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Petition for Fair Interest Rates on Our Savings


If you want to voice your concerns about the Fed's zero interest rate policy, there's an online petition at that was started in February that asks for "Fair Interest Rates on Our Savings". You can sign the petition at this page.

Thanks to the readers who have mentioned this petition in the comments, and thanks in particular to reader Apache who has highlighted this petition in the comments and in the forum. Apache posted the following forum thread yesterday:

I read a post yesterday from another poster giving us a link to sign a Savers Petition on I was glad to have an available Petition to sign to voice my deep concern about the low savings rates put upon savers. I was able to get a couple of signers but know that we have several posters in this group who seemed eager to find and sign such a Petition. This takes the toil off of Ken for trying to provide one for our group.

Since this Petition is already available and needs signatures, I do urge anyone who is willing to take part to please help the cause by signing the Petition if you are in agreement with it. Please be sure to read it and any Disclosures and if it is something you feel you can participate in, I hope we can get enough signatures to get this Petition to Washington. Thanks so much for your help!

I have signed the petition with the following comment:

President Obama and the Fed Chairman Bernanke should do more to support savers. Senator Pat Toomey said it best in February regarding the implications of maintaining zero interest rates: "we have savers being punished for this, at least twice, once by virtue of the fact that after sacrificing their whole lives to accumulate savings, they get no return, and then, the very real possibility that the value of those savings will be eroded."

This quote from Senator Pat Toomey came during the Senate Budget Committee Hearing in February in which Bernanke gave testimony on the economic outlook. I described Toomey's exchange with Bernanke in this blog post. I thought Toomey did well in expressing the concerns he had with the Fed's policy. I also thought it was illuminating in how Bernanke responded. He makes the case that the Fed's policies are needed to strengthen the economy. Bernanke seems to overlook how extreme the Fed's policy is. Never before has the Fed included expectations in a FOMC statement of maintaining near zero rates for almost 3 years. The benefits of such an extreme policy to the economy are questionable. However, the downsides of this extreme policy on savers should not be questioned, and it's infuriating to see Bernanke downplaying these downsides.

If we don't speak up, it's possible that the Fed may just keep extending this zero-rate commitment for many years to come.

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Apache   |     |   Comment #1
Ken:  THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for your help and especially for actually signing that Petition.  What I needed to see was that I was a part of a group who can stick together when important needs are faced.  It is so great to know our leader will take the reins and help us.    I think after interviewing you, even AARP would be willing to promote the Petition for us and we could really get some great numbers.  Just a thought.  I just want to say to those who feel the Petition isn't going to get us higher rates that "winning the race isn't just what is the most important.  TRYING to win is what makes people real winners in life, imo."  Thanks to everyone!
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #2
This petition is a waste of time. Interest rates will never go up again. They can't. Period.  Low rates are the only way the government can even begin to keep the debt in place. Increased rates will accelerate the Geece scenario to catastrophic levels.  Rates will never go up again.


Also......low rates are part of Obama's war on the elderly. As a true communist......he must alienate and handicapp the elderly as they are consiodered no longer useful to society. Resources must be directed to the productice members of society.  Notice the billions slashed from Medicare? Coincidence?  No.
Apache   |     |   Comment #6
#2 and #3:  I guess you are the same.  I suggest (without naming names) you try not listening to certain "scaremongers" on the radio and tv.  Our nation has a lot of serious problems and that is why we have elections.  We can REPLACE those we feel are the cause of the problems.  So enjoy your VOTE!  If this Petition cannot get us higher rates there IS one thing it can do!  It can let Pres. Obama know that we still have Americans who will fight against these serious problems.  We WILL voice our opinions and let those who want to follow in Pres. Obama's footsteps know that we will NOT sit back and just WHINE!  Stand up and be counted!  Be grateful you do still have Americans who won't go down without a fight and keep your scare mongering for your own kind.   Courageous people don't scare easily.  They spend their time doing something about what is wrong with their country.  Have a nice day, if you can! 
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #3
Apache......the AARP??????? Are you kidding me??????? The AARP is allied with Obama and supported Obamacare even though it slashed billions from Medicare.  Comrade Obama demands low interest AARP will support that call.  AARP?  What a joke.
me1004   |     |   Comment #4
Just FYI, I note from the Website:

" Political Action sponsors Election Edition. By signing, you agree to receive email messages from Civic Action and Political Action. (You may unsubscribe at any time.) "

So, this is a legitimate Website, not just some gadfly. 

Also and nonetheless, I am disappointed to see they don't understand the system. They talk of Obama and the Fed. And for the petition, they are calling on OBAMA to change the Fed's monetary policy. They don't seem to know that Obama can't order the Fed to do anything. The most he can do is appoint people to the Fed. Gee, to wait for an appointments process to change this is to do nothing. Bernanke is the one you have to go after -- meaning they have misdirected the petition! Of course, in reality, it doesn't really matter who it is aimed at, as it is just a statement to show the numbers that support it.
me1004   |     |   Comment #5
Just to spout off, here is the comment I included in signing that petition:

I have saved all my life, and given up any number of things that all the irresponsible people have spent on. I have never had a job that offers a pension. I have to live on my savings. 

To expect at least 4% on a savings account and 5% on locking up money in a CD is NOT expecting much, and certainly not too much. It is only fair that we get something for our investment in the banks! Savers are investors no different than any other investor -- but Bernanke doesn't see them as such.

To have a policy of such low interest rates, while trying to pump up all other investments, is nothing but a huge back-door tax on the responsible to pay for the recklessness of the irresponsible. 

For Bernanke to fleece savers like this, and for so long, is to show he wears blinders. Does he not see how doing this undermines a huge portion of the population no different than if they lost their jobs -- in other words, his policy is akin to RAISING the unemployment rate and thus UNDERMINING the economy? Does he not realize how many older and retired people MUST depend on earnings from their bank accounts -- and without that, a large portion of the population has had to drastically cut back on their spending, the very thing Bernanke wants to increase? 
Apache   |     |   Comment #7
ME1004  #5:  I just have to tell you how grateful I am that you poured your heart and your pain out in your comments.  I and my family are going through the same problems and I am sure millions of retirees, savers etc. can see their own lives and sufferings in your words.  What I love most about this Petition other than the signatures is the signers letting the world know what this is doing to their lives.  I have personally written practically the same words in personal letters for months to Pres. Obama, Bernanke and my senators and it has gone on deaf ears.  But a Petition letting the world know what is happening to us in our country can be seen my millions!  And this is an "Election Year"!   My thanks go out to you and all those who care enough to stand together with us on this terrible problem put on us.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #8
Poster #3 is absolutely right! 

AARP on the side of retirees and the elderly?  Somebody's drinking too much "fire water"!
Apache   |     |   Comment #12
#8 and #9:  Neither one of you seem to understand how Politics or businesses work, imo.   I don't care if AARP is in this to make money.  What is more important is that they NEED the elderly to stay in business and if they ignore ALL our concerns, word will get out about them and they will lose members!  They have already published an article about the Savers problems and they even interviewed Ken.  If we want more from them we have to request it.  It just seems there are those who just want to sit back and let bad things happen and those who DO SOMETHING!  This is a free country (for now).  So enjoy sitting while you can.  If people like myself give up, you won't have anything to sit on!  Have a nice day.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #13
Sorry, but it's almost laughable to expect or imply that a petition, with 100 or so sigs, will influence _anyone_, let alone Obama or Ben or the likes, and anyone who feels otherwise is in dire need of a reality check. IMHO, of course.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #15
I am going to sign the petition too.

I wrote to Pres. Obama recently and told him how low interest rates are hurting retirees and the economy, and told him that I have no choice but to vote for Mitt Romney in 2012.  I don't know if Romney will raise interest rates, but it seems that a vote for Obama is a vote for continued low interest rates.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #16



Dear Anonymous - #15

>> I don't know if Romney will raise interest rates,

Well this one is easy!

Candidate Romney, is running to get elected as a President of the USA, not as a Chairman and/or Voting Member of the FOMC ... So no matter whether Candidate Romney gets elected or not, it is the FOMC that still retains the power to decide the rates.

... So ... know this that evenif the Candidate Romney becomes a President he cannot raise the rate

Oh yes ... The President can nominate another Chariman ... But I have full confidence in the Businessman Candidate Romney, that his policies will be helpful to the economy in genreal.  ( Do the supposed "savers" form the majority of the economy> ... Nope ... Don't think so. )

Your Truly,

Bernacke   |     |   Comment #17
" ...Does he not realize how many older and retired people MUST depend on earnings from their bank accounts"

Bernacke responds "Let them eat cat food!"
Apache   |     |   Comment #18
Bernacke:  Shows what he knows!  It's dogfood that tastes a lot better and I think is cheaper!!
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #19   

Please click on the link above and sign

Dear Ken,

Thank you for encouraging your readers to sign our Petition For Fair Interest Rates On Our Savings.

Ben Bernanke has admitted that his monetary policy failed.  Bernanke's appointment as Chairman of the Federal Reserve System ends January 31,  2014.

It is President Obama who is up for re-election in November 2012 and needs to act now.  The timing couldn't be better.  During the GOP debates, every Republican candidate said they would fire Bernanke.

The time is now for our voices to be heard in Washington, D.C. and across the country.  We will keep you informed of our progress on the Petition.

Many thanks to Apache who directed me to the forums for further posing of the link to our petition.

