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Deceptive Information

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We found a link that stated this bank had an Investor Money Market account that paid a 0.75% interest rate. We submitted applications to become members of the bank and provided all the required personal information. We also created an external bank to provide additional funding.
Ten days after we submitted our applications we were told that to create a Investor Money Market account we had to bring all our financial information to the bank to discuss out financial goal.
Do not fall for this bank's deceptive practices.

Credit Union Went DOWN HILL

I have been a member of this credit union for over five years. I used to love Sharonview. They were great to deal with and everything was always so simple.

Well, recently they changed their mobile deposit conditions. I used to be able to mobile deposit my pay check and have all the funds available to me right away. Now, without any warning, they hold 10% of my pay check for FIVE BUSINESS DAYS. This is absolutely disgusting. I live pay check to pay check usually and I cannot live having 10% of my pay check held for a whole WEEK! I simply cannot go to a branch because there is none around me anymore. Myself and my entire family that is with Sharonview will be closing our accounts.

Damaging Lack Of Communication And Implementation Of Policies

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Disappointed in the decline in service from this credit union. I’ve been a member for seven years, even keeping my accounts when I moved out of state. At the time, their service and values were still worth the inconvenience of not having a branch in my state. Not anymore. Their lack of communication about and inconsistent application of changes to mobile check deposit policies have caused me personal damage, and the absurdity of the situation tells me I can only expect more of the same in the future.

THREE DAYS AFTER I received confirmation mobile screens, emails, and could see the funds in my account from a large check deposit (10 Aug), I received an email from the credit union stating my funds were being removed from my account simply because I did not put “for mobile deposit only” on the back of the check. I have never heard of this requirement. Also, a check I deposited TWO DAYS BEFORE THAT (8 Aug) cleared without a problem and without this language. When I called for clarification, I was told this is new Federal policy. Fine, but why was I not informed of this requirement, and why did one check clear when another was rejected AFTER the funds were already placed in my account? The lady said the mobile deposit should have rejected the check at the time of deposit. Well, it didn’t, so I fail to see how that’s my problem. But now it is, because I had already sent those funds to pay a bill, which will now be rejected for insufficient funds. The other suggestion was to just reload the check, which I no longer have as I disposed of it when I received EVERY CONCEIVABLE CONFIRMATION that it had cleared and was deposited. The lady said, well, best practice is to keep a check for 60 days after deposit… Got me there, I guess. I thought it would be best practice to not have a check with someone’s banking information floating around my house two months after it was deposited, but I guess they know best.  

I had already moved most of my money out of SFCU, but this is the last straw. Damagingly Inconstant and inconsiderate.

Good People, technology is a little behind

My experience with sharonview is somewhat dichotomous, on the one hand they have been incredibly helpful when dealing with them in-branch. There was one time that I lost my account information and they went above and beyond to assist with getting me new ID cards. However, on the flip side, when you're not able go into their branches, all of the rest of their technology seems a little behind. In particular, my wife and I had set aside money to be used for an adoption, and as part of the process we ended up needing to wire money to a law firm. There was no way to do so via their online portal, and so we had to actually fax in a form to their office to complete the transaction, and through that process their fax would not work, and we had to keep attempting throughout the day. Maybe not a huge deal for some, but when you're 700 miles away, and trying to access your money for something as important as an adoption, it was frustrating to not be able to access our money.

Goodbye Sharonview

This is the most sorriest bank I've ever seen. You've paid all payments on time. Go to see if you could get an increase or a new personal loan consolidation and they turn you down. Refer you to a credit building company for a loan. I've never seen/heard of a bank like this. Once this loan I have with them is paid off, my buisness will be taken elsewhere.

This Credit Union Will Rip You Off In High Fees

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High fees are taken out of your account. Smaller accounts can't take these hits. Bad customer service. Don't use this credit union.


Sharonview is the best credit union experience I have ever had. I have been using them as my credit union since 2004. I have enjoyed using their PAL revolving line of credit. They also love to help you each year with acquiring a copy of your credit report to review if you ask them.

The employees are always very helpful when I have to call in, there is never a wait time. Also, I travel overseas a lot, and I'm able to use my check card anywhere in the world without problems.

