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5.76% 7-Month CD at a Wachovia Branch in San Francisco


Wachovia is offering a 5.76% APY 7-month certificate of deposit at its new San Francisco branch. The minimum deposit is $5,000 for personal and small business accounts and $2,000 for an IRA CD. The 5.76% APY requires opening a new checking account. Without this, the yield is 5.66% APY. The offer is available through 9/21/07, and it's only avaiable at the new San Francisco branch (California and Battery Financial Center, 311 California Street, phone # 415-677-0985).

This is not listed at Wachovia's website. A reader mentioned seeing this special advertised in the 8/27 SF Examiner, page 6. That page is available online here.

$125 Wachovia Checking Bonus in California Nearing an End

Wachovia's $125 checking account bonus promotion is scheduled to end after 8/31/07. It's only for those in California. $75 is awarded for opening a Free Checking account with a minimum deposit of $500. An additional $50 bonus is awarded when you set up Direct Deposit (see post). For those in San Francisco, this would be a good time to take advantage of both the checking account bonus and the CD.

If you can't open the checking account by tomorrow, you should be able to at least get a $50 checking account bonus (see post). This is available nationwide.

For more information on Wachovia's free checking account, please refer to either of the above two bonus posts. For more Wachovia bank deals (including some recent good ones in Texas), please refer to my Wachovia deals page.

Thanks to the reader Marc who mentioned this CD special in the finding deals post.

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ob995 (anonymous)   |     |   Comment #1
Add you linked says 5.66% but your post says 5.76% which is correct your post or the ad you linked?
Banking Guy
Banking Guy (anonymous)   |     |   Comment #2
The extra 0.10% is available with a new checking account. This isn't listed in the ad. Marc had mentioned this and I called the branch yesterday and verified this. The CSR told me that it would have to be a new checking account.
rate freak
rate freak (anonymous)   |     |   Comment #3
I dislike Wachovia so much. They lied to me, saying it was a soft inquiry, it was hard. And closing an acct is no picnic. You have to wait for a Financial Specialist, the same person when you opened the acct. The tellers cannot close.