moving my account to another bank next week.

Worst Bank EVER!!!!

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I have never been so disapponited in the ethics of a company.  Their fees are outragious.  They do not care about their customers at all.  They will not have my business any longer.  Be very aware that this bank will robb you in fees and they have no answers for why this is happening.

Compass Bank Supports Cyber Thieves

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My plumbing business account was hijacked through Compass Banks data bases, drained down to zero, and the so called investigation determined that the charges were authorized... ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

This account was only used for very specific purchases, fuel & plumbing supplies only, and then all of the sudden charges from all over the country start popping up, movies, makeup, clothes, dating services, acne medications, Facebook, etc etc. I own a PLUMBING COMPANY IN COLORADO, somebody went on a wild shopping spree at my expense and Compass Bank says there is nothing they will do about it because the investigation has determined that the charges were authorized. Authorized by who? A 15 year old girl in Los Angeles?.

On top of that, they have the nerve to charge my account into the negative with there never ending fees, which they now expect me to pay, even after all the money was stolen & my account is zero. Save yourself alot of grief by closing your Compass Bank accounts ASAP, before they let cyber criminals steal it all.

Run. Find A Different Bank.

Worst bank ever. I wish I had read the reviews before I signed on. They will take your money by any means necessary. I don't understand how their business practices aren't considered criminal and fraudulent. Awful customer service to boot. Everyone that works for this company has been drinking the same KoolAid. I don't know how any of them sleep at night.

Ridiculous Fees

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Why would anyone use this bank when there are so many better options out there?

The Worst Ever! PERIOD!!! If I Could Do Less Than 1 Star... I WOULD!

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Terrible customer service. Horrid! I could go on and on and on! The will charge you NSF fees, without cause once your balance falls below a certain amount, then treat you as if you were a child. The will give you a reason for their charges, like pending VS posted... time transactions post... all of it is BS! I live and breathe by online banking. I am not a reckless spender. If something may, MAY make me go under a certain balance, I transfer money! Not rocket science! Oh, by the way... my own personal banker has told me on more than 1 occasion that She "does not agree with their banking practices" her words, not mine! I have direct deposit along with 2 savings acct. I LIVE by the available balance. I have been given the run around and cornered them in so many excuses, it is pathetic. If someone steals money from you, you would fight to get it back, right? This is very bad business! They are con artists to say the least.  I am disgusted! Oh, 1 more thing. If you do encounter 1 NSF fee, be assured you will have at least 4 or 5 more... why? Not 1 single person can tell me. NOT ONE! For EVERY excuse they offer, if you counter it... you will just be given some other half assed excuse. UNBELIEVABLE! I wouldn't recommend this institution to anyone... anytime! PERIOD!

My Experience With BBVA Compass

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I am very pleased with BBVA Compass. I have several accounts with this bank in Birmingham,Alabama USA, and I could not be happier with their performance. They are always one step ahead of the other banks, and I don't think I would ever consider using any other bank. CWM- VESTAVIA HILLS, ALABAMA.

$50 To ACH - Yes Really

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Compass is instituting a $50 "set up: fee to ACH out of any account (not just "commercial" according to a CSR I spoke with).'ve got to be anyone really going to pay that!  Then, after the inital $50, they will charge $1/ACH....

ACH? Try A $50 Set Up Fee!!!!

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Oh yeah, Compass is initiating a $50, yes you read that right, FIFTY DOLLAR "set up" fee to ACH from the Compass side.....on all accounts.....I couldn't believe it. I have 2 business checking accounts and a MMA acct, and you'd better believe I won't be using the new "ACH" for a $50 fee. When I called, a CSR told me this was comparable to "standard market" fees. REALLY!!!!!

Compass Bought Guaranty Bank And Trashed A Great Bank!

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I bank with numerous banks.  I have NEVER had the consistent problems with any company that I have ever dealt with before in my life.  Numerous charges for their mistakes that would take me WEEKS to fix.  (Including trying keep my excellent reputation in tact.) 

Totally deleting my statements and then CHARGING me to have paper ones sent to me.

Losing deposits and then not posting them to the correct accounts.

Customer service reps that say they will call back with information and NEVER call after repeat requests for follow up.

They are an absolute disaster!  We switched almost every account over to Wachovia (which has now been bought by Wells Fargo) and they have reminded me how incredibly easy it is to have professional people do their job with multiple accounts.

It's a shame Compass had to ruin Guaranty and force us to other banks.


So Far, So Good

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Moved money in a wire transfer from my credit union, which was undercapitalized. BBVA manager invited me into her office in Riverside, CA, gave me handouts and brochures when I was bank shopping. The account setup was painless and fast and took less than 10 minutes. Ther Texas rating is excellent and the customer service is great. The bank tellers say hello when I walk in. Good folks. Nice bank. And Compass never took TARP funds.

Rediculious In So Many Ways

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At first I thought this bank was a great bank. That didn't last long at all. I then started to have problems with their website, and then had the the outside teller machine take my card. Then the worst thing of all was when I had been shown the day before that 4 pending transactions showed my account balance to still be in the black. Those same charges that were in the black the day before were all in the red. Even just after a $10.26 charge that made all four transactions now in the red. It makes "0" sense to me that this can be possible when the day before they were fine and just 1 $10.26 charge could cause them all to go into the red. Very Dissatisfied and warning others!

Excellent Experience

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I have been banking with Compass for over 4 years now and have had nothing but positive experiences with them.  They have graciously removed an overdraft fee in the past when my account accidentally went in the red and all around have been very helpful when working with me.  I feel that my money is safe at Compass.

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