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Ally Bank’s New Online Banking Website


If you’re an Ally Bank customer, you may have noticed that Ally has made several changes to its online banking interface. It appears that the main reason for the change was to simplify the interface. There are also a few new features. One reader who emailed me about this change said he was disappointed with some of the website’s new features. When I logged into my Ally account, I also noticed the changes. I’m not disappointed in the changes, but I’m not thrilled by the changes either. What do you think? Do you like the changes? Please leave a comment or take the poll.

The first difference that you’ll probably notice is the new login page. It is very simple. The reader who emailed me said the simplicity of the login page gave him the impression that the login process is now less secure. I can see how one might get that impression, but I’m confident that Ally has maintained its high standards of security. They still have their online and mobile security guarantee clearly listed on their security center.

If you want to familiarize yourself with the changes, Ally offers a tour of the online interface features. Just click on "Take a Detailed Tour" link on the top right of the page after you log in. The tour starts off with a description of the first thing you now see when you are logged in: the account summary:

Ally Bank’s new account summary

The snapshot provides your total balance along with a color-coded circle that breaks down the dollar values that are in your checking, savings and CD accounts. The circle is divided into segments with arc lengths that are proportional to the dollar values of one's various accounts. The current balance of each account is listed to the right. My problem with the "Accounts Summary" page is that there is no longer any total value listed for all of your CDs. The reader who emailed me was disappointed that the account summary page lacked a simple printable table of all of one’s Ally accounts. There is now no obvious way to print a concise table of one’s accounts.

As you take the online banking tour, you can see the other features. Most everything is now accessible by clicking on either the main menu icon or the profile icon. As websites migrate to accommodate smartphones and tablets, these icons appear to be the new standard.

One thing that I believe is a definite improvement is in the account navigation. You can now quickly switch between the accounts with the new navigation. Another definite improvement in my opinion is the account history. You can now quickly display transactions for previous months and previous years. You can also quickly list upcoming transactions for transfers and bill payments scheduled to be done in the next 30 days.

Overall, I’m getting used to Ally’s new online banking website. I’m seeing advantages of the new site as I’ve been using it. What’s your opinion? Please leave a comment or take the poll.

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  |     |   Comment #1
The new site is slow.  Why do companies feel the need to completely re-hash their sites every couple of years when simple incremental improvements would be so much better.
  |     |   Comment #2
For me, the new site is mostly faster than the old one.  Not complete, though.  Scrolling through the list of accounts for transfers is definitely slower.

What bothers me, however, is Ally joining the recent trend of making their web site the same as or similar to their mobile application. The way there is now a menu button and a setting button, the larger print, and mostly simplified navigation is all about making the web site mobile-friendly.  My local paper, the Austin American Statesman did this, and the new web site sucks *ss. At least Ally's redesign is an improvement, IMHO, over their old one.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure much can be done about this.  The research these companies pay for tells them that all you Millennials want to do everything on your d*mn phones, so those of us who do banking on a PC, or at best use a phone to access banking services on occasion, are getting ****ed.

I don't think it has to be this way.  Amazon clearly has not dumbed down their web site for mobile use.  The mobile version of their web site is just a distillation of the full web browser experience.  Ally could certainly go in the opposite direction, e.g. providing a full web browser experience that builds upon the streamlined mobile rendering without breaking the mobile experience.  This would be a nice thing to see, but I don't have high hopes for it.
  |     |   Comment #3
I am fine with the changes. It loads fast for me and I like the uncluttered look. I have accounts at other banks that want to squeeze all sort of information on the screen such as promotions for their other products, so Ally get's kudos for not doing that. I like that it shows all the important info right there in a nice large font. Honestly I don't need a lot from my online banking, show me my balances, transactions, and let me pay my bills easily. The old and new site allowed this.

