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Run! Unsecure Data Practices!

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I tried to open a checking account. About 3 days later I got 2 emails, one saying I needed to Fax (yes, like in the 90's) my drivers license and another email saying I needed to mail (yes, like via the post office) a utility bill in my name. I attempted to fax my drivers license but their fax machine never picks up, it just rings.
For an e-bank, all of this is insane. I emailed back saying, don't you have some sort of secure portal I can upload this to? They comically replied with "just email it to us!" That is terrifying. What kind of "bank" uses such insecure practices?!?
The last straw was when I called customer service, after waiting for 20 minutes on hold, and they told me that was all they had. When I told them that I wanted to cancel my application, they said sure... then CLICK they hung up on me. Lord knows if I will ever see my $100 initial deposit again. Do not do business with this grossly unsecure bank!

Fnbo And Verizon

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These company are an example of crooked activities. They give people account with credit limits allow a partial use make an excuse to block owner out of their account then keep it open to charge interest etc. My experience with them is horrible along with apple making false or inaccurate report?! Never paid attention to it but now a day they make you sign in or create an account to for anything is so they can over power you with the policy you’ve accepted by indirect force! Hoovering over justice with money! The word and had long lost its meaning meaning just as how america was created. It land of the people that owner company not the average American anymore. Even through hardship they use your money remember your reserved to make money!


This is the worst bank in HISTORY. The have allowed fraud of 35k on my saving account. When I put a hold on it. They allowed it again. They said a hold wont stop anything. They should have been monitoring my account for unusual act ivy. They said the just didn't. There is this big DUFUS who works here named after the giraffe at toys R us. He is a LIAR, refused to let me withdraw my money. Told me I had to wait 3 weeks because they didn't have it. NOW THYE REFUSE TO GIVE ME CASH AT ALL. they will let every TOM dick and Harry have my money. NOT ME!!!!!!!!! FRAUSTERS HER!!!!!! LIARS, CONS... STEALING MY MONE.

Not The Best Bank You Can Do Business With

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I will not recommend fnbodirect.com as bank has the worst customer service support and have been poor with its basic banking services. I used this bank while closing my home and it took more than 26-30 hours to get a wire transfer completed.

I was required to call them 3-5 times every 2 hours and it was the horrible experience to get a wire transfer completed working with bank. if you end up requiring tapping into any emergency funds you could imagine what you could end up if you have savings accounts at this bank. There are much better alternatives with good services with competitive interest rates in other online banks.

Do Not Waste Your Time...

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Do not waste your time opening an account in this bank wrong questions to identify who...

Terrible Application Process

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Hands down the most complicated and confusing application process I've ever endured. After initial decline due to credit info freeze, manual review of application was eventually successful. Unfortunately the barrage of conflicting and confusing emails requiring multiple phone calls made it a truly unpleasant process. They are obsessed with security during the application process, but if you enable touch ID on your iOS device, you must enable a passcode limited to 4 digits.

System Problems

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Their application system has a glitch. It doesn't accept special characters on an ID. It kept saying "please enter a valid id number" and refused to move to next step. Eventually I replaced it w/ space, the system continued but the application was denied.

Great online bank!

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I opened a savings account here about 4 years ago. This is a great bank with great rates even if you deposit your money into a "passbook" type account. They always seem to pay a little more than regular banks. Sometimes they have a special rate for when you open your account if you deposit it into a time CD. If you don't need your money for a while, this is the way to go. I totally recommend this online bank for your savings. It's easy to access, easy to use, and your money is readily available in case you really need it for some reason. Their website is attractive, it's user friendly, and the rates for their money products can't be beat. What more could you ask for? Also they have a mobile app you can download and use if that's the way you'd rather do your banking, although that's not for me.

Very Disappointed

I applied for my FNBO direct account on September 30th. It did not get processed online and it said someone will contact me by phone or email. I received an email asking me to complete my application process - when I logged in, there was nothing for me to complete. I called customer service, they said they have to review it by hand, it will take 48 hrs to see what is missing. Passed 48 hrs no email or phone call. I called customer service back talked to the manager , the manager sent the document again to the department that process this application. I was told I need to fax or mail address proof, I faxed address proof. It has been 2 days since, I called they cannot even confirm if they received my fax yet, let alone the status of the application. Horrible service . Stay away from this bank. I am regretting for even applying here.

Online Banks, the easy way to save

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I have been banking with FNBO Direct for more than a decade I believe. The bank is not the best for online banks, from my comparison. However, everything about them is tied to their parent company, a company that I previously worked for and have all of my personal accounts through. I have had limited interactions with them - only calling customer support a handful of times. The rates that they offer on savings are not what they used to be and they are rarely worth the extra effort to open an account anymore, but this bank, if you need to have an online only savings account, is on par with others. I have never had a fee from them, so I cannot comment on that. Also, their mobile and web experience falls short of other banks, but is on par with banking in general.

Great way to earn higher interest

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A few years ago, I was frustrated by having such low interest rates at my bank (Wells Fargo). I decided to look at other options by searching the internet. I was very leery about putting my money in an online bank as I had never heard of FNBO Direct. The rates were attractive, but an unknown is still uncomfortable. I tried a little bit of money ($2,000) to test out the process. After a few months, everything seemed legitimate and I have now been using the bank for deposits ever since.

