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ATM Here Sucks!!!

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I am in Batesville MS. Due to pandemic the lobby is closed. I tried to use the ATM at 740am. It’s closed. Come back at 1001am... it’s still closed! Tried to signal to rep through the window as to why the ATM would be out of service will bank open. She didn’t acknowledge me. Either this bank ATM is closed or always OUT OF MONEY and not in use. I’m sick of this bank service.

Lousy Customer Service

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ONLY ONE STAR because that's the lowest. ZERO is my choice.
Went to this bank October 8, 2019 to cash 2 checks written on this bank. I thank God I don't have an account with this bank. I went through the window but because I don't have an account the teller said I needed to come inside for a fingerprint. So I asked the person at the window if she would return the checks and my DL. She said yes are you coming inside? I said I guess so. So I went inside and another teller asked if I needed help. I said that the teller at the drive through was helping me. So I waited. and waited. Then the window teller called someone else to help her (Misty) I eventually said Is there a problem. The Window teller said no. (Misty) asked me if I needed help...with something and I said the window teller was helping me. She moved some check away from a vacant window I standing next to. I was made to feel like a criminal. I asked If they had a survey on line and was told by another person (didn't get her name) and was told no online survey but something in the mail. I was confused). Anyway after about 15 minutes the drive through teller finally came to me with the case for my checks then to get my fingerprint. I will never, never, never go to this bank again. And I'm going to tell the person that gave me the checks the reason I was there in the first place to close that account and run to another bank. I've read other reviews and clearly I'm not the only one that's had issues with this bank. Clearly stereotyped.

Overdraft Fees

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I have been banking with Renasant for over 5 years now. This is probably the 3rd time I've noticed this to happen. Get slapped with a NSF fee within hours before my check hits my account. It's ridiculous. Calling the Customer Service number 18773675371, customer service is unbelievable. Guy really sounded like he didn't want to be bothered or like he could careless about my concerns. No empathy. For as long as I been with this bank, I will definitely be switching banks after today.

Lousy Communication

They were EXTREMELY non-responsive regarding our home loan process. The responses we DID get were both curt and vague. They sent an email to our agent suggesting WE were holding up the loan, yet when we asked questions that would have help facilitate the process, we were either given no response at all or a vague response DAYS later. I'm out $450 for the appraisal, and still a renter because of them.

I only wish I had seen these other reviews before I went with them. Don't make my/our mistake!!!

Horrible Experience

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I decided to join Renasant and get a checking account after having a loan through them. I was having issues all the time so I decided to close my account, however, after a month of it being closed, it was mysteriously reopened because I had forgotten to change ONE draft account, thus, I was charged an overdraft fee. I tried to call and get it taken care of but they wouldn't do it all. Customer services was rude and kept blaming me, which yes I should have changed the account over in the first place, but being rude about it is not the way to handle it.

Bumbling Bankers

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I wouldn't trust them with a roll of pennies. I was a business customer of theirs for 3 years. Had multiple problems with their online banking locking me out of my account for no reason. Password working on desktop, but not mobile, and rejecting mobile deposits for no valid reason, forcing me to come into the branch all the time.

A few weeks ago, I opened a money market account with them to transfer money out of my active account. (Yes I should have just opened it at another bank, but the hassle of switching banks with a business account is what kept me there) They set it up incorrectly and I lost access to hundreds of thousands of dollars for over two weeks. After multiple calls to customer service and the local branch, I was always told my access to the funds would show up the next morning, after their system reset. It never did. I'll be getting a check from them in person tomorrow and taking my business away from these liars for good.

Just Horrible

The absolute WORST bank. I travel frequently and have had nothing but issues with this bank. I call to say when I am traveling, still have issues. I have my card cut off locally for no reason with 1000s in my account. Local reps are nice, but zero help. The customer service line is zero. I cant have my joint account person solve issues. Just stupid old school policies. I have moved to a real bank with real policies to protect my money. I have had fraud on my account 3 different times. Your money is safer in your mattress. Fees are fine, but I guess you get what you pay for at this point.

Good Bye Good Riddance.

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Metropolitan Bank was amazing until it was bought out by Renasant. We're moving our 5 accounts to another local bank because of Renasant refusing to honor debits against our balance to people we've paid.

Yes, we paid people while we had very healthy balances and Renasant simply refused to release the funds.

No thanks.


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Got a check from my insurance company for a vehicle that was totaled. I took it to my bank of over 25 years to deposit a potion and get cash for a portion. There was enough money in the account to cover the amount I wanted to cash. They asked if I knew anyone upstairs that could vouch for me because if not they had to put a 7 day hold on it. I was shocked. The check was in the same state, not out of state. I don't know anyone anymore because I do remote deposits. The "head teller" comes over and says she has to at least do a 2 days hold. I asked to have my account closed and my money given to me. She told me to hold on but I looked at the clock and had to return to work so I will go in the morning and say ADIOS to Renasant and head over and strictly use Regions where I should have taken the check to start with! If you know someone you can get treated better, no thanks!

