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Way Overrated

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Seriously, Meritrust Credit Union has never been helpful for me. I was with them for 5 years and not once did they ever come through on a loan.

They show themselves on the web to be a sister credit union for INOVA credit union, but they're not. They haven't been for over two years. They can't even update their status?

As for loans, I left Merutrust after 5 years of lousy service and went with Navy Federal Credit Union and Inova Credit Union. I have since, within two years, picked up a mortgage loan at 2.75% through Navy Federal and a car loan through INOVA. All is great and I easily make my payments. No problems.

Why am I writing this? Because I had INOVA Credit Union put money into my INOVA savings and went to Meritrust who claims to still be a sister credit union with INOVA credit union. Meritrust is NOT that at all. I couldn't even draw my money through Meritrust even though they show other credit unions that they're still a participant with them. What does that tell you about Meritrust?

As for Meritrust? Pfft. Good riddance.

Awesome Customer Service & Banking Needs

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I have been a member now for almost 2 years and I cannot be happier! I love this bank, they have the best customer service. They care about their members and to me that is what matters the most!!!

Absolutely Terrible

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Terrible. This review is not only about this location but all. I have called multiple times trying to do business with them. Not only was setting up online account access horrible, so was paying off my loan and closing my account. The customer service representatives are powerless to act and are therefore very reactive. Last time I spoke with them I was the one coming up with solutions to my problems. I was sent to a "manager" to help me and they couldn't even come up with ways to help. When it comes to banking they are in the stone age. If you are affiliated with the military stick to USAA.

Nothing But Good Experiences

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When I moved halfway across the country five years ago, one of the first decisions I had to make was regarding a new bank. After weighing the pros and cons of many options, I ultimately decided to go with a credit union. The biggest reason was the higher interest rates for savings accounts, and the fact that credit unions are non-profit.

Meritrust Credit Union looked to me like the best bet, and after five years there, I still have nothing but good things to say about them. While their customer service was really good, that wasn't a very big concern for me after all, I feel like I'd only interact with them a couple times a year at most. Meritrust also allows me to create a savings account with a higher interest rate (that I can't withdraw from) specifically for things like Christmas funds or vacation funds. I can deposit into it throughout the year and at a specific day of the year it'll be moved back to my checking account and ready to use. That has helped me with budgeting for Christmas, as it ensures I have enough money set aside specifically for that purpose.

They've also helped me transfer my car loan over to them which, while I'm not entirely sure how much I saved in interest, it was an easy enough process that even a dollar saved made it worth it.

Worst Bank Ever

Do not bank with them and absolutely do not get an auto loan with them. Do your research for a decent bank!

Do Not Trust

This credit union has charged for returned checks that were never returned, overdraft fees money shows in account, and are extremely rude when asked to correct what should never have been. Someone is stealing from my account. I am closing this account and will never recommend them to anyone!

Great Credit Union

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I was a member for about 2 years at this Credit Union, I had one or two issues with a my account and they solved them in a very timely matter. First, a merchant had double charged me for a meal and caused me to overdraw. The credit union refunded all of my NSF fees, although I did have to return to the merchant for the refund of the charge itself. Second, by my error, I mis-entered a deposit into an ATM. This was at night, and realized my mistake in the morning, but when I logged on to my bank account, they had already corrected it. I was extremely pleased with this credit union and only closed my account because I moved.

Meritrust Is Great!

I have had accounts here for over 15 years. I have checking, saving, and loan accounts, and have never had a problem. They are very helpful whenever you do have a question. They charge no fees for checking and no minimum balance. The reward program is great.

Loans - Bait And Switch

We were quoted a 3.75% loan on an RV over the phone. We hand carried our paperwork required for the loan to the loan officer at 29th & Rock Road, which is the Meritrust Corporate Offices), to expedite the processing. We kept in touch with the loan officer and were never told our Home Equity Loan was a "variable" rate or any rate other than the 3.75% we were quoted the first time we spoke with a loan officer (Carly). After one week we were told to go in and sign the papers only to see that the interest rates was NOT the quoted rate of 3.75% , but a VARIABLE rate of 4.25%. We could "lock in" our rate at 5.0% but there was nothing available at 3.75%. I responded that this is called "bait and switch", where one price is offered but when you are provided the product the price is entirely different than what is advertised or quoted .

I wonder how many other people are quoted one rate only to get into the branch office to find that the rate was higher than what was quoted. I would like to hear of others that have had this same experience.

We asked that the Meritrust Credit Union honor the quote and were informed they could not. Needless to say, after waiting a week, having a credit report ran (which potentially affects your credit score), and two trips to Wichita (we live approximately 35 miles away from the Executive Offices) we are now loan shopping again. I am extremely disappointed in Meritrust after years of banking here, I will no longer be doing business at this banking institution and also plan on seeking other avenues to express my displeasure with their bait and switch scheme for loans.

Great Place To Bank

I have been a member at Meritrust for 14 years. I have my Business and personal accounts with them. They provide excellent and prompt service. I have had multiple accounts with other banks and Meritrust is the Best. The green account gives you a 5 cent rebate for every transaction over 20 dollars on the debit card. I also get rewards points when I use my card and you can earn gift cards and electronics from a large selection all with no monthly fees or minimum balance. No other bank compares.