I also much prefer the new logon process. Having separate user name/password screens adds little to security. The account picture was also pointless for the average user that logs on from their home computer. I use a password manager and can log on much quicker with the new combined screen. Longer, more complicated passwords are much more important when it comes to security.
  |     |   Comment #4
And you can just think, they spent millions for the new design and created cell phone app.
Do not like it a bit.
  |     |   Comment #5
I liked the old version because I could see all of my accounts on the same screen when I logged in. Now I have to scroll down to view a particular account and don't get to see everything with once glance.
  |     |   Comment #6
I don't understand, I have 4 accounts at Ally, I log on there is the circle on the left and all account balances on the right. No scrolling, the info is right there.
I hate Fort Knox FCU
  |     |   Comment #7
All this won't matter much to me soon.  Presently, I have many CDs with Ally. but when they reach maturity next year, I will be leaving Ally for higher rates elsewhere!
  |     |   Comment #8
I have 30 accounts, checking, saving, cd, ira, etc. It's a complete mess. If I could just turn off that stupid wheel thing so the text expanded across the screen and I could see more accounts on the screen it would be tolerable. 

Frankly the site looks like it was designed by a 4 year old.
  |     |   Comment #10
Conversely, I have 28 Ally accounts.  I can only see 4-5 at a time.  Much scrolling is needed on my end...which is in marked contrast to before the recent changes.
  |     |   Comment #13
I logged on this AM, & my opinion is just the same...where the hell is my account summary page? No way to have a simple summary with important data...This like the Windows 8x of the bank website world.  I have to sit and print page after page & then study this pile of crap..it's fine to have a mobile app, I phoned Ally and expressed my disgust...and yes the crew they hired (took a year long project) to produce this sorry guys...TOTAL PC oisf SHxT!  Rep told me she was flooded with such calls...I suppose the new site is fine for a customer with up to 3 accts with simple titles, no pods etc.  I was promised a phone back within 48 hours...told them I could live-with, not happy though, an option to open either the existing Acct summary page or the new crap.  Really a website made for 99% smartphone use only FIXIT!
  |     |   Comment #18
Yeah, the summary page could be more useful, but this post is overboard. It's not that bad, just different. The old site had tons of empty space that could have been used. Now the same info is there, it's just in a huge font. 
  |     |   Comment #9
I dont like having to click on the thing in the upper right hand corner to make a transfer.

I will probably get used to it but it wasnt broke.

I have a feeling the entire internet is going to be not very good for those of us that dont use a smart phone to access it.

I used to keep up with my various giftcards at gowallet.com but now, I am unable to remove old cards because I dont have a smart phone.  Seriously.
  |     |   Comment #11
I just took a quick look and I don't like it.  I don't like having to scroll down to see all my accounts.  It was easier to see all accounts without scrolling and right click on an account to open in a new tab. Also don't like using the icons on upper right to navigate the site.
  |     |   Comment #12
I have a savings account and five CDs with Ally. I really like the new website but still don't like the initial website screen, which is so cluttered and ugly. Once I log in, the navigation makes sense to me and feels very user-friendly and organized. I like compartmentalization in this format. I never liked the old website, which felt cluttered and clunky. And I'm a total sucker for those that retro color green. Not a big fan of the purple.I never use my phone to log into banking activity, but I do use a computer for work, so maybe that's why I like the new format. Also, I'm 60 years old and really, really appreciate the larger font.
  |     |   Comment #14
I'm not happy with the new changes, and I'm especially disappointed that there are no printable views. It's impossible to use the browser print button as what used to be on one page now needs 5-6 pages. It's a total waste of resources (not necessarily paper, but also in file size), and the printed pages look so messy and ugly! If any Ally people read this: PLEASE GIVE US PRINTABLE VIEWS!
  |     |   Comment #15
Didn't fix the biggest problem. The 1099INT still prints out a page for each account, instead of printing out a single page with the totals in the IRS format like others do. Tip: All you need to print is the last page.
  |     |   Comment #17
Or don't print it at all. :-)
  |     |   Comment #30
Even though I am set up for online statements, got a fat envelope today with a half-page for every single account. The mailed copy had no summary at all. You are evidently supposed to add it all up yourself. The last page in the packet doesn't give the grand total. Truly weird for a started-from-scratch online-only bank.
  |     |   Comment #16
You must save the URL for the main Ally home page as your favorite for that site. Don't save the URL for the new login page as a favorite. If you do, when you go there it displays an elegant page claiming that your browser is out of date and sends you on a wild goose chase to update your browser, which was already up to date in the first place. Then it again claims that your browser is out of date. You can clear cookies and history and restart Chrome and this still doesn't work. (On the old website, you could save the URL for the old login page as a favorite.)
  |     |   Comment #19
Haven't had problems with browser warnings like this in Chrome or Safari. 
  |     |   Comment #20
I can't stand the fact that when you log in, your balances are shown as large as can be and anyone around can see them.
  |     |   Comment #32
Yeah--what's with that Ginormous blocked look? Can't we get a more concise look if we want it for those of us under 120 years old?
  |     |   Comment #21
I never signed up for Ally online banking, even though I have six accounts with them.  From the sound of the comments here I'm sticking with my decision.  It's always a pity when a company changes something and makes it worse in the process.  When that same something is made a LOT worse, more's the pity.  But I've noticed over the years no company ever puts things back the way they were.  I think that stubbornness derives from unwillingness by company decision makers to admit they badly ****ed up, and risk losing their jobs in the process.  Ahhh, sweet accountability, thou art a fleeting vapor.
  |     |   Comment #22
Hmmm.  It appears censorship is working overtime here.  I would never use bad language on Ken's website.  To do so would be disrespectful.

