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Greenspan Sees U.S. Interest Rates Rising Soon, Perhaps RapidlyBy: Shorebreak4 commentsRobocall Strike ForceBy: cumulus3 comments5 Common Misconceptions About FDIC Insurance ... And The Real FactsBy: pearlbrown3 commentsEmbezzling CEO Sues Credit Union For Discrimination - Stranger Than TruthBy: Carpline3 comments

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Posted by: Shorebreak  |   1 vote  |  Comment

Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer said negative interest rates seem to be working in other countries, while reinforcing that they aren't on the table in read more

Posted by: Ally6770  |   1 vote  |  Comment

The DIF increased $2.8 billion during the second quarter, from $75.1 billion at the end of March to $77.9 billion at the end of June, largely driven by $2.3 billion read more

Posted by: Ally6770  |   1 vote  |  Comment

Dave Pesavento, 68, of Sugar Grove, Ill. He has done multiple conversions from his traditional IRA to Roth IRAs since 2010, and he considers reversing (or read more

Posted by: Ken Tumin  |   4 votes  |  5 Comments

From Yahoo! Finance: An unusually large group of Federal Reserve policymakers appeared before activists on Thursday and defended their plans to raise interest rates read more

Posted by: Ally6770  |   3 votes  |  1 Comment

For those who would like to follow the detailed figures released---- Next release will be Sept 30 8:30 am  Sept. figures as well as July and Aug will be used read more

Posted by: pearlbrown  |   9 votes  |  1 Comment

Refresher from the FDIC on this popular topic. 

Posted by: pearlbrown  |   11 votes  |  1 Comment

Those in retirement who are receiving Social Security benefits and are enrolled in Medicare may want to sit up and take notice of the latest Medicare Board of read more

Posted by: Shorebreak  |   10 votes  |  4 Comments

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan forecast that interest rates will begin rising soon, perhaps rapidly. "I cannot perceive that we can maintain these read more

Posted by: pearlbrown  |   6 votes  |  3 Comments

A refresher for some members of the DA community, new info for others.

Posted by: cumulus  |   8 votes  |  3 Comments

Good intentions; certainly hope it succeeds. WASHINGTON (Reuters) - More than 30 major technology and communication companies said on Friday they are joining the read more

Posted by: cumulus  |   3 votes  |  Comment

SB opines on his WEB favorites.

Posted by: cumulus  |   3 votes  |  Comment

Even with a rate hike, interest rates will likely stay low and fluctuate within a narrow range for some time to come.

Posted by: Ken Tumin  |   3 votes  |  1 Comment

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said the case to raise interest rates is getting stronger as the U.S. economy approaches the central bank's goals.

Posted by: Ally6770  |   3 votes  |  Comment

If you’re worried about the security of mobile banking, you’re not alone. Mobile banking apps use a wide array of complicated passwords, biometric tools (like read more

Posted by: pearlbrown  |   2 votes  |  Comment

The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network today proposed requiring non-federally insured credit unions to comply with the same anti-money laundering rules as read more

Posted by: Carpline  |   9 votes  |  3 Comments

Two weeks after he pleaded guilty to bank fraud and attempted bank fraud, Sean Jelen filed a civil lawsuit claiming another credit union allegedly offered him a CEO read more

Posted by: Ally6770  |   2 votes  |  Comment

If you knew where to look inside the loan company, things were worse than anybody realized.

Posted by: Ken Tumin  |   5 votes  |  Comment

If you regularly do IRA rollovers for your IRA CDs, this might be helpful. From an IRS press release: The Internal Revenue Service today provided a read more

Posted by: Carpline  |   2 votes  |  Comment

Some members are receiving phone and text messages stating that their debit cards have been compromised or deactivated. This could possibly be a phishing attempt to read more

Posted by: Shorebreak  |   4 votes  |  Comment

The U.S. Federal Reserve has two guiding goals when designing monetary policy: maximum employment and stable inflation. But as the country's central bankers read more

Posted by: Ally6770  |   3 votes  |  Comment

According to the Medicare Board of Trustees, "If the Social Security COLA is actually zero percent for 2017, then the provisions of the Bipartisan Budget Act of read more

Posted by: pearlbrown  |   2 votes  |  Comment

The latest FDIC Consumer News features simple tips on how to choose and manage a checking or savings account wisely. The Summer 2016 edition also has articles on read more

Posted by: pearlbrown  |   2 votes  |  Comment

Clothing store chain Eddie Bauer said today it has detected and removed malicious software from point-of-sale systems at all of its 350+ stores in North read more

Posted by: pearlbrown  |   2 votes  |  Comment

In April, Charles Robert Poore, 45, pleaded guilty to embezzlement when he was president/CEO of the $50 million Toledo Metro FCU. Judge Bissoon also ordered him read more

Posted by: pearlbrown  |   2 votes  |  Comment

From Credit Union Times

Posted by: Shorebreak  |   4 votes  |  Comment

Despite banks' nudging toward online tools, many U.S. customers are not ready to give up regular visits to their nearest branch, complicating the industry's efforts read more

Posted by: cumulus  |   4 votes  |  5 Comments

Today's doom and gloom report: one famous economist, James Dale Davidson, boldly states… “We could see the end of Social Security as soon as 2017,  and there read more

Posted by: CapitalClimate  |   2 votes  |  Comment

United Bankshares has reached an agreement to buy Tysons Corner, Va.-based Cardinal Financial for $912 million in a deal that would make it one of the read more

Posted by: pearlbrown  |   5 votes  |  Comment

NCR technology researchers asserted they found an upgrade flaw in chip-based cards in the United States that allows hackers to rewrite the magstripe code in order read more

Posted by: pearlbrown  |   2 votes  |  Comment

For the second time this year, Michigan regulators placed a credit union into conservatorship. The Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services said read more

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