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Posted by: Ken Tumin  |   9 votes  |  2 Comments

Some useful tips from Allan Roth in this AARP article: Saving a few bucks is always good. But making hundreds to a few thousand dollars every year on what you read more

Posted by: Ally6770  |   2 votes  |  Comment

Look at the Core CPI chart. This should give us a clue what will most likely happen. 

Posted by: Ally6770  |   5 votes  |  Comment

Investigative reporter Jason Knowles of WLS-TV in Chicago says the chip in his credit card fell out, but he didn’t notice it for days because so many places read more

Posted by: Ally6770  |   6 votes  |  Comment

About DepositAccounts.com DepositAccounts.com is the largest and most comprehensive online publication in the United States dedicated to providing read more

Posted by: Ally6770  |   3 votes  |  1 Comment

Special 5-Month Certificate 3.00% APYOpen our 5-Month Certificate with just $50 and earn really high returns, guaranteed.1$50 minimum$10,000 maximum read more

Posted by: Ken Tumin  |   3 votes  |  13 Comments

From CNBC Employers added a solid 209,000 jobs in July, but sluggish wage growth added to lingering doubts that a lack of inflation could slow the Fed's efforts to read more

Posted by: Ken Tumin  |   3 votes  |  1 Comment

From Reuters: U.S. employers hired more workers than expected in July and raised their wages, signs of labor market tightness that likely clears the way for the read more

Posted by: Ken Tumin  |   4 votes  |  2 Comments

From Bloomberg To feed its clients' insatiable desire for loans, Morgan Stanley is hoping to gather fresh cash by offering savers the country's top rate for read more

Posted by: Ally6770  |   4 votes  |  Comment

The CFPB said Chase did not have these processes in place and kept consumers in the dark about the results of their reporting disputes and key aspects of their read more

Posted by: Ally6770  |   2 votes  |  3 Comments

The fiduciary rule, a new Department of Labor regulation that took partial effect on June 9, 2017, requires investment advisers to provide advice that is in the read more

Posted by: Ally6770  |   6 votes  |  1 Comment

New revelations were made that Wells Fargo & Co. spent many years enrolling borrowers in expensive auto insurance without the customer’s knowledge or consent. read more

Posted by: alan1  |   7 votes  |  1 Comment

"An Obama-era program that created savings accounts to help more people put away money for retirement is being shut down by the Treasury Department, which deemed read more

Posted by: Ally6770  |   6 votes  |  2 Comments

The most important advice about saving for retirement is this: Start now. Why? Two reasons:----

Posted by: Ally6770  |   3 votes  |  Comment

 Russian national Alexander Vinnik, one of the operators of BTC-e, was arrested in Greece this week, and FinCEN assessed a $12 million penalty against him for read more

Posted by: Ken Tumin  |   10 votes  |  9 Comments

From USA Today: Cash - or something close to it - is king again. Enjoying a steady job market but reluctant to spend freely due to economic uncertainty, a wide read more

Posted by: Ally6770  |   2 votes  |  Comment

Trump said not so many months ago he wanted higher rates for the seniors but when the rates went higher he would renegotiate the countries debt. He said he read more

Posted by: Ken Tumin  |   6 votes  |  Comment

From the WSJ With short-term interest rates on the rise, businesses are seeking bigger payouts on their deposit accounts-and in the second quarter, big banks read more

Posted by: 51hh  |   13 votes  |  9 Comments

"Most retirement advice has a flaw: It's being given by people who haven't yet retired. So I asked money experts who have quit the 9-to-5 for their best advice on read more

Posted by: cumulus  |   5 votes  |  4 Comments

A six-week break from work provides takeaways for retirement--and the years that will come before.

Posted by: Ally6770  |   3 votes  |  3 Comments

This is a  projection along with no Medicare increase this year. Real numbers will be out in October.

Posted by: Ken Tumin  |   3 votes  |  Comment

Heard about debit cards and checks getting stuck in an ATM, but this is the first time I've heard of a person getting stuck in one. From FoxNews: Shocked customers read more

Posted by: Ally6770  |   4 votes  |  Comment

The lender, based in Edinburgh, is restructuring as it sells businesses and dismantles its global investment bank to focus on retail and corporate banking in read more

Posted by: Ally6770  |   4 votes  |  Comment

If the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has its way, consumers will soon have the right to sue banks and credit card companies after years of read more

Posted by: cumulus  |   3 votes  |  Comment

President Donald Trump is increasingly unlikely to nominate Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen next year for a second term, four people close to the process read more

Posted by: Ally6770  |   3 votes  |  Comment

Quarles would take the lead on rolling back any banking regulation under the Trump administration as vice chairman for supervision, a post created by the 2010 read more

Posted by: Ally6770  |   4 votes  |  Comment

From the Fed minutes-- While almost all members of the Federal Reserve voted to raise interest rates in June, the central bank appears to be divided over its read more

Posted by: Carpline  |   3 votes  |  Comment

Credit union executives may want to thank their lucky Red, White and Blue stars that they do business in the USA. While Americans were enjoying the Fourth of July read more

Posted by: 51hh  |   7 votes  |  Comment

"By Retirement is right around the corner for baby boomers -- if they haven't already entered it -- yet so many are financially unprepared. Baby boomers, or those read more

Posted by: Ally6770  |   5 votes  |  24 Comments

 Nursing homes, home care and community-based programs for the elderly account for almost two-thirds of Medicaid spending. With another 800 billion projected read more

Posted by: Ken Tumin  |   4 votes  |  1 Comment

A reader emailed me about several of her neighbors reporting Chase debit cards not working and no account access available. I found this short Chicago Tribune story read more

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