To be clear, since the auto censor leaves too much room for doubt, the starred word in my post rhymes with "flew", not with "duck". 
  |     |   Comment #23
#22  Shows what dirty mines the censors have.  Since when is "****ed " a dirty word when used in the context of your post? Maybe we need to be given a list of "which" words are too profane for DA so we can all keep it "clean".  Don't want to have an "X" rated DA.  :)
  |     |   Comment #24
I agree.  We need a list.  I probably should have written "messed up" in the first place.  I just don't like that the auto censor might lead other readers to think I actually had used bad language.  I did not do that!
  |     |   Comment #25
How do you manage your accounts without using their online banking?
  |     |   Comment #26
I rely on (automated) telephone access to my accounts and, on occasion, I obtain help from a rep. 
  |     |   Comment #27
Not impressed at ll with the new Ally interface.  Yeah it works and yeah...after a hunt found the transfer and other banking options under the symbols.  I guess symbols are better than words for those can read.  I often wonder if the folks who designed the website ever have to use it or if they ask anyone besides themselves for input.  Probably believe they are the customer for their product. Would have been better off increasing the interest rates rather than spending money on the interface.
  |     |   Comment #28
Impressed with the changes and it loads fast. Clear interface than many other banks. Its my opinion.
  |     |   Comment #29
the new website is a broken toy...fine if you use your phone to do your banking...otherwise a waste of time and money.  The biggest issye is the now missing My Accounts Page which was previously the opeing pg after login...so now I've got 15 accounts, looking a these stupid scrolling pages , no comparison to the MyAccounts easy page...plus no way to print the ALL ACCOUNTS page..try it both Firefox and UIE just scramble the page and print a bunch of crap...Ally rep suggested screen caputing all the scrolling pages...like with Snagit...NO PRINT BUTTON...A Huge Backwards step.  Probably ok if you think the world is smartphone centric...else it's CRAP!
  |     |   Comment #31
Why didn't you provide an option to select font size? As an example, Gmail offers an option for "Comfortable, Cozy, and Compact" depending on your preference for giant fonts or a very compact screen. Now all we get is Gigantic fonts and tons of scrolling. Yuk. Please offer an option for reducing the font size for more stuff on the screen!  Get this, I'm 60 years old with reading glasses but am really put off by these gigantic fonts!!! YUK!!!
  |     |   Comment #33
My browser window is typically half of a portrait orientation 1680x1050 resolution monitor. That means the window is only 1050 across. The Ally site won't render on a screen that is less than 1280 pixels across. My 750px phone screen renders just fine, but if you have a desktop browser at 1200px then you will have to scroll horizontally just to see your balances. Ridiculous web design. If you're going to cater to the mobile market you would think responsive web design would be a no brainer.
  |     |   Comment #35
Why can't I log in? Terrible changes.
  |     |   Comment #36
The removed the ability to edit categories on their billpay page. This is a catastrophe because I'd previously hidden a category with payees that I was paying elsewhere. Now I have to pay those payees in Ally, but I cannot access those payees because the categories hidden. There is no way to edit the hidden categories to unhide them. I can't add duplicate payees into their system, so there's no way to access those payees or pay them!
  |     |   Comment #37
I have 4 accounts with Ally and it is the worst decision I ever made.
I cannot access my accounts, it won't let me either use or change my password
and nobody seems to be able to help me. The worst customer service ever!
I am cancelling all my accounts asap!!!!

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