Let's Get It Done Together!

Thanks for everything you do.

Apache   |     |   Comment #21
deja Who??  Maybe Geronimo??  I was NOT a senior in the 70's but I did enjoy a nice gob of Kam dogfood before giving it to my doggie.  I was not about to feed my pet anything not good enough to eat myself!  I think you must have eaten the entire case of CATFOOD because I have no idea what you are saying in your post.  I did spend a bit of time in Las Vegas but only for the delicious steak buffets.  I also splurged a quarter on the slot machines.  A whole quarter for me and another for my partner.  I was the original BIG SPENDER.  Now you know why I need higher interest rates.  Blew 50 cents in Las Vegas!!

Who is this gal Paoli you keep getting me mixed up with.?  You have some prejudice against Native Americans?  My name on this forum is APACHE!!!  I don't like being referred to as a number.  It's APACHE!
Apache   |     |   Comment #23
22:  Take a breathe!  I was just kidding with you.  I know what "ayuda me" means so does that tell you more about me (not that you really care).  I really did mean it when I said how much I appreciated your signing that Petition.  You are a "stand up" person and I respect that very much.  You don't seem like a person who would be prejudiced about any one and I truly apologize for joking about that with you.  That was in bad taste and I shown have known better.  I am truly sorry and hope you accept my apology. 

I still don't understand what the Paoli reference 11 11.  Are you referring to her concerning 6 months in time out???
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #25
Thanks for posting that, Bozo....coming from you, I think most others will tend to take it a bit more seriously, as well they should.  Hopefully, this may help to quiet down the droning, petition waving radicals. Thanks again. Now, maybe we can get back to CD's!
Apache   |     |   Comment #27
#25:  "Petition Waving Radicals?"  Is that what you think of all your fellow posters who voiced the pain they are suffering from these low interest rates?  Why don't you take a minute of your valuable time to just read some of the information under some poster's names?  Maybe YOU don't need higher interest rates but have you NO concern for those who do?  What is so "radical" about wanting to inform our government about how their rash actions are affecting so many Americans?   It takes a good conscience to be a "radical", imo.  It means they care enough to do something about problems.  I have never considered myself, a radical.  I hate these names people like yourself tag on people they disagree with.  Our country is really in trouble and it's all not Pres. Obama's fault!
Apache   |     |   Comment #26
Bozo:  And the joke's on you because it seems you are so eager to trash what "good" we are hoping to do with this Petition that you didn't do your homework on  Move-on gets involved in a lot of political campaigns and just because "you" may be against certain ones does not mean others don't need and want their help.  A "lot" of people backed Obama and organized for him in 2008.  I bet a lot of our members even voted for Pres. Obama.  The problem with candidates is we really can't know how good or bad they are going to be as leaders until they get into office.  If you are against MoveOn because it was one of the organizers for Pres. Obama in 2008 then you must have a long list of groups and people you are against.  Are all of these groups and people "evil"?  Are you so brilliant that you know who is the perfect person to be President?.  If so, you should be running yourself.  Just be sure you don't need MoveOn to organize your campaign.

As for them "using" our email addresses, all you have to do is "unsubscribe" and no one will bother you.  If you ever get inundated with emails you don't want the solution is simple.  Change your email address.  I always keep a spare to switch to in case I accidentally allow my address to get into the hands of people who don't keep their word about not selling the address.  I think it is very sad that some people are so determined to see others fail that they are determined to play the "scare" tactics.

This Petition is giving us a "group voice" and showing there are enough of us who WILL stand together even if the campaign fails.    Since you probably did not sign the Petition, why don't you allow those of us who did, the chance to see if we can make a success out of it.  
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #28
No offense intended, but I think #27 should take a long break and maybe mow their lawn, or do something equally as constructive for a change.  Forum posting can be stressful sometimes and occasionally it begins to show, big time. It's obvious that #27 has taken exception to any and all posters who may have a different view? Again, no offense intended, but, IMHO and if I am allowed to have one, #27 needs to chill for awhile or at least try to utilize restraint and tolerance when considering opposing opinions, for the good of us all.
Apache   |     |   Comment #30
#28  Thank you for your response.  I do have a tendency to take things too seriously and need to learn how to "rein" myself in.  I do need a break from this group to take care of other more important personal things.  That I will do and wish only the best of success for the Petition and all who took part in it.  My thanks to all who supported it and especially to Ken for allowing it to be a part of this group.  Have a good night everyone.  I will concentrate on other endeavors and leave you to yourselves.
Shorebreak   |     |   Comment #29
I've tried to remain above this fray but just a couple of thoughts require me to post something. Although the petition with, if it gets it, 100 signatories will do little it's an outlet for those upset with the current Fed policy to vent. There is nothing wrong with that. The Federal Reserve is a private agency, not a government entity, so all President can do is nominate individuals to head the Federal Reserve, whom the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve vote on. We have turned this country's monetary policy over to a private banking institution so we reap what we sow. I.E., it appears we are ****ed for a decade, at least, when it comes to interest rates on deposit accounts ever returning to a reasonable level.
Greta   |     |   Comment #31
Bozo #24 is 100% ACCURATE about .   I've worked in Washington for 21 years and I know the organization.  EXTREMELY LIBERAL and slanted to their particular point of view.  I am a registered Democrat and they are way too left for me.  This fact should be know by all readers of this blog.
Shorebreak   |     |   Comment #32
Re: Greta @ #31, Monday, April 2, 2012 - 8:05 PM

So what? Who cares? Completely irrelevent. You are just attempting to stir the pot. Just move along.
Greta   |     |   Comment #33
Shorebreak: Your rude, dismissive post really has no place here.  The readers of this blog should be aware of any political agenda related to this topic.  I think you should 'move along'...find a new hobby, some interest, some diversion for yourself.  Maybe volunteer and help others in lieu of whining.  'nice day.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #34
I 100% agree with Greta regarding  They are extremely radical.  I suspect that they will sell all email addresses to other extremely liberal groups.  Then, when one unsubscribes from, it will only be effective for  You will not be able to unsubscribe from all the liberal groups that have your email address.
Steven   |     |   Comment #36
Get involved with and you WILL HAVE TO change your e-mail address.  No choice.  Not worth the effort.
Shorebreak   |     |   Comment #37
RE: Greta (anonymous) - #33, Monday, April 2, 2012 - 11:39 PM

It's really getting to be a drag that some posters, mostly anonymous, try to turn this site into a political rant zone instead of concentrating on issues of deposit accounts. I don't give a hoot about whether anything is "liberal" or conservative. There are thousands of other sites for you to vent your frustrations on. So I say again, "move along" Greta.
Maecl   |     |   Comment #38
I won't sign the petition.  The change needs to come at the polls.  We are spending and borrowing too much.  Educate yourselves and vote in Nov.
Shorebreak   |     |   Comment #41
RE: Anonymous - #39, Tuesday, April 3, 2012 - 10:21 AM

Listen, why don't you identify yourself if you think you are such an "uber-patriot"? If you want to call me "anti-American" for attempting to try anything to get people's attention to the damage that the continued Zero Rate Policy by tbe Federal Reserve that's fine and dandy. I spent more than 20 years in service to this country protecting your right to voice your opinions. Spending time on this site trying to call people "radical liberals" doesn't accomplish anything at all. You can just "move along" with your buddy Greta to some other site where somebody gives a darn.
Shorebreak   |     |   Comment #45
RE: Anonymous - #44, Tuesday, April 3, 2012 - 10:41 AM

So you can steal my identity and empty my bank account? Forget it. Go find another sap for your Nigerian scam. Besides you are not important enough to be privy to that info. See ya!
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #46 is controlled by Obama czars, you have no business giving your e-mail to them.

The whole is a sham, stay away from them.
ClickClack   |     |   Comment #51
Attn, KEN: For heaven's sake, look how this thread has devolved into insults, drooling vitriol, baseless conspiracy accusations, and political rants. Of course, this is not the first time that the tinfoil-hat wearers have gotten up on their hind legs to rail against the president and Ben Bernanke (even though they generally cannot spell his name correctly even when it is right there on their computer screens).

It is always amusing and heartwarming to see anonymous posters, who undoubtedly view themselves as "real Americans" and "patriots" react to anyone who disagrees with their beliefs and opinions (especially the crackpot stuff) by telling the dissenters that they are not welcome and should go away -- as if this was some exclusive little club where free speech and open discussion are frowned upon.

Of course, I should know better than to wade through all this nonsense. Unfortunately, I had gotten into the habit of perusing the reader comments that are routinely posted for the various topics on this informative blog-site because I would often learn things or gain a new perspective. Sadly, I see now that the loudmouths have brayingly taken over and will brook no disagreement, inconvenient questions, or facts that challenge their views. That is unfortunate, given the time and effort that you have put into creating and establishing this site as an informative resource.
Bernacke   |     |   Comment #52
attn: ClickClack

Do you want a little cheese with that wine?
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #54
After reading all of these comments, forget the glass, hand me the BOTTLE!
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #55
click clack paddywack fetch a dog a bone,my interest rates came rolling home.I hope interest rates stay low untill 2014,i am making a killing in bonds and yes i do have large amounts of money in savings but i am diversified and when its bad for one sector its good for another.I am worried about my bonds loosing money when rates rise but like everyone else what to do?