Get Up To Speed

I believe that Renasant Bank is a Southern U.S. Bank located in Georgia, Mississippi and Florida. I decided to open an account here in Georiga because my boyfriend liked their personalized service when he walked into the bank. He likes being greeted by his name and that gives his warm fuzzies. He walked into the bank one day to deposit a check without a deposit slip and they ended up depositing the check into my account where his name is shared on my account. Really??? There was originally no fees but that has changed recently. I also have a bank account with BOA and will not give it up because their online software and atm access can't compare. I tried to use my ATM card the other day with Renasant and they had cancelled it from lack of use. Really?? I tired to deposit a check with the atm and their software does not support that. Really?? Renasant Bank needs to get with the program!!!

Renasant Bank: The Bank That Says YES, Not NO

Recently my family and I moved to Tennessee, and I decided I wanted to have a local/regional bank to do my financial transactions. But one issue I have that most people don't, is a bad Chexsystems score. So, not just any bank will even offer me a checking account. But Renasant Bank doesn't care; didn't even check my Chexsystems score. As long as you don't owe their bank money specifically, they will open a checking account for you.

So I took $50 cash and went to Maryville, which is the closest bank branch to where I live in Knoxville. It's 20 mins away, and that might be a little inconvenient but I only expected to go there once to set up the account, then afterwards my business could be conducted remotely. They even let you mail in checks/money orders to deposit into your account!

$50 is the required opening amount for a checking account with Renasant. The bank was not busy at all, and both the teller and the branch manager who set up the account were very nice and polite. The setup process was very smooth and fairly quick. The normal monthly maintenance fee on the account is $7.50, but if you sign up for e-statements, that fee is waived (which I did). They have free online banking, bill pay and everything you would expect from a big bank, without all the red tape. I have been very satisfied with my experience with this bank so far, and I expect they will continue to make me a happy customer in the future.



Horrible Customer Service Over The Phone

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I have had trouble on my check account and called the customer service. The call was for my mother who does not speak English. I'm being her son and would like to translate it for her. The lady on the phone want to verify it by wanting to speak to my mother. So, I placed a three line calls but the lady does not want too over a third party line. The last time the customer service allowed me to do that. What happened this time? The lady on the phone gave me a mean tone like I dont know what I'm saying.
Anyways, we are going to switch bank

When My Son Died...

My boyfriend of 5 yrs had been banking with them for about 12 yrs with no problem, so when I moved to MS, I opened my own account with them. My son died in May and I received an insurance check that was just enough for funeral expenses plus catch up on my bills from having dropped the ball while trying to comprehend that my 22yr old son had taken his own life. I went by one branch to ask how the check would be handled & they told me they would allow $200 when deposited, then 1 week later I could use up to $4500 & after 10 business days the rest would be available. That was fine. When i deposited it at a branch on other side of my neighborhood, they put a 10 day hold on all of it. Apparently, it's at the branches discretion. I talked to 5 different people trying to get this situation taken care of before I lost my house & had all my utilities cut off. NO ONE cared, & I kept being told, branch mgrs can do what they want & it can't be changed unless they decide to. So I spoke to the Church rd, Southaven Branch mgr, trying to explain what I was told at the other branch saying 1 week, I told her that I had given my house payment money to the funeral home because I thought we would have enough released after a week to pay mortgage & all she had to say over & over was "it will be available in 10 business days. I wasn't looking for sympathy, but after all the people I have talked to & the mess I have dealt with, I couldn't help but notice that I didn't hear ANY condolences on my sons death until I talked with a man in Tupelo that released 3500 so I could keep my house & keep my lights on. Well, the check was deposited 7-29 and today I was trying to catch up on the rest of my bills & it still says it's unavailable on-line. I have a deposit slip from this morning showing an available balance of all the money but on-line & mobile banking says available balance $0.06

Renasant Bank

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Terrible bank... I received a call about some unauthorized activities and the branch manager was rude she blamed me. Told me I needed to come in and take care of the fees and close my account. They refused to admit they were at fault. Worst bank ever and now I have about $800 in unexplained fees that they want me to clear up. So now I have to get a police report and deal with the fraud myself. Please do not bank with Renasant Bank. Too bad I can only give 1 star.

Small Business Owner

I wish a zero star rating could be given. One of my former employees who was an authorized signer on a business account got married and changed her name with this bank. A bank error transferred ownership of all my accounts to this former employee. Thank god for honest people, this person called me and told me she was receiving my bank statements but they had her name on them. The problem was corrected. Now Renasant bank denies it ever happened. I still have the bank statements with this other persons name and address on them. Needless to say I closed all 5 accounts.

