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Never Again

From account fees, to mismanagement, to broken commitments, to late online bill payments, this bank is thoroughly incompetent.

Never trust the account statement. Do not wait for its generation to scrutinize transactions. Never fail to balance your account. And most importantly, never believe what they tell you. Follow up yourself until you can withdraw all funds and take your six- and seven-figure accounts to a legitimate financial institution.

The hallmarks of a bank should be security, reliability, and accuracy. Iberiabank fails miserably on all counts.

Their website is frequently down and your accounts inaccessible via mobile device and desktop.

Iberiabank? Never again.


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Website crash all the time.
They asked me to go to a branch and pretended that I made a mistake on my birthday application. Funny, on all other banks, they never asked me to go to a branch in person.

Nobody to help me on the phone, just rude people not efficient.

I think this is a sign to not open an account here.

And when I read the reviews, I am happy to go to a different bank !

STAY AWAY - Says Customer Of 5 Years, Soon Leaving

I have been with Iberiabank for 5 years now. FIVE. I have 2 business accounts and 2 personal accounts. I am so upset by my most recent phone call that I created an account just to leave this review.

1. The customer service is by far the worst.
2. The only saving grace to this bank and why I've stayed with them for so long is their awesome app and online banking. I enjoy the ability transfer funds to and from business and personal accounts. ALL MY BUSINESS IS ONLINE SO THIS MAKES THE MOST SENSE.
3. Their fees? Horrendous. $35
4. Recently, they allowed a charge of $6.60 hit my account not once, but SEVEN TIMES resulting in $35 NSF fees. They never contacted me via text or email. When I called to ask if they would give me a break on the fees so I could bring the account to zero and close it, "No, we don't offer fee reductions unless the charge was fraudulent." On that note, my accountant and I are looking into this now.
5. Thinking about it, I should have just closed the account the first of the year and been done with it to save myself from having to deal with this sort of crap again (another poor customer support experience).

Understandable. I understand, however, as a business owner that has done hundreds and thousands of dollars in business with your bank over the last 5 years, I would expect you to do anything it took to retain me as a customer.

It's clear that you SIMPLY DO NOT CARE and it's ALL ABOUT THE MONEY you can make from your customers.

I will say that I have been on the edge of shutting down this account and kept looking for reasons to stay with the bank. CUSTOMER SERVICE MATTERS IN THIS DAY AND AGE.

Any sort of empathy or understanding of the situation would have been helpful in keeping me from taking the time out of my busy day to leave this negative review, which I plan on doing alllllll across the Internet including my social media profiles in an effort to WARN ANY POTENTIAL CUSTOMER AS WELL AS CURRENT CUSTOMERS that your bank simply DOES-NOT-CARE whatsoever about the customer.


-One very upset social media influencer

Just Plain Bad

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Wow, where to start- you cannot change your address over the phone or online; you must visit a Branch in person. Kind of a catch 22 if you move where there are no branches.
The managers at the Tower branch in Lafayette are a joke, They do not care about helping anyone, customer service or basic decency. They do enjoy exercising petty little power trips. Iberaibank has closed 22 branches this year. what does that tell you?


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I cannot begin to explain how much I have hated every second of banking with Iberia. I set up 2 business accounts and the rules were ridiculous, The account manager was completely inexperienced, told me I had to have city forms that didnt even exist, U finall had to ask for his regional manager to get things completed. I find out 2 months later that my check by phone limit is $1500 a month... FOR A BUSINESS ACCOUNT! WHAT??? I am unable to transfer money to other banks and was told I needed a personal account to do that, so I created a personal account and have that added to my online banking... I can't transfer to another bank, I call and find out why, ITS BECAUSE I HAVE IT IN THE SAME ONLINE ACCOUNT AS A BUSINESS ACCOUNT! OMG, I hate this bank so much and the only positive experience I had in the full year that I was with them was pulling all of my money out and closing my accounts. Absolutely the worst banking experience I have ever had in my 50 years on this planet.