I moved to Seattle in 2006 and I still am able to enjoy Sharonview's excellent customer service from all the way on the other side of the country with no problems.

The Best Credit Union

Sharonview Credit Union I feel is the best around because of it's friendly employees and their ability to make transactions by either phone or website. They also have the lowest rates on loans of all kinds. By keeping you updated with the best information that they send to you weekly and through the mail,You have the ability to make very informed choices.

Very Difficult To Get Company To Get Loans.

Sharonview is a company collect your money but when you need a loan there very difficult to get a mortgage loan or personal loan throught. I have been a member for 13 years and never defaulted on know loan I have ever gotten throught sharonview yet I can never quailfy for a mortgage loan with sharonview after paying off 3 auto loans in 13 years with them wow.

System Is Down Alot During Hours You Need Your Debit Card

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I have been a member for 5+ years however in the last 6 months their system has been down a lot and during this downtime I can not access my money not debit, credit or ATM.  On 3 occassions in the last 6 months I have actually been somewhere trying to make a purchase it is a complete embarassment and very frustrating not being able to get my own money.  I can't even call and complain because they only have customer support Monday thru Friday 8-6pm so it is happens on a weekend or after hours your done.  Each time they respond to my email on Monday or Tuesday saying the system was down. No apology no response as to what they are doing to ensure it doesn't happen again.  I guess for them it is standard business practice.  So if you like not being able to access your own money then it is the credit union for you.  I am changing can't stand it anymore it is not a simple mistake they just don't care otherwise they might actually show some concern.

Not As Good As It Used To Be

I have been a Sharonview customer for 15 years and am closing my accounts. Their fees are higher than any other bank, customer service is non-existent, and their interest rates on savings accounts are way too low with too many restrictions. Sharonview better do some market research to be competitive with the industry or they will lose a lot more customers.

Good-Bye Forever Sharonview Federal Credit Union

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As a member for over 15 years, I have immediately broken ties with this company.  Upon purchasing an new vehicle I called SFCU and was given a payoff amount for vehicle I had financed with them, which I relayed the amount to the new dealer (Sharonviews Rates were not competitive).  After paperwork was submitted, Sharonviews Auto Loan person (She was no hlep whatsoever) had a different amount of payoff, of course higher.  So now, I have to go back to dealer with a check in hand, as SFCU cannot explain why the amount was different, I was asked repeatedly "who was it you spoke to"...who cares, just send me a damn statment, I want to see facts..  I proceeded to ask this Auto Loan person to give me a statement, she would not and made up senseless excuses.

Shame on me for not getting the initial payoff in written statement sent to dealer, but shame on you for losing a customer for over 15 years.  Adios!

Unreliable And Dishonest!

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Sharonview Federal Credit Union -- I was with this union for 10 years and finally was forced to give up and take my business elsewhere. My former phone company had charged me early in 2010 for my phone bill without my authorization. I called them but they refused to rectify. I called Sharonview to get it fixed and the teller looked me in the eye and said, "Well you must have said they could charge you." I asked why I would pay my bill 3 weeks early when I had been paying my bill on time, on the same day, for the last 8 months. They refused to even investigate the situation and made me pay $30 for a stop payment on the charge. It still went through and I called Sharonview again and was told that "it happens sometimes" but that they were not able to return my $30 fee since it hadn't worked. This same issue happened 4 more times with the same phone company and at one point, I was $165 overdrawn, had no money for food, gas, or bills for two weeks, and both Sharonview and my phone company were willing to investigate or help figure out the situation. I finally went in to the bank manager and explained; I was 22 years old, new graduate, working part time for minimum wage, and my entire paycheck was direct deposit so it was taken as soon as it was put into my account. She explained that it was "your fault" for "not being diligent enough" with keeping my bills straight. I showed her that I had been with Sharonview for 10 years and had never had any overdrafts before this but she continued telling me it was my fault. I left crying and called corporate the next day. Long story short, I got the same response. I terminated my contract with my phone company and reported them to the BBB but i was still left with all of my overdraft fees, 4 stop payment fees, and late fees on all of my other bills that weren't getting paid because of this. Sharonview was very cold to my situation and weren't even willing to look into the situation. My mother was with them for 17 years up until this and ended up leaving them as well.

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