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Here's Why People Are Anxious About RetirementBy: 51hh10 commentsFiling Taxes In Japan Is A Breeze. Why Not Here?By: Ally67706 comments"Virtual" 14-Month CD At 2% APYBy: cumulus5 commentsBank Regulator Knew Of Problems At Wells Fargo In 2010, Did NothingBy: Ken Tumin2 comments

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Posted by: Ally6770  |   1 vote  |  Comment

(Reuters) - The number of bank branches in the United States will shrink by as much as 20 percent in five years, according to a report from commercial real estate read more

Posted by: Ally6770  |   3 votes  |  Comment

One big problem involved in corporate tax reform is that it would be costly. Cutting tax rates from 35% to 15% would result in a drop in revenue, and many lawmakers read more

Posted by: 51hh  |   6 votes  |  10 Comments

By Almost half of non-retired Americans lack confidence about their retirement goals, and they have a list of anxieties for when it's time to call it quits.

Posted by: Ken Tumin  |   4 votes  |  2 Comments

Now that Wells Fargo has completed its internal investigation into the fake account fiasco that resulted in millions of bogus accounts being opened in customers' read more

Posted by: Ally6770  |   4 votes  |  Comment

That reconciliation applies to the Federal Reserve as well. As Business Insider’s Pedro da Costa wrote this week, the U.S. central bank “seems stuck in an read more

Posted by: Ally6770  |   3 votes  |  Comment

“Global banks’ misconduct costs have now reached over $320 billion—capital that could otherwise have been used to support up to $5 trillion of lending to households read more

Posted by: Ally6770  |   4 votes  |  Comment

The official statistics show that in the 1940s and 1950s, corporations picked up a major share of supporting the federal government. Today, it is taxes on read more

Posted by: Ally6770  |   7 votes  |  6 Comments

In Japan, you get a postcard in early spring from Kokuzeicho (Japan’s I.R.S.) that says how much you earned last year, how much tax you owed and how much was read more

Posted by: cumulus  |   2 votes  |  Comment

More than 60 percent of Americans believe their own financial literacy is “good or excellent,” a new survey finds. However, only 29 percent believe the average read more

Posted by: cumulus  |   6 votes  |  5 Comments

Harry Sit, The Finance Buff, includes this note in his e-mail of today (Sat 4-15-17, Spending Is More Difficult Than Saving) which I thought might interest a number read more

Posted by: Ally6770  |   6 votes  |  21 Comments

Of the nearly $2.4 million Intuit spent on lobbying in 2016, about 75% of itinvolved one particular piece of legislation, the Free File Act of 2016, which read more

Posted by: lou  |   4 votes  |  14 Comments

Despite his various pronouncements during the campaign, Trump is inclined to reappoint Yellen and is now favorably disposed towards a low interest rate Fed policy. read more

Posted by: cumulus  |   3 votes  |  8 Comments

No definitive answers here, just some food for thought. Retirement is still a relatively new phenomenon. In the past, people pretty much worked until they died. No read more

Posted by: cumulus  |   4 votes  |  1 Comment

Blue-chip focus on Early Withdrawal Penalties by Sabrina Karl at bankrate.com today.

Posted by: Ally6770  |   2 votes  |  2 Comments

Deposits increased $3.5 billion, or 1 percent, to $260.7 billion at March 31, 2017 compared with December 31, 2016 reflecting growth in consumer deposits partially read more

Posted by: Ally6770  |   4 votes  |  3 Comments

In a private meeting with lawmakers, White House economic adviser Gary Cohn said he supports a policy that could radically reshape Wall Street’s biggest firms by read more

Posted by: Ally6770  |   6 votes  |  Comment

Officials said Mr. Levashov’s arrest and the takedown of his network ended a vast criminal enterprise. For more than a decade, Mr. Levashov used his online empire read more

Posted by: cumulus  |   3 votes  |  Comment

ANN ARBOR, Mich. - Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen indicated Monday that the era of extremely stimulative monetary policy was coming to an end. “Where read more

Posted by: Ken Tumin  |   1 vote  |  Comment

From the Credit Union Times: Marine Credit Union in La Crosse, Wis., signed an agreement Tuesday to buy five retail branches of the $2.6 billion Bank Mutual Corp. read more

Posted by: Ally6770  |   2 votes  |  Comment

A secret recording that implicates the Bank of England in Libor rigging has been uncovered by BBC Panorama. The 2008 recording adds to evidence the central bank read more

Posted by: Ally6770  |   3 votes  |  Comment

A year that was supposed to feature breakout economic growth may have started with little or none at all

Posted by: Ally6770  |   2 votes  |  Comment

Wells Fargo’s board said on Monday that it would claw back an additional $75 million in compensation from the two executives on whom it pinned most of the blame for read more

Posted by: Ally6770  |   3 votes  |  Comment

If the anemic hiring persists, the Federal Reserve may be forced to reconsider its plan to raise interest rates twice more this year.

Posted by: kevinptm  |   2 votes  |  Comment

Jeffrey Lacker, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, resigned from his post effective Tuesday, after revealing he'd played a role in a leak of read more

Posted by: kevinptm  |   2 votes  |  Comment

Similar article as posted below - no membership required to access

Posted by: kevinptm  |   1 vote  |  Comment

Having hinted overnight that The Fed could buy stocks "maybe in the future," Janet Yellen blurted out confirmation that buying assets other than long-term U.S. debt read more

Posted by: Kaight  |   2 votes  |  2 Comments

Elections have consequences.  Here we go.  This mitigates in favor of higher interest rates.

Posted by: Ken Tumin  |   3 votes  |  Comment

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Deposits at banks in the United States are rising even though the number of branches continues to shrink in the read more

Posted by: cumulus  |   2 votes  |  Comment

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