It sort of is a bare bones operation. It's just about transferring your money from your regular bank account to one of the products at FNBO to get that higher interest rate. Of course, one can transfer money out of FNBO (with limits). I have not been impeded by these limits. Lately, other institutions have started beating FNBO's rate, but I don't want to be a rate chaser. For years, FNBO gave me a good rate to park my liquid cash and I am happy with my banking relationship. I do feel a certain disconnect that there is no human face, but perhaps that is just the way the world is going these days. As long as my money is safe and insured and growing, I really can't complain.

FNBO Online Banking

I opened a Savings account with FNBO I think in 2010. I did this to have an online savings account which is more difficult to access than a regular bank. I did a lot of research at the time for the best rates. At the time, this bank had the best rate with no minimums. These days there are several other choices. Since I opened the account they have made available more products, such as online checking accounts, which has made it easier to make payments to credit cards and transfer money to my regular accounts. It is helpful, as I often forget about the account and so the money tends to build until I remember I need that extra little cash. I have never run into any issues with customer service or any other experiences with the service. It takes several days to transfer money, but that is one of the reasons to have the account, so that I cannot access the money quickly, so I try to save more.

Online Savings ACcount

I grew up with First National (the parent company of FNBO Direct) in my hometown. It was the bank that I had as a kid and then eventually worked at as an intern during college and also for a year after graduation. The FNBO Direct account is a typical savings account - it is nothing special at all. The account is fine, I use it as an emergency savings account, and don't really pull money from it unless I have something I absolutely need money for. The institution is fine - they are the normal bank that has really low rates for savings accounts but also pretty decent customer service. Their online customer service is not as good as other banks, but it is okay. If I could have any online savings account, this is a decent one because it is plain and basic.

Online Banking made easy

I have been using the website www.FNBOdirect.com for more than two years now for an online high-yield savings account. I have not had any problems with my account, deposits, or withdrawals. It has been incredibly easy to link to my checking account at another institution for transfers. Their interest rates are highly competitive with other online savings accounts. All transfers in and out of the account have occurred within two to three days, as stated in their terms. I haven't had to deal with their customer service because of any problems yet. The website at www.fnbodirect.com is easy to maneuver. It is fairly easy to move from the home page to the page to make or check the status of transfers. I have also had no issues when beginning or cancelling any recurring transfers. I have set up recurring transfers into this savings account from my checking account at another institution several times, and I have never had any difficulties. My tax forms have also been easily and fairly quickly accessible through my account on the website when it is a new year and time to begin preparing to file my personal taxes.

My first internet banking experience

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FNBO is the first internet banking experience I have ever had. I was not very knowledgeable in setting up a "virtual Banking" account. The set-up of my account was fairly simple. The web page was user friendly and explained the process well. The only difficulty I had was setting up an external transfer. I was able to contact the FNBO technical support department, who then assisted me in setting it up. I found them friendly and explained the process i needed in terms i could understand. They actually stayed on the line while i set it up. I find it convenient to do my banking online. I love the fact that the money is just not "readily available" and i have time to think if i really want to take the money out. I have not needed to contact FNBO for any other issues. Most of the questions i have had were easily found in the Q&A. And again, I have to say my satisfaction is mostly due to the ease of navigating the web site. For someone who was not experienced in doing this type of banking, they made it quite easy for me.

Great Online Bank for Internet Savings and Checking accounts

I've had an account with FNBO Direct for over a year, and I'm very pleased with my experience so far. I have a Checking and Savings account, and the best part is that the Checking account earns 0.65% APR and the Savings account earns 0.75%. This is a far better deal than you can get in most non-online non-internet banks. Plus, the access you have to your money is great - you can see it online, any time, and move it around however you want with no fees. And there are no minimum deposits required in order to open an account (other than one dollar, but everyone has one dollar, at least if they're trying to open a bank account). Overall I think these accounts are a great deal for the customer, and because of that, I highly recommend FNBO Direct!

Average Bank Needs Better Website

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I joined FNBO because I read positive reviews about it and looked up the interest rate on savings accounts. I have had an account with FNBO for about 4 years now and I don't have any remarkable stories about it other than the website is difficult to navigate. I thin it is an average online bank nothing spectacular but setting up an account is fairly easy. Reaching someone from customer support is a hassle you can either email them or try to call the local branch but it takes a while to connect to someone. Overall thoughts about FNBO are that it s an easy enough online bank to sign up with but don't expect exceptional service or high yield interest rates.

Don't Bother Trying To Open Checking Account

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I recently applied to open checking account at this Bank. My application was declined without giving any reasons. There was no choice to appeal to this decision. They did not ask me to send document to verify my identity or anything else. It was the worst experience ever. I have account with other online-only bank and never had such experience.

I have very good credit score. I have never been late on credit card payments. I have never paid any fees in any Bank related transactions ( overdraft/return items etc). Don't understand what they look for in applicant.

It appears that this bank is now just a scam to get people to give all personal details. I hope they don't mis-use them.
I wish Government make these online-only banks more accountable and make them give exact reasons why particular application is declined.

Rate Cut By FNBO

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I just closed my account because of the drop to 0.75% and moved to a bank that pays 1.10%.


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I like FNBO for the following reasons:

1) it offers a good cash back card (as competitive as others on the market)

2) free next day ACH transactions

3) simple, but easy to navigate website

4) Offers a decent APY on checking and savings (although this could be better)

5) Long history, and 5 star health record

6) Good customer service

Excellent On-Line Banking

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I have used FNBO for several years for on-line bank and money market. I have found great rates and easy access to money.

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