The world has changed and sad to say but if you dont change with it you will be left behind,risk in investments are where we are today with this economy and it aint gonna change from some petition so if you cant handle the risk of bonds or the market than you are gonna just be ****ing untill you are deceased or rates go up significantly.
mebarnes   |     |   Comment #57
Zero interest on savings seems to be a strategy to channel into the stock market responsible citizens who hope to continue into old age their life-long practice of self-sufficiency. In removing the option of insured savings that earn at least 1.5% more than the inflation rate, the federal government and its policy makers are showing callous disregard and contempt for the one sector of America's citizenry that is its backbone.
Apache   |     |   Comment #60
gracias:  Looks like rates in your area are not any better than where I am.  Sorry I can't help you with CDs.  I'm researching all banks in my area and it's not good news. 
lou   |     |   Comment #61
I hesitate to get too political here, but let's face it this topic is inherently political. i don't know about the other posters, but I would practically vote for anyone but Obama. If Obama is reelected, he will undoubtedly continue to appoint members to the FOMC who will continue the zero interest rate policy. He has already appointed a couple of people, but the Senate has blocked these nominations for the time being. If Obama wins another term, I am sure he will have the opportunity to appoint enough people to the Fed (including the Chairman) to influence Fed policy for many years.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #62
Lou-Well said. I agree. Obama will keep rates low so he can continue to add trillions to our debt(and our kids,grand-kids and great grand-kids debt!!)
Apache   |     |   Comment #63
What is so sad is we know what Obama is capable of but I can't get the Republicans to respond to all my emails to tell me their agenda especially on economics and healthcare.  I am so ticked off at them right now that I may have to stay away from the polls to make sure I don't in anger vote for Obama!  I plan on sending more emails to them again today.  Thank goodness for the internet!
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #64

I have signed the Petition.  However, I don't have much hope it will do any good with only 150 or so signatures.  I looked at other petitions on the website and they have over 1/2 MILLION signatures.
Apache   |     |   Comment #65
#64  Thank you so much for signing.  I sent an email to the person Empty Pockets who is handling this Petition with questions I had.  She replied this morning and I was glad to hear what she has planned.  She is very serious about trying to make our needs heard in Washington and wants to get the Petition to Washington and the FOMC.  We are not the only group she is trying to get signatures from.  This is where MoveOn comes in.  You are very right when you state the amount of signatures needed.  I have researched other Petitions and the ones which get the Media's attention have the most signatures. 

This is a need millions of people have but as we saw from the negative input we got from many of our own members, many hesitate to get involved due to email addresses being giving out.  I can understand their concern but nothing comes without a price in life and I thank you and everyone else who has been willing to sign the Petition. 
Empty Pockets
Empty Pockets   |     |   Comment #66
Hi Apache,

SignOn is sending out a Status Email I wrote RE: the Petition. Everyone who signed it should receive it in their email soon.

I also received MoveOn's official response for help with more signatures:

"We try to share as many petitions with our members as possible.  Your petition will be sent out to the first group of members tomorrow.  Petitions that get lots of signers after we email our members will be sent to larger and larger groups of members."

Empty Pockets has the Petition on Twitter.  I am following 80 organizations/people.  It is important that all who are interested in boosting our numbers, get on Twitter and add her/himself as "Following" Empty Pockets.  Also, tweets will help to gain interest and momentum.

Let's hope MoveOn's "help" list will get our petition where we need it to be. 

Apache, thank you, Ken and your signers/posters for all of your support.


Empty Pockets

Apache   |     |   Comment #67
Thanks Empty Pockets, I got my update.  You are showing that ONE person with a deep desire to achieve something can help millions  of others!!  Pretty soon maybe you can change your name to 'FULL POCKETS!" :)

People:  If you haven't taken the time to sign the Petition I do hope you will want to be a part of seeing history being made by adding your name.  We are basically in a fight to stop our government from destroying us financially and this fight needs all the people willing to take it on.  Empty Pockets should not have to do our job for us alone.  She WILL suceed but she needs OUR help!   I have never been able to figure out how to do the Facebook or Twitter thingee but guess what I will be doing today!

PLEASE HELP ALL YOU CAN!  If I could get FLUFFY to give his pawprint, Fluffy would be signing!  Thank you again EmptyPockets for all you are taking on to help so many.
Apache   |     |   Comment #68
Empty Pockets:  Would you please advise WHICH "Empty Pockets" you are on Twitter?  I just signed in and there are a "lot" of people calling themselves by the same name.  How do we find "you"?  Thanks!
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #70
De Nada:      Apache es mucho stupidio.  Mucho dinero es goody goody! 

I am too dumb to use Twitters.  I have gotten it all messed up!  I do better in the doghouse with Fluffy!

Anonymous   |     |   Comment #72
There was an item in the tv news today about how so many of the 'new' jobs are being taken by retirees who have to go back to work because their bank interest income has dropped so much!

That will mean less jobs for young folks!

Good job, Bernacke and Obama!
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #73
For sure.  Both of us are going back to work to make up for the interest loss.
EmptyPockets   |     |   Comment #74
Apache, Ken and All Petition Signers,

There seems to be more empty pockets from the zero percent interest rate than I realized.

EmptyPockets000 is my Twitter name to push the account.

I sent all Petition Signers an email regarding this today.

Let's Get This Done!

Thank You, Thank You Everyone





Anonymous   |     |   Comment #75
Can ANYONE please tell me what is the secret to finding someone on Twitter?  This is my first time and I type in EmptyPockets000 and all I get are these celebrities and can't get EmptyPockets000.  Is there a trick to this Twitter thingee.  I never could figure out Facebook but sure thought I could do Twitter.  Please let me know what you think I am doing wrong if you will.  Maybe Twitter is incompatible with my computer.  Thanks!
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #76
Sorry to bother you folks but I finally got Empty.  Thanks anyway!
Anonymous/Apache   |     |   Comment #77
People: For anyone who has not signed the Savers Petition yet, will you PLEASE consider doing so?  This is about more than getting higher interest rates now.  Have you heard that the GSA wasted $822000.00 of OUR tax dollars on a "Convention"?  Everyone gets to spend our money but US!  This Petition is also about letting Washington know they have angry Americans still here who will use their anger at the Polls.  Please help us by just adding your signature.  I truly believe in what Empty Pockets is trying to do and it isn't right that we expect her to do it alone.  We need TEN more for tonight.  Will you be that ten?? Thank you so much!!! 
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #79
I just checked the Petition.  Not many signatures yet.  Any ideas what can be done to get more exposure.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #82
#79 and #81   The Petition is still on:

If anyone has any ideas how to get more signatures, please share.  People seem very apathetic about this Petition so maybe they are making more money from longer term CDs.  However, if you read the posts with the signatures, you can see many people are really having a hard time with these low rates.  We have exposed it to AARP, Twitter, Facebook, and other banking groups but it is beginning to look like no one is concerned about it.  For any on here who haven't signed yet, will you please consider doing so?  I had no idea this could  be so exhausting so I would appreciate any help!  Thanks!
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #81
deleteesto:  what petition did you sign?  the savers petition hasn't shown any activity since april 19.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #83
Is there anyone who has a way to contact Sheila Bair?  A post on this website references her being against the low interest rates.
Apache   |     |   Comment #87
#83  Sheila Bair has retired from the Federal Reserver.  She was against the zero interest rates and actually other policies which the Fed has implemented.  Too bad she is gone or I would have written to her too! 
Apache   |     |   Comment #86
Lou:  I can understand how you feel about MoveOn after what happened with this Petition.  The writer of the Petition was under the understanding that they would help with signatures if we got 200 and they really ****ed us royally, imo by not coming across with any!  This is why she and I have been exhausting ourselves trying to save the Petition on our own.  I am furious with MoveOn!  We had just one person on the FOMC who voted against the Zero Interest Rates last vote and we are hoping if he knows we have so many voters (which have nothing to do with voting for him) who are so angry about what has happened to their savings rates, that he may be able to talk some of his cohorts to vote against the zero rates too.  I have personally sent him a thank you note.

BTW,  you can call MoveOn anything you want but they are not sponsoring this Petition.  The only part they have in it is that they allowed her to use their site SignOn to put it on.  It also is not a silly Petition just because you disagree with it.  You probably would not sign it no matter which site it was on and that is your right.  We have put tremendous work and energy into this Petition and it wouldn't hurt it you could at least be a bit kinder in your remarks about it.  If you change your mine, it still would mean a lot to me if you end you signing it inspite of MoveOn. 
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #89
Apache,  I realize that Sheila Bair has retired from the Federal Reserve.  But if you know of a way to contact her about our Petition, then maybe she would be willing to help promote it and help with obtaining more signatures.
Apache   |     |   Comment #90
#89  I have no idea who you are but thank you so much for the suggestion.  You are so right.  This is "our" Petition and if we can get enough signatures the writer is willing to take it herself to Washington.  We have to get more attention to it.  Reading some of the posts from signers just breaks my heart.  So many people are really suffering due to these low rates.  That is an excellent idea you came up with about finding Sheila Barr.  I will start googling and see if I can find a way to contact her and get an email to her.  We need supporters but it would help if we could show them more signatures.  If you have any ideas about how to get more sigs would you please let me know.  Thanks so much!
Apache   |     |   Comment #98
#89:  I have been trying to find retired Sheila Bair since I read your thoughtful post yesterday.  I spoke to the Ombudsman's office this morning and they checked but could not find where she is or even if she is still with the Federal government.  They have nothing on her so I guess she can't help us.  But thanks for the suggestion.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #192
#89  You were the one who originally brought Sheila Bair to my attention.  At the time I could not make contact with her since she had resigned the Federal Reserve and no one could tell me where she went. Maybe through this article, Elle can find a way to contact her.  I will ask her if she wants to do this.  Much appreciation for your help.
Apache/Patches   |     |   Comment #94
Hey 93:  Do I look like Annie Oakley to you?  Grass, bugs, wild animals.  Yes, I go hunting everyday when I come to this forum!  I'm hunting for sigs and my pals here won't help me out.  Some have and they have my thanks.  I have no idea who you are but I think you already signed it even if you won't admit it.