Don't Let Your Money Get Frozen For No Reason

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Stay away! I had a business account open for about two years. When I finally started getting larger deposits and decided I needed debit cards, I went into the bank, filled out forms, signed them, and expected to get my debit cards. Instead, I got a nightmare. During the process of getting the debit cards, they discovered that they "made a mistake" two years prior and their "solution" was to freeze my account, but not before allowing a large deposit by check and a large deposit from a title company. Basically froze 30K of funds and would not release it. I provided paperwork and documentation and ID for an account that had been open and active for 2 years without a single problem (no bounced checks, no overdraft). I told them to close the account and just issue the check to the company, so at least I could get my funds moved to a normal bank. They refused, without more documentation to check the "owner's background". I said, you don't run a background check on the owners of Coca-Cola. If they want to close their account, you close it and make a check out to Coca-Cola. It has NOTHING to do with who the officers are and what the "perceived" issue is the the owner's ID. My funds were tied up for a month trying to get them to release it and moved to another bank. When I asked them "what else do you need" they told me "I don't have that answer, we have to wait until our lawyers respond". So, basically, you can freeze my funds, not tell me why, not provide a solution or timeframe as to how to get the funds released, and I am supposed to be okay with this? I contacted my attorney and they closed the account and provided me with a cashier's check within a few days, which I had asked for when the problem first arose. Why do I need to get an attorney involved to get back my OWN funds? Why did they wait until after the large deposits to put a freeze? Everything was messed up. No apologies. DO NOT do business with them.

Iberia Bank Experience

I have been banking with Iberia Bank in Baton Rouge, LA for a couple of years now. It's silly, but I really like their newer buildings, it makes me feel like things are more secure and up-to-date for keeping my money safe. I really enjoy going there because the employees actually recognize me when I come in, not like at some of the larger national banks in town. I don't see myself switching to another bank any time soon because I'm happy with Iberia. It was super easy to open a checking and savings account and as long as I keep enough money in the accounts, there are no monthly fees, so I really like that. Their mobile app is okay, not great, not terrible, I guess that's one minor area of improvement.

Abuses The Generosity Of Grieving Children

Abuses the generosity of grieving children my father in law passed away and we were left to deal with his vehicle that he owes money on. It took me calling every week for over a month to get them to remove the car. They only removed the vehicle from my care because I threatened to tow the vehicle out of my yard and not tell them where it went. This is a horrible Company and I would never do business with them!

Don't Do It

I foolishly signed up for a business account because it was free. We set up my husband's account first, and then gave me access later on. They still give me his security questions, and won't let me see transaction history past 2 months. A portion of his account is still locked because I got him locked out and you are not able to unlock it over the phone. They are always taking money, then reference documentation that doesn't exist. I have to call them for everything, and the customer service number THEY give me has to be transferred to a branch. From trying to guess which of my many deposited checks they are referring to, and the time on hold, they make banking exhausting and frustrating. When banking with Iberia, you pretty much have to be their checks and balance system.

Broken Online Banking, No Support, Terrible Bank

I opened a business checking account with Iberia. I chose them because it appeared to be very internet friendly. It appeared I would be able to do everything online, from setting up an account with my incorporated business to online banking. Pretty much NOTHING was able to happen online. I had to make numerous trips to a branch (across town). Once to set up the account in person, once to request online access to my account, and more times to deal with problems accessing my online account.

THEN, after I was finally able to access my account online, I find that their system allows me to visit about once a day. After my first visit, which times out very rapidly, I will not be able to log in again for 24 hours. After entering my credentials, I receive an error message saying "Sorry, the system is temporarily down. Please try back later." I can cause this error to begin to take place simply by logging in once. Even subsequent login attempts from other computers will not let me in.

There is no tech support. Any inquiry online is met with, "please visit a local branch for further assistance". The local branch is polite, but they seem to have no idea why I would want to do any banking online when I can just visit them in person. They also generally have no idea how to fix the problems. I'm pretty sure they think I'm making it up. Anyway. I'm done with Iberia. This has truly been a colossal waste of time and resources.

CRAP! Only $20-30 In Charges NOW +$200.00 Negative

CRAP! Only $20-30 in Charges NOW +$200.00 Negative Balance.What a Bank SCAM! Tried calling before months ago and they said they cannot turn off overdraft fee protection. Now I'm negative $200, I put deposited $90.00 in the iberiabank account before I realized what happened. I'm going to try reversing the transaction because this bank is lame. I got a capital one credit card. I'll just make a CapitalOne online bank account because this is stupid!

Old Florida now Iberia; still great

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I have been a customer of Old Florida for a long time, and loved the community feel. It was nice to have a bank that wasn't so invested in nickel and dime-ing you to death. All the tellers and other employees knew be my first name, products were competitive, and I was generally happy. When I became aware they would be taken over by Iberia, I was skeptical. Major changes in banking systems have never benefited me in the past, and I was worried the same would happen. Thankfully, the service has remained, and we are now a part of a larger network, with more locations, and the products are even better. The only thing I'm not fond of is the mobile system. It is a bit of a hassle, and needs some major improvements. Once that is resolved, this will be the absolutely perfect bank!


