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Behind Times

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Hello, and I must say I have been dealing with this less than par bank now for over 7 months. My mother has an account with the bank and you have been extremely rude to her on more than three accounts. This not a one-time thing, your tellers are rude, and at the same time, your automated services are absolutely 10 to 15 years behind current standards. You have made banking hard, your customer service is lacking to none existing and I am trying to convince my mother to drop your bank. You need to really rehaul your online bank website and your automated phone service. It was an absolute nightmare....nightmare just to activate an ATM card. How is this possible? Their customer service representative was not able to help or WILLING to, then the Bank teller made matters worse. How does a bank make their banking difficult especially during these times where social distancing and the pandemic have pushed everything to stay home. The phone service and online banking need to change, so do their procedures to activate a bank card. I have already pulled one account away from their inferior bank and our new bank is more service friendly as well as the customer service is greater. But from the looks of it, and from experiencing it multiple times, the bank does not care about their customers so do yourself a favor and do not even bother with them.

Please Do Not Use This Bank For Your Own Sanity

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I can't rate them low enough. I had a clearly fraudulent charge on my account. They have NO fraud detection. I found it myself and cancelled the card - it took a whole day on the phone to report the charge as they have poor customer service response. They said they'd review the fraudulent charge in 7-10 business days. That same day I called, they CHARGED ME the amount instead of issuing a credit. I needed that money. The local branch was unable to help me with this. The disputes department was unreachable. 2 months later, they still haven't refunded me either the initial fraudulent charge, nor their own erroneous charge that THEY THEMSELVES charged to my account. I have taken off 3 full days of work on the phone with them now being transferred to department after department and nobody can help me. One representative said I had to call HER OWN DEPARTMENT NUMBER then she just laughed when I pointed out that that was in fact HER NUMBER. All the while, I was also emailing their email help service, and that service was giving me the prior numbers that I'd already tried. Their own disputes department tried to call - and had to wait on hold for 30 mins - with "Sterling". Eventually we had to conference call with 3 different departments. As of now (4:30pm after calling at 10am this morning) they still haven't fixed it, though they assure me that I was supposed to have this money in my account for the past 2 months. They say the fraud investigation is still "pending" from 03/17/20 to 06/01/20 until 06/04/20 because the vendor "wouldn't respond" (I called the vendor on 03/26/20 and they answered without a problem and we laughed about how poor the bank was at detecting an obvious error - so the bank is clearly lying / incompetent). NEVER USE THIS BANK EVER.

Systematic Reduction Of Savings Rates!

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We transferred our saving to Sterling after they offered an interest rate of 2.46%. It wasn't until we were doing our taxes this year that we noticed EVERY MONTH since joining, they have systematically (and with no notice) reduced the interest paid; 2.42, 2.29, 2.19, 2.10 and we'll assume that will continue. Disgusting and crooked!

A Sterling Reputation -- Not!

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Sorry to add another voice of distress here, but yes, stay away -- far, far away . . .

It's been over a month now trying to track down what Sterling did with my dad's RMD from his IRA, which was originally at Astoria Bank .

Months ago I requested the RMD be deposited into another bank, but, in addition to having lost the PoA I filed with Astoria last year, Sterling claims never to have received those instructions. "When did I send it?" "To where?" are all they can pointlessly respond, attempting to shift the blame.

Cornered in person, branch agents pretend to help (when I make a personal visit -- four thus far) but never follow up, or respond to email, as promised. Too busy, I guess (ripping others off?). Out of site, out of mind. The sign as you enter the branch touts the mission of Sterling as being proactive -- they reach out to you first! My experience: don't hold your breath -- you'll die waiting to hear from them

Bottom line, the proceeds of my dad's RMD (from a CD at a very low rate -- compounding injury and insult) were debited mid-December, mailed to who-knows-where (they won't say, despite my repeated asking), have not been earning interest ever since . . . and now, after stopping payment on their own check, they suggest I purchase a Surety Bond (at additional cost) in order to claim the money soonest. Or wait another 90 days for a replacement check to be issued and mailed out.

The story changes somewhat each time I visit the branch. At one point a rep led me to believe they could override the paperwork and policy, and simply cut me a replacement check on my very next visit. One I could then cash, and deposit as I please. Never happened.

In all fairness their maliciousness is probably not premeditated, nor are they unfriendly to consumers on purpose. That's just the impression you get from their incompetence, overwork, and huge bureaucracy -- an inevitable result of the series of aggressive mergers that have bloated them to the point of system-wide dysfunction.

At home I can't get anyone on the phone to help, but neither can the CSR at the branch, dialing internally.

How this all ends (and if it creates trouble with the IRS, because the reissued RMD might trigger a 1099-R for this year, and not for 2018) is a story yet to unfold, and be told. But there's currently no light at the end of this dark tunnel.

Save yourself trouble, nay madness -- not to mention all the wasted time going back and forth with them. If you can, avoid Sterling at all costs!

Awful Customer Service

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The worst customer service I have ever experienced. Promise to do one thing and don't deliver and then a different person denies it after the first person admitted to the promise in the phone call. Have been with the bank over 20 years and will be leaving them today.

SYAY AWAY !! I Left After 35Yrs After Their Merges

This has turned out to be the worst bank.
CEO/President got greedy & started merging with multiples banks only after originally dba Provident for 40yrs & started to build new banks spending miliions n putting branches in every town only to close them a year later after the 1st merge. Personally after being a customer for 35 yrs I didn't see where it was a positive move so it must only be to his financial advantage.
Their computer program is horrific which extends down to us the client making internet n mobile banking extremely difficult virtually impossible
The platform people LIE & don't tell the truth in opening accounts so be very cautious !!!
Then branch management doesn't want to correct things as it might over exert themselves
Leaving this bank after joining them in 1980 in their 2nd branch ever in new city next to the rag shop .... BYE Provident now dba Sterling National Bank
thnx for putting yourself before us !!!!

Not Buying Into Sterling…

"Sterling is giving back to the Hudson Valley" Oh boy… what a joke!
After reading the Soprano's National Bank article, They ruined that small business owner in that article.
I'm going to do business with Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union.


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Beware Provident Bank of Montebello NY and their Trans Fiirst credit card processor. Being a loyal customer of Provident Bank for 25 years, I made the mistake of trusting Providents agent to get the best deal possible on my credit card processing, only to find out that I unknowingly signed up my business and personally for a 48 month terminal lease ,thats noncancellable , after she assured me it was only for 12 months. Surprisingly Provident Bank has not returned any phone calls or e-mails  OF FRAUD COMPLAINTS. If you signed up with this deal in the Rockalnd County NY area, please check your paper work and lets talk.

Horrible Customer Service :(

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 I called customer service and went in to my local branch to try to get an understanding as to why over $100 had been taken out of my account and the response was absurd! No one was trying to help nor understand; after several attempts I just closed my account and will continue to spread the word for other NOT to bank with this inconsiderate group of people.

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