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One M & T Plaza
Buffalo, NY 14203

M&T Bank is a publicly traded (NYSE: MTB), New York-based bank that offers an array of personal, business, and commercial banking products and services. With over 15,000 employees, and tens of billions of dollars in assets, M&T is one of the largest commercial banks in the United States.

On its personal banking side, M&T Bank offers checking, savings, Money Market, and Certificate of Deposit (CD) accounts, as well as investment guidance, retirement planning, and web trading services. Checking account options are numerous and range from free and basic to premium and interest bearing. The bank’s free and college checking account options are very similar and come with no monthly fees and a check card. The premium checking account offers minimal interest and has a monthly service charge that can be avoided by either keeping a minimum account balance or taking out a mortgage loan with the bank. All of M&T Bank’s checking accounts allow account holders to avoid an insufficient funds charge when the violating purchase is less than $5. A savings account is available with a low yield and a monthly service charge unless certain requirements are met. Two Money Market account options are available: one MMA has no monthly service fee but offers a low interest rate, and the other MMA offers more competitive rates with a monthly service charge. Certificates of Deposit (CDs) are available in term lengths ranging from 6 to 60 months.

M&T Bank online banking provides a secure system for account holders to view past transaction history, transfer funds, pay bills, and set account alerts. The M&T website is optimized for mobile banking, and the bank has released a smartphone app to make it easy and convenient to perform the above tasks while on the go.

M&T Bank was originally established in 1856 and is headquartered in Buffalo, New York. The bank is a subsidiary of M&T Bank Corporation, a bank holding company that has grown substantially through numerous acquisitions of financial institutions in the past 25 years. M&T Bank maintains a multitude of branches located throughout the Midwest, Northeast, and parts of south Florida.

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M&T Bank has long been offering promotions for its MyChoice Checking account. In the latest one you can earn a $100 cash bonus for opening the MyChoice Checking Account and setting up direct deposit. ...

M&T Bank’s Promo 5-Year CD - Branch Only - 8/7/2013

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Warning For Former WT Direct Customers Who Are Now M&T Bank Customers - Terrible News

M&T completed their acquisition of WT Direct recently. They moved over the WT Direct customers to M&T last weekend -- and the results are APPALLING! This could be the WORST direct banking experience ever....

1) M&T charges $3.00 for an outgoing ACH!!!!

2) M&T has a $10,000 per day OUTGOING limit!!!

3) M&T won't let you access more than $10,000 per day UNLESS you go into a branch. And if you want to close the account and request a check, they require that a letter be sent via US Mail (they won't accept any faxes).

I found that the M&T customer service reps (with their overly solicitious "we apologize for any inconvenience") talk like with brain-dead zombies....who have no clue about "customer service". Adding insult to injury, their interest rates are considerably lower than Ally Bank, Amex Direct, etc.

Anyone who was happy with WTDirect will be horrified by M&T Bank -- and if you have a large balance that you need to withdraw (and you aren't near a branch), allow weeks to get at your money (and $3 per withdrawal too!)

Most Ignorant And Worst Bank Hands Down

I don't recommend M&T at all. I called in for a stop loan payment on my checking account that is automatically withdrawn 2 weeks in advance and to have some kind of payment book or mail delivered to me so i can get them the money. This is all due to the fact that im vacationing in California for awhile and M&T doesn't exist out here. so the customer service gentleman told me everything was cool after i gave him the information he asked for to complete the task. Down the road i hadn't received any mail and went on-line to check. Sure enough there's a overdraft of $81.92 and the loan payment normally of $45.71. So i called their very rude customer service and explained things very rationally and calmly tho no lie i was extremely pissed when they were telling me there was no record of anything and there was nothing they could do. I spoke to the woman very nicely even tho she was a very rude customer service rep about the situation and i just wanted to reverse the charge that was made and have the paperwork that i needed to make the payments sent to me to California from Pennsylvania so they could get their money. i just didn't want the overdraft charge due to MAYBE SOMEONE POSSIBLY HADN'T DONE THEIR JOB???? I eventually spoke to a supervisor and explained it to her. She was even more nasty. I talked to her about the gentleman who possible hadn't done his job but she would not have any of my side of the story.Throwing bank regulations and policies at me raising her voice every-time i would try to get a word in. As there was no proof except the time i called it in which should be proof enough that i DID speak to this gentleman. There are many things they could have done for me and we couldve worked it out but M&T throws a fit over a small $37 overdraft fee that they lost my business once i pay them the $81 i "owe" them. Most customer service centers and bank personnel respect those customers who try to understand the banks side and not scream at employees when something goes wrong. Most Bank employees will try to help you and do what they can if you present your case nicely... Not M&T My advice i was being responsible with the knowledge i was given. I was respectful and courteous to the staff because if i was them i wouldn't want someone screaming at me either. In the end you just get stepped on by M&T. Worst Bank experience but its just my opinion.

aside from the above statment.
Very nasty customer service, tons of hidden fees and fine print, takes forever for a check or transaction to clear, employees dont have any compassion or common sense; they are a slave to the bank and will spew the regulations at you till they pass out.