Horrible Handling Of Fraudulent Transactions

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We had our banking with Renasant for two years and never had a problem...until we had a problem, with an unauthorized transaction, before closing our count after moving out of state and switching banks. Renasant no longer handles their own disputes, therefore I had to get in touch with their third party dispute company. This dispute company is a joke. The first time I spoke with them, thy could not even see the POSTED transaction or the overdraft fee. I called the Renasant branch and they said it should be visible. I called another dispute number they gave me; those people told me I'd have to fax or snail mail a letter requesting a dispute. How inconvenient is this, seriously? I called back the branch...then the first 800 number, AGAIN. This time the lady said she could see the unauthorized transaction, and would try to take care of it, but then somehow got disconnected and although she confirmed my call back number previously, did not call me back. If there's a slight possibility you will ever have a dispute or issue with your account, DO NOT use this bank. The people at the branch are truly great, but the way they hand off business to this third party joke, is not so great.

The Only Reason I Gave It A Star Is Bc I Had To

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This is by far the biggest rip off of a bank and WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE, if you can even get them. I've banked with other banks and switched when Wells Fargo took over Wachovia. They pay checks for you as a "courtesy" and if you ask to opt out of this new way for banks to stick it to you with the debit card thing they won't do it unless you really fight it. They would much rather be in a position to sell you BS than help you. I had a check hit my account that I thought was destroyed. Instead of emailing me or texting me or not allowing debit transactions to hit my account as I previously ask, they hit me with over $600 in fees!!!!! The branch manager, Donna, blamed me. Unbelievable! If you are considering banking here, don't!!! Especially the location in Canton, GA. It's my understanding from talking to other people they are pretty much all a scam. I'm reporting them to the Better Business Bureau and suing if I have to.

Excellent Bank!

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I have been with Renasant for almost 3 years, and could not be happier with this bank. The branch I visit is very friendly, and in the few times I've had to call - the phone line reps have been nice as well. I am picky on my banks - I've been with just about every large bank we have in my area and I never liked any of them. I moved to Renasant because we only had two in town, I thought I might have more of a small town feel and I'd be more important when I walked in the bank than BOA, and I was right.

I've never had my bank card frozen like one review on here, and I've always had access to my funds. I have only ever had one issue that was declined, which was when the merchant ran it through twice for the same amount, immediately after each other and the bank declined it considering it a duplicate sale. It worked fine just a few minutes later.

One thing I love about Renasant is if you do happen to mess up and overdraft your account (because it CAN happen, I don't care who you are.), they give you until the end of the business day to put money in your account. I woke up one morning and something had gone through I had completely screwed up and forgotten about. I called the bank because there was no OD fee yet, even though I was clearly negative. They explained they would not post that yet - I had until 4:00 pm to make a deposit if I wished, to avoid any OD fees.

Worst Bank And Service I Have Ever Had! Beware Of Thieves

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Many screws up come to mind, but I'll state the two worst ones.  I brought in some money to deposit, the clerk counted it wrong, shorted me about 30$.  At first I didn't notice it, until my friend who was with me, watched her count it, said "I must have counted wrong because I counted 750$, but the attendant said it was 720$."  I stopped and said "It was 750$, I counted it before I left home."  The person with me didn't have prior knowledge to the amount.  So shame on me for not paying more attention.  Ever since then I have been extra careful and caught other screws up like this.  It is never the reverse where they give you too much money back, it is always them stealing yours instead.


This second issue though is unforgivable.  I tried to purchase a graphics tablet online for 600$.  The payment was blocked by the bank.  Next day I go to buy Christmas gifts, and my debit card has been disabled.  I had over 2000$ in the account though.  So after being humiliated, unable to buy christmas gifts, and being unable to reach my bank by phone(they took the week and weekend off, must be nice), I suffered through what should have been a good holiday.  Finally when the emlpoyees returned, a very rude woman named Kay answered(would not give me her last name) and griped and groaned at me for trying to make a 600$ purchase from a website they didn't trust.  Another week went by before I got my new debit card.  The graphics tablet though has now went up 300$ in value.  And because of that I have removed my funds and moved to another bank.  They refused to fix their screw up.  Lastly, it turns out the website and purchase were legit, as my best friend bought the same tablet, from the same site.  My advice?  Go somewhere where they treat their customers like they are important.

This Is The Worst Bank I Have Ever Been Associated With!

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The bank officers will try to sell you a bag of worms is you let them, I have a credit score of over 750 and they tried to sell me a subprime loan.  They have lost two of my deposits, thank god I kept the paper work.  If you bank there run and run fast.

Terrible Bank To Deal With

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Where do I start. I have been treated terrible I own 3 businesses and they have managed to screw up every account I have changing banks asap. My advise to you stay away. Don't use a bank because they are have a convenient location.

Customer Service And Check Cashing

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Have had no customer service help after calling lots of numbers, and a lot of waiting the past 3 days on hold; explaining the issue to everyone over and over, keeping getting put off, then switched back to the branch where the problem is, and they will not help!

Check cashing policies are also very poor. Long wait even though there were only 2 people inside bank. Renasant has been the worst experience I have ever had. Long time customer at Cresent Bank, always banked online, but when I had to go inside, I was stunned at the (don't care-no help) attitudes of all at bank. Then customer service to help with problem was as bad or worse. BEWARE ---BEWARE---BEWARE---Choose bank more carefully, don't get lured in, because then it changes.

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