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Posted by: Ally6770  |   4 votes  |  1 Comment

The rule could change. The department’s web page devoted to the rule also states, “The information contained on these pages may be subject to change read more

Posted by: Ally6770  |   14 votes  |  8 Comments

Two weeks ago, 44-year-old Keith Noreika was just another corporate lawyer, advising bank clients on evading regulatory enforcement. Today he runs the Office of the read more

Posted by: Ally6770  |   3 votes  |  Comment

New consumer protections requiring financial advisers to put their customers’ interests ahead of their own — at least when handling read more

Posted by: cumulus  |   4 votes  |  Comment

More optimism: Get ready for the third rate hike in seven months. Federal Reserve officials indicated they may raise rates again in June, according to minutes read more

Posted by: cumulus  |   3 votes  |  Comment

The Fed has amassed a $4.5 trillion balance sheet since the financial crisis, buying up Treasurys and mortgage-related assets. The purchases amounted to an easier read more

Posted by: Ken Tumin  |   5 votes  |  Comment

I thought this was an interesting story about USAA Bank which claims to be the first to invent remote deposit capture that allows people to scan or take a picture read more

Posted by: cumulus  |   3 votes  |  Comment

Minutes of the Federal Reserve's May meeting should remove lingering doubts about the central bank's plans to engineer another interest rate hike at its policy read more

Posted by: Ken Tumin  |   2 votes  |  Comment

I came across it when I was searching for an update on the vacant Fed positions. We had hopes these positions would soon be filled by hawks who would be more read more

Posted by: cumulus  |   3 votes  |  1 Comment

New York's largest credit union by assets, the $6.8 billion Bethpage Federal Credit Union, said Friday it will merge with the $118 million Northwell Health Federal read more

Posted by: Ken Tumin  |   3 votes  |  Comment

The Calculated Risk Blog provided some excerpts of a Merrill Lynch research piece: Will it be a summer break for the Fed? Here are a few of these excerpts:In our read more

Posted by: Ally6770  |   7 votes  |  Comment

They have been working on it for since 2013 but it finally will be here by 2019. Our insurance is self-insured and one of the trustees worked on getting ours read more

Posted by: Ally6770  |   4 votes  |  9 Comments

Here are some of the likely winners and losers under the plan:

Posted by: NeilStanley  |   7 votes  |  43 Comments

Now some progressive bankers are building specific offers to refinance time deposit accounts using the same approach found in the DepositAccounts.com website's "Is read more

Posted by: Ally6770  |   5 votes  |  4 Comments

LEXINGTON, Ky. (AP) — A former Social Security Administration judge has pleaded guilty to taking more than $600,000 in bribes in cases involving clients of a read more

Posted by: Ally6770  |   3 votes  |  Comment

Within this report is an alarming description of how hackers are exploiting direct deposit accounts, racking up more than $800,000,000 in losses.

Posted by: NeilStanley  |   5 votes  |  5 Comments

Here is a post on the CUES blog.  CUES states that they strive to help all credit union leaders achieve their greatest potential to strengthen credit read more

Posted by: Inflation_Hawk  |   3 votes  |  2 Comments

The trailing 12 month CPI-U (non-seasonally adjusted) for April was 2.2%.   Currently, the best 4 year CD @ 2.25% will beat that. Last month, it took one read more

Posted by: alan1  |   5 votes  |  Comment

discusses Melrose and other CUs, as well as implications for the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund

Posted by: cumulus  |   5 votes  |  1 Comment

Investors and the Federal Reserve may have grown too comfortable with gradualism - raising interest rates at a pace that is not too fast, not too slow, but just read more

Posted by: Ally6770  |   5 votes  |  31 Comments

There are two proposals before Congress now that could resolve this issue.  Proposal 1: Increase benefits and taxes Proposal 2: Cut taxes and benefits

Posted by: Ally6770  |   4 votes  |  6 Comments

Though the official jobless rate dipped even lower, the labor participation rate fell slightly to 62.9 percent last month from 63 percent, a signal that workers who read more

Posted by: Ally6770  |   1 vote  |  9 Comments

They conclude the result could be $1 trillion in lost revenues over 10 years from shifting income, on top of the $1 trillion direct cost of lowering the read more

Posted by: pinkterror  |   2 votes  |  Comment

Just in case... (I don't pay much attention to this bank, but I vaguely remember stuff about it from time to time)

Posted by: Goldrush  |   4 votes  |  Comment

MILWAUKEE -- A federal agency has shut down every single Guaranty Bank including all 48 in Wisconsin. Ten brick and mortar banks will reopen during business hours read more

Posted by: Ally6770  |   2 votes  |  Comment

PONTIAC, MI - Nearly 14 years after a Fenton chief financial officer and ballroom dance studio owner began a scheme of embezzling $19 million from the Clarkston read more

Posted by: cumulus  |   3 votes  |  1 Comment

Fed officials have said repeatedly they believe the economy’s sluggish performance so far this year is temporary. The Fed envisions two more rate hikes this year read more

Posted by: Ally6770  |   3 votes  |  6 Comments

How does it work? When you report identity theft using IdentityTheft.gov, you’ll answer some questions about what happened. IdentityTheft.gov then uses your read more

Posted by: Ally6770  |   6 votes  |  3 Comments

President Trump plans to unveil a tax cut blueprint on Wednesday that would apply a vastly reduced, 15 percent business tax rate not only to corporations but also read more

Posted by: Ally6770  |   3 votes  |  Comment

NEW ORLEANS — First NBC Bank New Orleans is closed, and all accounts have been moved to Whitney Bank.No depositor is losing money as a result of this read more

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