Apache   |     |   Comment #97
BTW, to those of you who told me basically I was wasting my time contacting AARP about the Petition, it seems you were right.  I have not received any replies yet from my letters and when I called the four chapters in my area to see if I could just bring the Petition and put it on their board for any interested members to sign, it seems they decided they don't allow that!  They sure have not had a problem getting our dues for over 25 years!  We have the Petition up on their webpage but no one is signing.  I can see people being concerned over signing a Petition with MoveOn's logo on it but the AARP members don't care about getting higher interest rates??  This is ridiculous!  I can't figure out what we can be doing wrong when a "dog" can get thousands of signers and no one seems to care about money!!  Must be nice that we have so many wealthy Americans here.  I still go by the saying "The only Failures are those who don't TRY to succeed".  We can at least say we tried.
Apache   |     |   Comment #102
Are you really expecting me to divulge my income sources on the internet???  Even Donald Trump wouldn't do that!  And no, I am not married to "The Donald".  My problem is I took excellent care of our finances so we could have a good retirement and would be doing well except certain family problems hit (mainly due to chronic medical problems) and put tremendous financial burdens on us.  "I" expected to manage them if I could get at least 3% interest "safely" but that has not been a possibility.  

Retirees don't always get to enjoy their "golden" years without unexpected financial burdens especially if they have adult children.  From the notes I have read on the signatures on the Petition, many other people are in the same boat I am.  They saved a decent amount of money but never expected interest rates to crash "this" low.   If you are living on 47K a year from all sources and don't have unexpected medical or other burdens hitting you, then I can see why getting more interest on your money is not that big a deal for you.  Maybe more people are in your "unsinkable" boat and that is why they aren't signing the Petition like we hoped.  Well it won't be up too much longer from what I know.  I think we have used up all our ideas by now.  I will do my best not to mention it any more in this group.  I am tired of hearing myself talk about it.  Thanks for your patience with me.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #103
Apache, I am seriously going to reconsider my membership in the AARP.  I know it's not much money, but it's my way of thanking them for "no help".
Apache   |     |   Comment #104
103:  You are not the only one.  Unless you travel and use their travel discounts, it seems to be a waste of membership dues.  Now we also belong to AAA so we can get their discounts.  I stayed a member right now so I could use our membership number hoping they would take my letters seriously.  Seems like they don't need my membership or they would have at least responded by now. 

I have written to another Retirement group I found today on internet to see if we can get their help with the Petition.  If not, I may have to fold up my teepee and ride off into the sunset. 
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #108
Apache, Do give up yet.

I have a email address for you to contact Herb Greenberg.  He's a news commentator on CNBC.  I have heard him express many times the negative effect of low interest rates on savers and retirees.  Possibily an email sent to him would get help National exposure.

His email address is:

Herb Greenberg is senior stocks commentator for the network appearing on CNBC’s Business Day programming and on

Apache   |     |   Comment #109
#108:  Thank you soooo much for Herb Greenberg's email address!!  I will send him an email with the url of the SignOn Petition now.  I am so glad to see we DO have kind caring people on this forum.  I just know if we get that right push, we can get the signers we need.  I'll let you know what the outcome of this is when or if I get a response.  Much appreciation for your help!
Apache   |     |   Comment #111
#108:  The email has been sent to Mr. Greenberg.  Thank you again.  If you have any other ideas please let me know and feel free to PM me any time. 

#110:  Please reread your post and realize what an insult it is to all those savers out there who are "trying" to be one of your "rich" folks.  Years ago, when I first started saving, the reason I was fortunate to build up savings was because we were getting 5% at a minimum on CDs!!  I want others to at least have a chance to make 3% so they too can one day have decent savings.  As for cutting back on expenses, do you really think we are blowing what money we have at the local pub when we are not trying to get rates raised?   I have lived a life ALWAYS cutting back on expenses.  Most people unless they inherit a fortune (which I didn't) know they don't acquire decent savings by blowing what they have!  We may have "rich" folks in this forum but I don't consider myself one of them.   Have a nice day.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #115
#108  I just got a reply from Herb Greenberg.  I am a bit confused about what he is trying to tell me.  He has not said "no" so I sent him another email asking for an explanation of his reply and who it is he needs to contact.  It's a "hope" so thank you for trying to help me.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #112
Apache,  He a website to contact Suze Orman.  You'll need to fill out her form.
Apache   |     |   Comment #117
To #114:  Because I am a nice person and don't want people to think badly of Americans:

May the road rise to meet you,
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
The rains fall soft upon your fields.

And may you develop the desire to SIGN the Petition.  Thanks.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #126
I find it so hard to believe that everyone on this web site (and their friends) have signed the our Petition.  I've read some people have objected due to the "signon" website.  Why?  It's just a vehicle to gather signatures and move our petiton forward. So I challenge everyone to get more signatures now.


PS.  The Student Loans rate reduction is up for vote Friday.  So Petitions do work.
Apache   |     |   Comment #129
#126  I don't know who you are but I thank you for "trying" to help me. If  " Dislexia" is typical of the posters on this forum (and I don't think he/she is!) that petition would be doa.  They are underestimating "my" determination to make it a success.  This is not about raising interest rates alone.  It's about seeing if enough Americans care about standing up to the bad actions of their government.  It seems the "dislexias" in this group prefere to let others fight their battles.  That is fine with me but mocking people because they care enough to do what "they" refuse to do is beyond my understanding!  Thanks anyway.
Apache   |     |   Comment #133
Just an added note.  AARP did reply to my letter to their Pres. Hammond.  It was sent to the department that handles these matters.  They don't seem to have a problem with our putting the Petition url for members to see and hopefully to sign as long as we follow their posting rules.  My letter was not a complete waste of time whether it gets us additional signatures is another thing.  I have until June to do my best so that is what I will do.  Have a good day.
lou   |     |   Comment #134
Apache, will AARP endorse and host a petition requesting higher interest rates for their constituents?  I will believe it when I see it.  If they actually did something like this, I would be very impressed. BTW, I do appreciate and admire your efforts to make this happen.
apache   |     |   Comment #136
Lou:  I don't expect more of AARP than what I know they will or won't do.  I have learned to take what I can get in these endeavors and just hope for the best.  I just want to place the Petition on as many websites where it can be seen and if people don't want to get involved then I have to accept that.  Not all the political campaigns I have gotten involved in have been successful.  That doesn't keep me from trying and I do appreciate your thoughtful comments.

#135:  I guess I can't take advantage of that "bank's higher rates" since I don't have a Medicaid card and unfortunately don't live in rent controlled dwelling.  If I did, maybe I wouldn't need the higher interest rates so much.  Thank you anyway for looking out for me.  :)  Have a good day all!
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #146
The lack of interest in signing the Petition just confirms that the majority of people don't save.  They just want handouts!
Paoli2   |     |   Comment #150
I have to make one last plea for the Savers Petition.  Just please read the notes written by signers about their sufferings and even if you are lucky enough not to need higher rates, please think about signing it on their behalf.  Many may not have saved enough thinking they could depend upon higher interest rates and social security and didn't expect our economy to turn upside down as it has.  People ARE suffering and they need our help.  If you haven't yet signed our Petition, please reconsider and do it as soon as possible.  It will not be able to be up much longer so time is running out.

My heartfelt thanks to any who have signed and to any who will sign this week.  The Petition is not just about getting higher rates, it is our way of letting the government see the suffering they have allowed on Americans by their irresponsible monetary actions.  Please join us in this campaign by signing.  Thank you!
Paoli2   |     |   Comment #152
Hey Pa!  You really have a Macadamea plantation?   You mean there is a real reason you act so nutty?? :)  I have already been to ALL the islands of Hawaii and loved them all.  Did it when interest rates were real great so "we" really had great time!  If I return, I'll just have to drop by ALL Macadamea Plantations until I find the one with #1924.  Maybe in another life!
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #159
I have an idea for a bailout for Savers.  No Income Taxes on IRA/401K withdraws.

Paoli2   |     |   Comment #166
Hey "You know Who"  Thanks for signing our Petition but do you realize it may be seen by President Obama and others??  And your address blows my mine!  Are you with the Army there and spending your time making fun of me?  Your life could be in danger!  We get messages on the Petition but yours is really going to be misunderstood. 

BTW,  you know you don't want to get rid of me no matter what you said!  Who else would put up with your antics?  I assure you after some of the posts I am getting about this Petition, there are days I would like to "fly away".  And keep my beloved DD OUT of your antics.  Our kids (even if adults) should not be involved in our political campaigns unless they want to.  She has already done her part for this Petition.  Seriously, wherever you are, and "whoever" you are, I truly thank you for signing the Petition.  I will just have to explain to the writer "why" you posted what you did.  You came through for us and that is what matters most.  Just watch out for any flying bullets if you are really in the Army!
Apache/Paoli   |     |   Comment #172
Unable3:  Is THAT what you call a "call out"?  Forgive me if I had to leave your presence for a few hours to take care of other more important business.  I thought I was doing you all a favor by giving you a bit of a rest from me but it's obvious you can't do without my appearances. 