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First important thing is it is very close to my house. They gave me two options to open an account (checking and savings) Customer service is good. They have mobile banking available. They offer ATM check deposits option. They have classic, freedom and high interest checking account. I was interested in classic one as I may only have to maintain $100 balance. It has so many benefits attached to it which I needed, like mobile text, visa card, foreign ATM usage is waived. One thing that I was very interested was safe deposit box, but they told me I can not get that one with my type of account. Overall, I had good experience with this bank. This is my option, but people who can maintain $500 or $5000 balance they can better checking account with more benefits. They will be able to get safe deposit free for 1st year. I will sure recommend this bank to other people. There website is also very informative and anyone can open online account with them.

Very Disappointed In The Used To Be "Home Town " Bank

Iberiabank has become mediocre like most other banks around. They have gotten so big that they have become totally un amiable to the small town man. They have bought out almost every small home town bank around the south Louisiana region and therefore they have turned their customers into numbers and amounts. I was with Iberia bank for 8 years. I have seen so many tellers come and go, I have seen the bank transition from a small, understanding, easy, personal service bank to a large corporate giant that is only interested in making THEIR wallets fatter by affecting the blue collar of our time. They have started taking debits before credits causing numerous accounts to overdraw. I myself do not care for the president myself, after having to deal with them with my account with issues that were beyond my control since last summer that I fought almost 10 months to resolve, he is cavalier and egotistical. Yes some of the tellers were very understanding and sweet and tried so hard to help. However, this bank is beyond helping people. They have grown to only help themselves. I have moved to a credit union where I am perfectly happy. and ANY average Joe can join one if you have a loan through one or work through one. if you have that option I HIGHLY recommend moving before Iberiabank plays a magic trick on YOUR account and makes YOUR hard earned money go "POOF"

Worst Bank Ever

Absolute WORST bank ever!!!! They completely screwed up my pay off on my loan. I have issues with this bank since the loan was taken out and will NEVER use this bank again. I do not recommend anyone deal wiht these guys!!!! One person told me everything was taken care of, but was completely wrong and screwed my account up. Turned me over to collections, because they stopped auto drafting without telling me. Then told me they would move the date due since it was their fault and proceeded to turn me over to collections because they made a mistake! This was after they made me open an account just to pay the bill, then started charging me 10$ a month just to pay the bill through their account!! So happy I am done with this bank!!!

This Shouldn't Be So Hard.

We are trying to buy a car from an Iberiabank customer. They have the car loan through Iberia. We want to pay off the loan and get the title, thank you very much. Our bank gave us several fast options for getting the money (cash, not a loan) to Iberia, but they won't hear of it. It Must be a cashier's check, and it Must happen at the central/corporate location where the title of the car is actually held. This is ridiculous. The person at my bank actually laughed at the backwardness of it all. We want this car, and the person needs to sell, or we'd tell Iberia to take a flying leap.

Iberiabank Online Banking Doesn't Like Macs.

Since IberiaBank has been changing their online banking I have had problems accessing my account.  I called IberiaBank customer service to ask why their site did not have a login box and was told their site doesn't work well with macs.  So if you use a Mac, find another bank.

Horrible Customer Service

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It wasn't always bad.  But now I feel I should discourage everyone from using IberiaBank. I rarely walk out of my branch without grinding my teeth (Carrollton - New Orleans).  I'm not sure why the tellers are so mad and disgruntled.  I'm sure they have a hard job, but who doesn't.  At least fake a smile and maybe get off your cell phone while counting my money!!


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Iberia bank allowed a company to continue to debit from my account even after I cancelled all of my cards, called several times and complained, and even THOUGHT that I had closed my account. They were extremely rude when trying to resolve this situation. Even after all of the phone calls, all the letters written and all the forms I filled out, they told me that I was ultimately responsible for the charges and that I should have "Paid more attention" to my account. I let them charge it off and had my lawyer inform their CEO that I would be filing a lawsuit if they reported any negative items to any reporting agency or attempted to collect from me. They are the absolute scum of the Earth. Stay far, far away from these mobsters. CR

Reward Points

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I am very upset and disappointed with Iberia Bank. Iberia required costumer's to enroll into another Reward Point system. If costumers did not do this by a certain deadline, they would lose all their rewards credit. My biggest disappointment is that I had no letters or warnings about this outcome. I have now lost all my credits that I have been saving up for 8 years, and there is nothing they can do about it.

Horrible Service At Little Rock Hieghts Branch

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Have been banking with Iberia for almost 2 decades and never had a problem. However the staff at the R Street location in the Heights section of Little Rock, Arkansas is absent of customer service and seems to enjoy hassling customers. I am shopping for a new bank even though the other branches do a good job.

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