Auto Loan Insurance Nightmare

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I gave them a 1 star because zero stars was not an option.

This company is totally unethical and incompetent. We purchased a vehicle. They would not allow the loan until we provided insurance on the vehicle. We complied and insured the vehicle prior to purchase and provided the insurance verification. After a short time they claimed that we did not have insurance and added $1,431 to our loan balance. They also increased the loan payment amount to cover the additional insurance cost but did not draft the extra $21 per month. On the first month they sent a highly threatening letter telling us about collection agencies, credit report negative marks, and repossession OVER $21 that they didn't draft. When confronted they of course said it was my fault for not filing a new form to increase the auto draft. It took 3 months for their totally incompetent insurance verification department to fix the problem. They never found the lost document showing the insurance I purchased to buy the vehicle. They also received 4 separate faxes verifying the insurance from my agent before their bureaucracy finally credited my account.

Their employees are buried in bureaucracy and are totally unable to help you.

This is the worst Financial institute I have ever dealt with hands down. When my problem was finally fixed I got the loan from a local bank and paid this place off.



Meritrust Is A Joke

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I have had nothing but PROBLEMS! First they take on a coverage because they claimed they didn't have my insurance, then they say I am behind a month so I send 2 payments, yet now I am behind 2 months?! Not to mention I called to confirm payments, dates, etc., talked with 3 (yes 3) different reps there and no one could give me the same answer...every time I turn around I am sending more and more money...then they wonder why I am upset hang up...threatening to pull my calls and see if I'm telling the truth?! Seriously dude, pull the dang calls and see how bad your reps are! Oh yes, then there is the fact that I just received a statement dated for the prior month, however, I owe 2 payments?! Nope, they just decided to put in there that I owe for the month prior and the upcoming month...nope not true - get your crap straight! So the statement is dated for September yet it includes the October payment amount saying both are due on 9/27/12? Why/how is that even right, oh yep its NOT! Yet the rep thinks it is?! I asked how my October 30th payment is due on 9/27/12? Oh, we just threw that in there? Seriously this doesn't make any sense, these people are AWFUL!!! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM!!!


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We were approved by them through our dealer for our auto loan. We have had NOTHING but headaches. They kept telling us they didn't have our insurance on file even though we sent it to them 5 times. We received a letter saying they were going to tack on $2400 in CPI to our loan so we faxed it yet again. We find out later the CPI was tacked on without notice. When we finally were able to get to the bottom of it they tell u they had the insurance on file it just has the wrong lein holder. It would have been nice if someone called us....during the debacle they REFUSED TO CONTINUE TAKING OUR PAYMENT!!! I have never heard of a loan company refusing payment..They are rude and ill equiped to deal with customers.....Their agents are unprofessional and very rarely have the answers. I was told I was being rude for asking an agent if he would be upset if he were in my position. If you can't handle upset customers don't work for a sheisty bank....the Newest developement I mailed them a check 2 weeks ago and it has yet to come out of my account.....Need Less to say as soon as the CPI is fixed and refunded we are refinancing our loan.......I AM DONE WITH THIS PLACE! 

They Are Not Reliable

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They are constantly changing thier hours and when it affects your deposits and causes you to be overdraft they only want to do the minimum fix that they can, and you have to watch that because alot of times they will tell you they are taking care of it and never do. i am at this time looking for a different bank.

Meritrust Credit Union

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I was with this institution for too long. They have a total lack of customer service. They treat everyone as a potential criminal with their lobbies locking doors and prison like atmosphere. They are also unprofessional, you go into a branch for a particular service, say a new debit card, but they can't help you because their machine is down. Again, you have to go across town to the "nearest" branch for service. Not to mention shortchanging you when you withdraw money and sharing your financial information with 1000's of credit unions across the country for my "convenience".

When I had a fraudulent charge on my account the only help they offered was to take it up with the scam company who stole it.

I don't like change, and was hesitant to deal with the rigmarole of changing financial institutions, but this was the last and final straw. I closed my accounts today and have never felt better!!

Think Twice And Read The Link

I strongly advise anyone considering this bank to read this...

Meritrust are masters of banking in their favor and have little to no regard for customers who live on moderate income.

if you opt for overdraft protection connected to a savings account be prepared for 42.00 overdraft charges...32.00 for the overdraft plus an additional "transfer fee" from your savings account to cover the overdraft

By the way, if you think it won't happen to you...Meritrust processes ALL deductions for the business day before they process any deposits, and have,at times, withdrawn automatic deductions at their pleasure as much as 5 days before they are due to be paid out...

yesterday my wife and I received a mortage check for a significant amount to purchase another property..Meritrust wouldn't honor it,even drawn off another bank, they told us there would be a 7 day "hold" on the entire amount. We had to go to another bank to get cashier's checks to cover the closing cost of the property we are due to close in 2 days..

needless to say, after the amount of closing, we have a separate cashiers check for the remaining balance of the mortgage and IT WILL NOT BE DEPOSITED WITH MERITRUST! We will be opening a new account with another bank with better practices...we are finished with Meritrust and will be phasing out our business with them until we are able to close our accounts completely

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