TO KEN:  Please take note of how far the troublemakers on your blog will go to keep your blog from being able to be untroubled.  "I" have gone out of my way to not post for hours and yet "Able3" or whoever is disguised under that fake name is determined to continue harassing me.  Please read the above posts and take note that "I" have NOT been the instigator of the problems.  THEY insist I am posting too much but yet if I don't post, "they" keep jabbing at me.  I don't think you deserve for this to happen in a blog/forum you have spent so much time on and given so much help in.  For this reason, I will leave "this" thread (The Petition) and not return to it.  IF these troublemakers follow me to your other threads by using numerous anonymous or fake names, I would hope you would find a way to put a stop to it for the sake of all the other posters who have great need of your work.  Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Unable 3:  This is the way Apache/Paoli handles problems.  Don't keep pushing me.  You and the others have not won by forcing me off this Petition blog.  The writer has it up on many, many other websites which you do not know of.  I will do my work for the Petition in other places.  I am doing this to protect the damage you are doing to Ken's blog.  YOU have not won.  Ken has won! 

To those who "have" helped me with the Petition, I once again thank you very much and I will miss posting here with you but I must do what is best to protect DepositsOnline from such going ons.  Have a good evening.  I still have work to do on other webpages for the Petition.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #173
Looks like the Banks are at it again.  JPM leads the pack.  The 2 Billion loss would have been better used to pay higher Interest Rates.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #174
Can anyone tell me what happened to the Spanish speaking poster who liked to talk about cherry pies to Apache?  Did he leave the site recently?  Thanks!
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #175
For anyone who is interested in the Petition:  I will be overseeing it from this thread since it is called the "Petition" thread and was authorized by Ken.  I have given everyone a rest from my pleas for signatures but since this Petition is very important to many people, I will post periodically here to update anyone who is interested on the latest on the Petition.  When the writer returns, she should have more information for us since she has been working very hard to get more signatures while away.  Since the Savers Petition was first introduced on this blog for us by Ken, I just want you to know it can still be accessed by anyone who may want to sign it.

We have been working very hard in the background promoting it and although it is going slowly, we are still getting signers.  Our main goal is to let Washington know we will not just sit back and allow them to take advantage of savers and we WILL voice our anger at the polls.  We do hope more of you will want to be a part of our campaign and if you haven't signed, please do consider signing the Petition if not for yourself, for all those who want their voices to be heard.  Thank you so much for your cooperation and understanding.
Dznews   |     |   Comment #176

While I am so glad for this forum and the petition at MoveOn; I feel the petition is soft on the Federal Reserve’s actions.   I also feel it is soft on a Congress whose failure to legislate has allowed the Federal Reserve the role of King George III.


When the 2012 political debates start I would like questions asked of the candidates on the order of, “Is it acceptable to you that banks are given money at charity rates when every form of social safety net for individuals is under fire?”  “Do you believe that holders of private property should expect a market rent if they defer the use of their property to a lessee?”  “Do you believe that the Federal Reserve’s policies are a means of financing the nation’s budget and debt service at a time when Congress has refused to do its job, seek a consensus, or issue legislation?”


Savers are suffering an onerous “rent control” policy on the use of their money.  Because the Federal government is borrower #1, this policy had resulted in a stealth tax of incredible amounts, unfairly assessed and collected.   To borrow words of E. J. Dionne, I see “democratic government as a constructive force in our national life”.  But if our federal government is funded by monetary policy of an agency, this is taxation without representation and we are losing our democracy.   It is up to the legislative branch to address the budget of the executive branch.  The funding - whatever the budget - is Congress’ job to identify and legislate and the IRS is supposed to be the collection agency not the Federal Reserve.  Since many men and women in Congress have chosen a “my way or the highway” method of representing their constituents, their constituents who are savers are paying very dearly.  Years of near zero interest rates enforced by the Federal Reserve amounts to taxes levied without input or vote by an elected representative who could be voted out of office if their community did not feel the tax was fair.   The legislative branch of our federal government has deferred its responsibility in a flurry of worry about keeping lobbyists and prospective future employers mollified.

lou   |     |   Comment #177
I hadn't thought of it this way, but your absolutely correct - zirp is taxation without representation. The Federal Reserve has become a shadow govt, usurping the powers of the legislature.  What happened to our Democracy?
Paoli2   |     |   Comment #178
DZ:  Right on!  Where were you when Ken was looking for someone to draw up a Petition for us?  Elle did the best she could with hers but you are right.  It is missing some of the finer points and maybe that is why we are getting so few signers.  Too bad we can't redo it and add in your points.  You know what you could do.  You could sign it and add a paragraph with your most important comments so others who sign could read it.  Most importantly, if we ever can get it to Washington, Pres. Obama and the FOMC will have to read it.  I think Elle would be so happy to have your important points added to that Petition.  Would you think about it?  Thanks!

BTW, for anyone else who has other important issues they want to get noticed, you can do the same on the Petition.  That is what the space for comments by your name is for.  We need your help.  Thanks!
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #179

What efforts have been done so far to promote the petition?  Just curious about an update.  And yes, I did sign the Petition.
Paoli2   |     |   Comment #180
#179:  Thanks for signing the Petition.  You do have a right to know what is the update on Petition.  Following are places we have promoted it daily:

Twitter   Daily Tweets        Facebook:  Info from Elle on my Wall and others

AARP:  Sent Letter to Editor to get info in AARP Magazine,  Posted url and info in every article I could find on AARP website concerning Politics and/or Zero Interest Rates, and Senior articles.  Also post daily on Twitter to AARP Avocacy

Retirement USA article:  Posted info about Petition to readers

Wrote to Suze Ormond and Herb on the Street but no response

Elle has been out of town but is trying to get signatures anyway.  She wrote and said she got some Union members to sign.  She has Petition with her and is still trying to get signatures.

Ken let me know recently he is trying to promote Petition and get media coverage for it.

I, personally, spend hours everyday rechecking every website it is posted on and try to encourage readers to sign Petition.  I daily post Tweets to encourage signers.  Elle sends out emails to signers (the ones who have not "unsubscribed" from emails) giving them info. 

I called every AARP Chapter in my city to see if I could stop by and just have 10 minutes or so to tell about Petition and try to personally get signers.  Was told they do not allow that.  I do not belong to any other organizations that I can get personal signatures from.  Very disappointed in AARP.

The Petition is also on with few results and other banking discussion groups.Bankaholic etc. and any we can find to post the Petition on.  

BTW, although Elle used Sign.On for the Petition, Move.On is not involved with it.  They have really let us down, imo.  They were supposed to have gotten us help from their members for signing our Petition which would have given us thousands of more signers.  They informed Elle that their signers did not feel they wanted to sign our Petition so we had to get signers on our own.  This is one of the things that has made this soooo difficult.  I, personally, am furious with Move.On for their inactions but this was not my decision so I have to make the best of it and work even harder to get signatures.

If any one in this group has any other places they can come up with where they feel we can get the Petition posted, please do let me know.  Any and ALL help is greatly needed!  If you have suggestions why you feel we are not getting the response we hoped for with this Petition, please also share.  We need your input.  Elle should return in a week or so and I will fill her in with what is or isn't going on. 

Thank you #179 for your interest in the Petition.   Thanks to all who have signed and may reconsider signing if you haven't.


Paoli2   |     |   Comment #181
#179 and others:  I forgot to add that the Petition is also promoted on the US News blog and My Banktracker.  Basically I have checked out any discussion blogs or articles where someone has posted an article about Zero Interest rates and used this to promote the Petition.  Elle has done the same thing.

US News had a good article about the problems of low interest rates and it opened the door for me to promote the Petition.  If you find any other same like articles please let me know.  Thanks!
mi esposa
mi esposa   |     |   Comment #184
how many people have now signed the petition at last count it was sky rocketing towards 230 i signed and encourage all to do as well gracias  yes 182
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #185
Mi Esposa:  Wow!  I may have to put up a second sheet for all those signers!  If I do any more Tweets for that Petition they will probably call the Tweet Police for me.  I can't break my word and ask for more signers here but what the heck!  If anyone wants to get some good Karma, pls consider signing that Petition before Empty returns soon.   We take all nationalities so you don't have to speak foreign languages to sign.  Thank you "Mi" for all your help.  Up with Spain, Ireland, Italy and wherever you are from! 
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #186
She's back!!!!  Elle is back people and just emailed me about the Petition.   I sure feel badly that I couldn't come up with more than 230 sigs for her.  We will find out hopefully tomorrow what her plans for it will be and where we go from here.  For those on here who did sign, my heartfelt thanks and appreciation! For any who didn't, you still have time to rethink it and maybe surprise Elle with more sigs.  After tonight you may not have to put up with the "Petition Fanatic".  I apologize if I did go overboard at times but this was very important to me to make this successful.  Have a good night all.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #187
Hi Folks.  Guess what?  I just got an email from Elle about the Petition and she isn't taking it down.  I guess she is determined to get more sigs to take to Washington and FOMC.  She also wants me to try to keep this Petition thread up on DepositsOnline and stay with it.  Since I am one to always try to finish what I get involved in, I will try to do so.   Maybe there will be some new members who may read the Petition thread and decide to sign.  I will monitor the Petition here for her and do what I can but my "Petition Fanatic" days are over.  I will not be "hounding" you to sign.  I sure would love to know why many of you won't tho.  I have no idea how many members we have here so maybe many of you have already signed.  Thanks to those who have and thanks to those who still will. 
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #189
Hey Mi, what about all MY work and the list of nasty names I have been called for this Petition?  I'm the one who should get the ENTIRE CP and not in my face!  The incentive for signing the Petition is that they would be helping all those who are suffering financially right now.  All one has to do is read those sad notes after people sign and if that doesn't make your heart want to help out and sign then all the CPs in the world can't do it.  Their best incentive would be that if we can get "enough" signers, they will get RID of me and this Petition thread.  I think the main problem is that people don't want to give out their email addresses.  If we could have done it with just names and locations, I bet even those on here would have signed.  I still thank you for signing Senor CP and please take care of that which cannot be named. 
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #190
People:  A while back one of you recommended I contact Sheila Bair and I emailed her and called the Federal Reserve to be told she had resigned and they had no idea where she went.  Well Elle found this article and sent it to me and I think it gives us more hope that what we are trying to do with the Petition is not in vain:

