5% 7-Month CD at a Missouri Bank


There most be some competition among banks in Missouri. Last week I posted on a 5.20% 8-month CD at Bank of Washington in Missouri. I just found another great certificate special at another Missouri bank. The United Bank of Union is offering a 5.00% APY 7-month CD, a 5.10% APY 11-month CD and a 5.25% APY 18-month CD. There is a minimum deposit requirement of $500. The penalty for early withdraws is 6-months of interest for terms of 1-year or less and 12-months for terms of over 1-year.

As was the case for the Bank of Washington, The United Bank of Union looks like a rather small community bank that may require visiting one of its 3 branches to open a CD. The city of Union is located about 10 miles south of Washington and about 50 miles west-southwest of St. Louis.

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Not available out of state.