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Not Sure Why

me1004   |     |   674 posts since 2010

Not sure why, in your Weekly Bank Summary, you listed UniWyo FCU as Local only. In fact, anyone from anywhere can join the credit union as a member of the Amercan Consumer Council (can join that for free). Thus, this is NOT a local-only credit union nor the deals they offer.


CD and Money Market Deals - Local

Anonymous   |     |   2,230 posts since 2010
me1004 (#446):

Yeah, but that is how good deals are killed eventually (too much information is released).  You mentioned it in some previous post, but was removed somehow? 

Many "outfits" would rather such information remains hidden (i.e., known to jsut a few); you do not see this entry in their field of membership, meaning... kindly keeping it to yourself.

We appreciate for your generosity though:-)

BTW, i know about this piece long time ago.