I do hope any of you who have not signed will reconsider.  We need your help.  Thanks!
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #191
@89:  It was you who first brought Sheila Bair to my attention and I thank you.  I will contact Elle and see if she wants to find Sheila and see if she can help us with promoting the Petition.  Maybe the article can help Elle find her now.  Much appreciation for your help.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #193
Wow, I am getting cross-eyed tonight with all the reading.  #89 please disregard the double post.  I only meant to send it once and I can't delete one.  Thanks.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #195
I was always curious how JPM CEO could also be on the board of the New York Fed.  Being on the board of the New York Fed he is charged with over seeing the same bank of which he's CEO.  Also, being the CEO he's also charged with maximizing profits for JPM.  A definite CONFLICT OF INTEREST. 
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #196
#195  What amazes me is that even with such leeway and "conflict of interest" he still fouls up!  Makes one wonder what is going on in the background with the other big banks.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #197
People:  More and more articles are coming out against Zero Percent Interest Rates.  I just read another one "The Downside of Fed's Zero Interest Rate Policy" on and posted a comment with the url of our Savers Petition.  There is another good one on Politico but I lost it before I could post url.  Hopefully, if people think we have a chance at this, they will sign more.  If you find other articles like this, would you please post the link to me so I can use them?  Thanks for anyone who will help!
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #198
An interesting article about fixing congress and the fed reserve
Anonymous/Britelite68   |     |   Comment #201
#198  Thank you sooo much for sharing the US News article re: Fixing Congress.  I read it and was able to get my comment and Savers Petition info already posted.  Much appreciation for taking my post last night seriously and helping us out.  If anyone reads comments on Twitter and other places by "Britelite68" those are from me.  The "Empty Pockets" ones are from Elle. Thanks again!
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #203
#201, 202  I can appreciate that your posting the "savers petition url" to various comments and bogs.  However, I believe if you know of a way to get it included in a writters article or as a "read me type ad" on a frequently viewed website the petition would get much more exposure.  I don't believe many people go back and read comments or bogs too much after they posted their own comment.  Possibly Ken knows a way.

I was very disappointed that "Herb and Suze Orman" didn't help out.  They certainly talk a big "story" on their shows, especially Herb.  BTW, I used to listen to Herb regularly but not any more!!!

In the meantime, I'll do some research to see if I can find a way to get more exposure on websites.
Britelite   |     |   Comment #205
#203  Sorry to bother you but until last year, I had no computer so am still learning how to do things.  I tried to Goggle "Read Me Type Ad" and can't come up with anything I can understand.  Can you tell me what this is or how I would go about being able to do it.  I agree our promos need to stand out and maybe the "Read Me" thingee would do the job if I knew how to do it.  Thanks!
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #199
kepp up the good work patch your buddies from va beach
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #200
Thanks!  You mean I have more than "one" buddy from VA beach?  Have fun on the beach while you think of the rest of us toiling away on the Petition. :)

Anonymous   |     |   Comment #202
Posters:  I found that Political article posted by Ken "Seniors May Be Obama's Undoing" and got to put our comment and Savers Petition url on it.  For anyone interested, I post as "Britelite68 and it is on page3,  #64 comment.     Thanks again for any help.
Britelite   |     |   Comment #204
203  Thank you so much for taking such an interest in helping us!  I have your same concern that people may not go back and read the comments but I have to hope that they will.  I have tried contacting people and asking them to include a line in their articles but get no replies.  As you wrote, that is the best way to go.  If you find a way to get any of them to do this we would be sooooo grateful to you for your help.  If there is some idea you come up with that you think I can do that will work better, you know I will do it.  I, too, am disappointed that "Herb" never bothered to get back to me like he said he would.  I can't tell you how much it means to me that you are taking such an interest in helping us with this Petition.  We can use all the help we can get!  Much appreciation.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #206
Britelite - #205,

Maybe Ken can provide some direction on these placing our petition's url on other websites.

KEN,   Can you help out with any info??
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #207
206:  Thanks so much for getting involved. I just think we can let Ken enjoy his Memorial Day weekend first. :)  After that, I sure would love to know if he has any ideas.  BTW, we are not over until the "Fat Lady Sings" as the ole saying goes and I have her locked in my basement.  We actually got a couple more signers today!  What a joy to see!  Whoever you are, thank you! 
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #209
Hey Pa!  "FELIZ CUMPLEANOS"!  or  "LA BREITHE SONA DUIT"!  Happy Birthday to you in all languages since I really have NO idea what nationality you are.  I'm a May birthday too but not the same day as you.  Were you really born on Memorial Day??  Guess that means you have to be a real "fighter" in your soul.  Have a great birthday however you celebrate it!
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #211
gb:  Irish and Spanish!  What a combo.  Do not want to make you mad! :)  I love your Irish dinner feed especially the cp (that which cannot be written :) )  Yummy!  Have an extra slice for me!  And once again, Happy Birthday! 
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #214
Hey 212:  First of all, I am a female.  But check out your post to me about Nash.  I contacted Ken and he wrote that the Moderator didn't have to delete it and put it back on.  Why are you deleted now?  Ken says we have to stay "on topic".  What did you say on #210 that got you deleted?  Oh I think you were telling us your age.   Ken said as long as we don't go off topic often, "he" doesn't delete us.  It's the Moderators with the over-zealous fingers.

interesting   |     |   Comment #215
how some are listed and others r not  under recent comments good luck with the petition up to 300 sigs yet???
Paoli   |     |   Comment #216
215:  Just checked the Petition.  Just 235 sigs.  It's like pulling teeth trying to get signers.  I wish I knew why.  I think it has to do with people just don't want to give out their email addresses even tho they can opt out of emails from Move-On. 

I have no idea how they go about listing recent comments.  I'm curious too.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #217
Paoli #216 For those who refuse to sign the Petition just because of the required email address that's no excuse.  If someone is so concerned, they can just set up a new free email address on hotmail or google and use that email address for the petition only.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #218
#217  That's an excellent idea about the extra email address. I am not sure that is the reason they don't sign tho.  I just would love to know what the problem is if it isn't the email address.  Thanks for your input.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #222
221:  This is DepositsOnline NOT The Statue of Liberty!  However, at the rate Bernanke is going, we are all going to be the "poor and hungry".  That is why Ken has put up this site to help us find CDs and keep from having to buy China's, imo!  If you don't want to get deleted, you need to find something to post about other than how angry you are.  I'm sorry you are disappointed that you have been exchanging posts with a female.  WE are interested in finances too!  I have no idea what a 403 punishment is but maybe you should ask Ken if the punishment fits the "crime".   He reposted your other deleted post when I asked him about it but this one is your battle now.  I assure you "I" am not the blog/forum favorite from some of the posts I have received but I try to not forget to follow rules.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #223
Why am I getting junk email from the petition sponsors to support other petitions that I really don't care about?  And asking for money on top of that!!! 

Are they supporting/promoting our petition?
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #224
223:  Do you still have a copy of that which you can send to me?  I have been with Elle on this Petition since practically day one and have never received such emails.  Maybe it is because I "opted out" when I signed the Petition.  From what I am being told by Elle, MoveON nor SignOn is helping us in any way so in my opinion, they have no right to be asking signers for anything especially money.  No one else I know has been asked for money especially.  If you have signed and are, please send me copies and I will let Elle know what is going on.  Elle was supposed to have done a survey for SignOn when she returned and I am waiting to hear what happened with that, if anything.  We are basically doing this Petition on our own so it would not be right of them to ask "our" signers for anything!  Thanks for the input and be sure to "Opt Out" for emails so they can't send you anything. 
Paoli   |     |   Comment #228
#224   I answered my own question.  I clicked on the line in blue and it brought up the MoveOn page with it's logo and fundraising requests.  What audacity!  See if you can find an "Opt Out" click so they won't be able to send you any more requests.  I have already emailed Elle about this.  Thanks again for lettting me know about this.
Paoli2   |     |   Comment #230
#228:  Whoever you are, you are a very astute person.  I had the same idea when I realized your post was legitimate.  But what do we do now?  So much hard work has gone into making this Petition a success and now even our own people here on DepositsOnline probably won't sign it.  I have no idea how large a group we have here but I don't think very many signed.  If you have any suggestions as how we can salvage the Petition and get more signers, you know I will pass them on to Elle.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #225
#224 Here's one.  I have others.

Dear MoveOn member,

I'm incredibly encouraged by the strong member response to our email yesterday. If we can finish this quarter with strong fundraising, that will give us confidence to go forward with important election campaigns that we'd otherwise have to cut right now—projects that could determine control of the U.S. Senate or even the White House. Click here to chip in $5 and help MoveOn take on more campaigns this election season.

Paoli   |     |   Comment #226
#225:  Thanks so much for posting this.  Was there anything in the email that gave any type address or proof that it was actually from MoveOn and not from someone trying to sabotage our Petition?  Any phone number included?  Something is keeping the Petition from getting more signers and I, for one, would sure like to find out who or what is doing it.  MoveOn, at this point, is not sharing any signers with us and I cannot be alright with them asking "our" people to donate to their cause.   Please check over any other emails you received and see if you can find any information which truly indicates this is MoveOn making these requests of you.  Thank you so much for your help!
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #227
Paoli #226; Hear you go.

PS.  Click on the donate line below to see their website.


On Wed, May 30, 2012 at 11:39 AM, Adam Ruben, Political Action <> wrote:
Dear MoveOn member,


I'm incredibly encouraged by the strong member response to our email yesterday. If we can finish this quarter with strong fundraising, that will give us confidence to go forward with important election campaigns that we'd otherwise have to cut right now—projects that could determine control of the U.S. Senate or even the White House.

Click here to chip in $5 and help MoveOn take on more campaigns this election season.

Anonymous   |     |   Comment #229
Paoli #228:

Our Petitions signers probably didn't donate or if they did the total was very low.  The people at MoveON and SignOn didn't see any money in promoting our petition.  That's the real reason Elle didn't get any help from them.  IT'S ALL ABOUT MONEY.  NOTHING TO DO WITH THE PETITION.
mb aqui
mb aqui   |     |   Comment #235
my hole is loaded with retirement funds you can not possibly begin to imagine rather  hope for but you keep on trying to get that 10 year cd paying 2 percent and send me a post card care of la jolla ca  have a good one
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #236
mb aqui #235 -   If your retirement funds are returning you such a great return why don't you tell us just what funds they are?  Then we can evaluate the risks/rewards that you boast so much about.
mb aqui to  236
mb aqui to 236   |     |   Comment #237
i have but either ken or the almighty moderators delete them as fast as i post  given  divine dispensation i will gladly  starting  with tegbx poncx franklin funds loomises  mfs bond fund etc plus  bonds in ge walmart south west humana hartford bofa etc   and your investments are in what ??
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #238
236 forgot to ask want the account numbers too??
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #241
Since when do we get deleted for making a "nice" comment about a poster's post concerning his investments?  It sure is getting harder and harder to know what can and cannot be posted on Ken's Blog. Just wondering what is going on here.  Thanks!
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #242
This petition is really moving along! 
Paoli   |     |   Comment #243
#242  If  you weren't one of the signers, do you think it is right to make such negative remarks for those who have signed.  We are well aware that the Petition seems to be stuck in limbo but for whatever reason, the writer feels she wants it to stay longer.  I appreciate so much the fact that Ken has allowed us to us Deposits Online to try to get signers but I think we all thought we would have gotten more help from the members in the group.  I think one of our posters made us aware why MoveOn abandoned us but  we sure were hoping the group would help us out. 

Again, thank you to any who did.  And a special thank you to those who are not making it harder by reminding me that the Petition is not moving much in numbers.  I check it several times daily and am well aware of what is going on. 
Paoli   |     |   Comment #244
Weak Hiring May Force the Fed to Act Again — News Analysis -

People we are running out of time.  We must get that Petition to Washington so they can see what an adverse affect the Fed's policies are having on Savers.  We can't do it with the few signers we have. No matter what you think about MoveOn, let's show MoveOn we CAN do this even if they don't help us.  I am urging you to please reconsider signing our Petition.  Just sign and Opt Out of emails and MoveOn can't bother you in any way.  My heartfelt thanks to all who will help us.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #245
I was a signer.

I would like to get feedback from the members in the group regarding why they refuse to sign the petition.  It seems if the members are true savers they would want higher interest rates on CDs, etc.
Paoli   |     |   Comment #246
#245  Thank you so much for signing the Petition.  I just got a response from my email to Elle.  She is waiting (hopefully) for responses from a couple of senators she wrote to and other letters on behalf of our Petition.  She said MoveOn has not responded to her request for their Help List.  Frankly, I doubt if she gets a response from them.  I think she put the Petition on SignOn because she truly believed MoveOn would have their members give us additional signatures if we got the first 200 which we did.  But....could it be true that when no one (or just a few) sent in donations, they decided to abandon us?.  I don't know what would have happened if the Petition had been on or IPetitions but it is too late now to redo.  Elle feels the Petition will just have to be on hold until she has a chance to see if she gets any responses to the communications she sent out.  I, also, am waiting to see if AARP will post the Petition url in their AARP Magazine in a Letter to the Editor.  People "Must" read that!  (I hope!)    Just wanted you to know we have not been sitting on our hands with this Petition.  If anyone has any suggestions for getting signatures, they will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks to all!
Paoli   |     |   Comment #247
Just wondering....Yesterday and today we got two new signatures on the Petition.  Did any of you folks sign yesterday or today?  Elle promoted the Petition on another article and I backed her up so maybe people are beginning to pay attention to it.  Or maybe they are just getting broker and want the Petition more. :)  Anyway, if you did sign, whenever, thanks!  As long as it's still getting any signers, Elle wants to keep on trucking and I guess I am a handle on that truck.
how many now
how many now   |     |   Comment #248
paoili i thought you were  the loose nut behind the wheel? on that truck
Paoli   |     |   Comment #249
#248 Did you break out finally or did Ken decide it was getting too quiet here with you gone?  WE have 238 signers and at the rate we are going Romney will be the Prez our Elle will be taking the Petition to maybe in his "second" term! :)  Ok!  Just joking.  Soon as I finish my third Novena, all of you on this Forum will be racing to sign that Petition!  BTW #248 I am the bolts which help hold that truck together.  We got our first "nut" when you signed.  You know I'm grateful so thanks!

Anonymous   |     |   Comment #250
Paoli:  Will you have Apache check his/her email inbox please ?
Paoli   |     |   Comment #251
#250  Who are you?  You spelled Paoli correctly so why are you asking me to check Apache's email inbox. Apache is no longer here. Only Paoli.  I checked my PMs and my regular email and have nothing on them.  Are you trying to get a message to me?  Please send it to Paoli on the PMs.  Thanks.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #252
Paoli, I'm trying to send you a PM and have no way.  Are you under another name for PM ?
Paoli2   |     |   Comment #253
#252:  If you still want to send me that PM try "Paoli2".  For some reason that is what is listed with my password.  See if that works.  If not, let me know if you want me to send you a PM and then you can reply to it but I have to know who to send it to or I will get blocked too.  Thanks!
Paoli2   |     |   Comment #254
#252:  I don't think you can send me a PM the way you are trying.  I just read a post from Ken to someone else and it seems it can only be done through the Forum.  Ken said:  "To send a PM click on the Forum user's name that is on the left of the user's Forum message.  That will take you to a page where there is a top link to send a PM to that user."

I tried this from the Forum and it did open up the page to Send a Private Message.  I post regularly in the Forum so all you have to do is look for Paoli2 or I guess "any" Paoli and your PM will get to me.  Hope this helps.  Did I win the lottery?  :)
Paoli   |     |   Comment #260
This is a "Thank You" post to the kind poster who shared the information concerning helping us with getting the Petition more promotion.  Elle and I both have contacted the source and are awaiting a response. 

I would like to use this opportunity to ask others if they will do the same in helping us promote the Petition.  If you feel, for whatever reason, you cannot sign it, will you please contact me and let me know if you see anyone on TV who is also concerned about Zero Interest Rates who we can contact?  We all live in different localities so you may have personalities and shows we cannot get in our specific area.  Any help or information you can share that will help us get to those who are also concerned about low interest rates will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks so much for any and all help!
Paoli   |     |   Comment #262
Ok #2 and #261 it's time for you to "Manup".  I tried to ignore you on this Blog but you seem to forget that Ken knows exactly who you are by your Avatar.  Your Avatar posted on the 4 Banks Blog "The Petition is a joke".  Your Avatar has "petition swolb" by your name on #261 this blog.  Is it a coincidence that on #239 ON the PETITION someone has written "This petition slowb as does patches"?  I doubt if that is your real name on the Petition.  YOU need to know that even tho we only have 239 signatures, they are from people who are taking that Petition seriously and not just making a JOKE of it! 

You also seem to forget that KEN allowed it to be posted on HIS blog and I cannot believe anyone can deride something on a Blog given to them to use by Ken!  If you are against the Petition that is fine with me so why don't you stay off of this Petition blog and NOT use other blogs to post negative crap about the Petition?  If this isn't you doing this then someone really must dislike you quite a bit to be trying to make you seem so immature and childish.  Elle has probably not seen what was written yet, but I can assure you, she will not be happy with seeing the Petition used for poking fun at it and me.

For anyone who wonders what was written:  "This petition slowb as does patches".  YOU are the only one who I know refers to me as "patches".

First of all, can someone tell me what "slowb" means?  I hate to be insulted in terms I can't understand.  It's a waste of the insulter's time and mine!  I will try to delete the remark from the Petition if I can but you need to know you will not be allowed to taunt me or the Petition on it!
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #271
Business, Banks, Wall Street, Cities, States, etc all got bailouts from the FED.  Why can't the savers get a decent interest rate on their savings funds?
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #276
I was recently told by my bank manager that it is because "we" aren't spending enough and others aren't borrowing enough.  So I guess as usual it's all "our" fault.  I tried to tell Washington that if the Fed raised interest rates for savers we would be thrilled to spend more but it goes on deaf ears.  So we all must do what we have to do to survive until sanity comes to Washington and the Fed.
rifslaw   |     |   Comment #279
I would respectfully submit that sending an objective and concise letter to your Congressman and Senators will have as much impact, if not more, than signing the Petition.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #280
rifslaw:  The Petition writer and I have both sent numerous letters to Obama and our senators to no avail. It was only after doing this, she decided maybe a Petition with hundreds of same-minded citizens voicing their concerns by agreeing to sign the Petition might get their attention.  If it doesn't work then all it will have cost others is a signature.  She and I have spent months working on this and she just wants to get 10 more signatures to make her next move in her plans.  Many people may be willing to sign a Petition once but do you think they all are writing letters to Washington?  The Petition makes it easier for them to be a part of a group with the same concern.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #281
People:  All of our members who post here don't have fat pensions or didn't get to lock in great interest rates years ago.  If you are one of the lucky ones and don't care about the Petition, I ask you to please consider signing it today for those who "do" want their voices to reach Washington.  We just need a few more to reach the 250.  Is that asking too much for just nine posters to be willing to join with us to help? We got another signer this morning, and I do hope it was one of Ken's posters.  I would like to think we will help when the call goes out.  I sure have been calling and I would like to be able to rest this asap if some of you will just give me the signatures we need.  Thank you and I do hope you will seriously consider doing this for those who do want that Petition to get to Washington.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #293
Folks, I have asked for months for your help with the Petition.  The writer, Elle, who has had to endure mocking as I have, for trying to do this has just informed me that she only needs 8 more signatures in order to take it to Washington.  If there are 8 (eight) people in Ken's forum who will please help her make this possible I am urging you to please consider doing this.  It is our way of letting Pres. Obama see how upset many voters are about what has happened to our savings rates.  We are trying desperately to get our message across to him as to what he has allowed to happen to savers in our country.  If it has not impacted you, you are one of the more fortunate ones.  Be thankful and please sign the Petition today or tomorrow so Elle can get on with it.  You will never have to see my Petition posts again if you do this.  My work will be over and I go back to everything else I do.  Is it asking too much for just 8 posters to help us out when you consider all the help Ken gives us every day with these Blogs and Forums??  Thanks to those who will help. 
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #310
#293  The Petition got the 8 more needed signatures as you stated it needed.  Is Elle going to take it to Washington now?
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #311
#310  If you want to send me a PM you can do it on Ken's Forum and I will be glad to share additional info about the Petition with you from what I know.  Just find a Paoli post and PM from there.  As you can see from what another poster has poster, we still just have 254 sigs and everything is not what it seems.

Thank you.
AnonymousPaoli/Britelites   |     |   Comment #313
Folks, consider this thread closed per Elle.  You won't have to be bothered with my postings any longer. Thanks to anyone who signed the Petition.  Have a nice day!
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #314
thank god what took so frigging long
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #315
you really think the troll anonymous/paoli/britelites is going to go away?  i just ignore him/her/it
ctgottapee   |     |   Comment #320
maybe i'm just feeding a troll but...

i don't understand what this petition can accomplish or why it goes to govt or the prez which doesn't set savings rates

any one who heavily relies on investments for a living should have a basic understanding of capitalism and how the financial markets work and realize there is nothing to petition.

besides inflation is currently the real killer in the value of savings. 1% return is great if inflation is zero.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #323
ctgottapee #320:  Do you live in the USA?  Your statement "1% return is great if inflation is zero" is no where near our inflation rate.
ctgottapee   |     |   Comment #324
#323 that was the point of the comment
interest rates are not the issue, as they are controlled by the financial system

the govt can have a more direct role on inflation, although still limited in small moves.
heavy debt requires inflation to wipe it away; catastrophic choices can push us into a world of deflation

our current 1% would be great if not for heavy inflation factors and that is the problem. generally the two are more evenly matched

i just don't get the point of a petition to the govt on say, the number of buns in a hotdog package not mathcing the number of hot dogs in a package. what was this suppose to do?
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #325
#324  The gov may not be able to do anything about your hotdogs but it does have a right to know what the policies of the Federal Reserve are doing to millions of savers.  I know that Obama cannot change interest rates himself but doesn't the President have "any" influence over the Federal Reserve Board so maybe they can see that their policies are not working and maybe they will not lower interest rates any further.  That is what I want the Petition to do.  Be a voice to the President of the suffering of many Americans and hopefully "he" will try to influence the Federal Board before they vote again.  Just to do nothing is not an  option for me but unfortunately, it is, for others.  So be it.  That is why we are not trying to get signers from DepositsOnline any longer. . 
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #326
Let's get real.  The President has influence over everything.  You know it and I know it.  Whether he wants to use his office to put pressure on someone is his choice.  Remember Bernanke was re-appointed by the president.  Don't you think there is some loyality there?  Get real, this is politics.  In Washington it's "You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours"!
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #327
#326   So!   Elle will just have to bring a big back scratcher with her!  I think she has long fingernails so she should be ready for whatever it takes (within reason, of course).  But the Petition does have a purpose no matter what some think on this blog.
ctgottapee   |     |   Comment #328
Well if you go that route, then yes, anything is possible in politics
and influence and reality are two different things

So the president gets out his bat and smashes rates up, what are you going to give him in return?
Nothing, you have nothing (neither do I)
with all our nation's debt, low rates mean low treasurey rates which means low rates on our debt = good for govt.

Politics is a mafia exchange, and this tactic offers nothing but an empty petition full of people who would cross their name off with a single well timed political ad.

My question wasn't to bash the idea... go for what you feel in your gut, try to participate in the process.
My question is what realistic process(s) / change(s) does the petition ask for that will affect rates?
I was hoping for some good ideas....

also, how do you ensure that the eventual solution doesn't hurt you further - I'm guessing raising rates to 4% but canceling Medicare for everyone isn't a good trade off.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #329
#328  I respect your opinions but "I" did not have anything to do with wording the Petition.  Elle did the best she could at the time and since Ken allowed us to use his Blog to promote it, we felt we had a chance of getting our voices heard even if everyone didn't agree with what was said.  Maybe you were not a member at the time, but we tried to get others to come up with what to put in the Petition.  We could not get the help that was needed so Elle came up with hers and at the time it seemed like it fit the bill.  Now, of course, people seem to be very vocal about all that is wrong with it.  So.  Why didn't anyone else come up with their better version?  I think it is time to put this Petition to rest and I do hope Ken will archive it since we are not trying to get members here to sign any longer.  I am responding to you because you are at least posting to me without all the negative name calling and bringing up some good points.  Thank you for that.
The Ghost of Bud Collyer
The Ghost of Bud Collyer   |     |   Comment #345
And now, will the real troll please stand up?
Paoli2   |     |   Comment #354
353:  Creeps!  You're back?  I thought you were on an Island in Bora Bora!  I am no longer working on this Petition.  It's up to Elle as to what the next step is.   So don't waste your time in this thread.  I only saw your message because I get info about all messages sent to me.  My "tribe" takes care of me! :)  Now behave yourself so you won't end up in another 403 or whatever they do with you.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #365
It must be lonesome in that Bayou if all you have to do is write posts to someone who you call by every name you can think of.  Don't you have any gators you can go play with in your bayou?  Give it a break!
Paoli2   |     |   Comment #368
Gripes #367, it's bad enough you post in ridiculous English but you can't even use Spanish correctly!  If you are going to insult me or throw jabs at me, can't you do it in correct languages?  You are using "pierda" incorrectly.  Just like the rest of your posts, it makes no sense!  Evidently your six grade education was not in English or Spanish.  BTW,  I grew up with relatives speaking Spanish even tho I am not and they at least made sense!
Paoli2   |     |   Comment #386
Ok, I messed up.  My post #385 was to "Quierotocuerpa" #384 not #382 but somehow I think they are one and the same poster. 
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #391
Finalmente!  Tu es talking to yourself again #389/380!   Miss me this much do you? :)
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #406
time to start a new petition papaoli
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #407
It's certainly time to do something about this ZIRP.  The savers are US citizens also!
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #408
what is a zpir
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #409
#408:  I don't know what "zpir" is.  Did you make it up?

The financial institution, product, and APY (Annual Percentage Yield) data displayed on this website is gathered from various sources and may not reflect all of the offers available in your region. Although we strive to provide the most accurate data possible, we cannot guarantee its accuracy. The content displayed is for general information purposes only; always verify account details and availability with the financial institution before opening an account. Contact to report inaccurate info or to request offers be included in this website. We are not affiliated with the financial institutions included in this website.