M&T is by far the worst bank ive ever dealt with and this experience is just one of many problems m&t has given me. Save the trouble and go elsewhere.

Had The Misfortune Of Having These Idiots Buy My Mortgage

After having my mortgage for a year without one single problem with my old mortgage servicer, I have had several in a couple months with M&T.  They called to greet me as a new customer to ask if I had any questions, but when I asked them if I could pay biweekly they had no idea.  And they didn't refer me to anyone to find out.  Why the heck did they even call, then?  What a waste of time!

Next, they now need all these new documents that my old bank didn't need.  The heck with them, I am not sending them anything. 

Finally, if you pay at the end of the month but the payment takes a couple days to get to them to be processed, they call you at your work and treat you like a deadbeat.  They called me on the 6th of the month, even though the grace period for paying is until the 15th.  Not sure what the point of that is, they acted like I was about to get foreclosed on or something, they should spend thier time on people months behind, not a couple days.  Just for that, I will pay on the 15th online from now on just to piss them off!

How can something so simple get screwed up so bad?  All they need to do is accept my mortgage payments and leave me alone.  No calls, no document requests, no berating me.  I hope another bank buys them and lays off all thier idiot employees.

False Advertising; Liars; Cheats

We've had an account here for only 3 months. They said we got rewards for using our debit/credit card and that we had to do all transactions as credits and sign or we would be charged for pin/debit purchases. I wasn't crazy about only using the charge side of the card, but both of our last banks didn't have rewards and I thought that was great that they had it and it was a good trade off. BOY WERE WE DECEIVED!!! In 3 months, over $10,000 has come through our checking account without being eligible for reward points. Apparently, they don't sign you up when you join (quite a benefit, huh?), and even though they advertise it as a benefit, they don't give it to you and even though it is THEIR error, they will not give me "points" for all the eligible purchases I've made and should have gotten points for. AND, I don't have to put my John Hancock out there for every Tom, Dick and Harry to see. I am not charged for pin/debit charges (I found out today). Apparently, I was lied to. I won't be eligible for any reward points if I use the debit/pin, but I'm not getting them anyway, so who cares? And though ALL ATM transactions are free; and although all pin/debit transactions are processed like ATM withdraws; (the following quote is from a MandT customer service rep)" pin/debits transactions at say, Walmart, are for SPECIFIC amounts unlike ATM withdraws". Apparently, you will be charged, depending on the type of account you have. I think the person setting up your account aught to know what types of accounts the bank offers and the specifics of each. I think we would have done better to get and read a pamphlet first. I guess, $20, $40 and $100 are not specific amounts (typical ATM withdrawl option examples). A long-time friend that worked for them had recommended them. She left FT employment to care for elderly parents and I don't have the heart to tell her that her beloved bank is a CROOK!!! If you want cheated, lied to and a company that WON'T FIX THEIR OWN MISTAKES, then this bank is for you. In the words of Mand T and all the other crappy and/or rip-off companies' customer service reps, "Have a nice day."



Data for Q4 2013

Institution Health


Texas Ratio


The Texas Ratio is an indicator of how much funds a bank has available compared to the total value of loans considered at risk. As of December 31, 2013 M&T Bank had $1.24 billion in non-current loans and owned real-estate with $11.9 billion in equity and loan loss allowances on hand to cover it. This gives M&T Bank a Texas Ratio of 10.39% which is excellent. Any bank with a Texas Ratio near or greater than 100% is considered at risk.

Texas Ratio Trend


The Texas Ratio for M&T Bank decreased slightly from 13.53% as of December 31, 2012 to 10.39% as of December 31, 2013, resulting in a positive change of 23.18%.This indicates that the balance sheet and financial strength for M&T Bank has improved slightly in recent periods.

Deposit Growth


In the past year, M&T Bank has increased its total deposits by $1.78 billion, resulting in 2.68% growth for the year. A strong track record of growth is an indicator of consumer confidence and the bank's ability to strengthen its balance sheet. The growth M&T Bank has shown is above average.



Both FDIC and NCUA consider capitalization levels of banks and credit unions to be of high importance. Higher capitalization allows for a greater buffer when cover loans that may fail in the future. M&T Bank has $84.35 billion in assets with $11.9 billion in equity, resulting in a capitalization level of 14.11%, which is excellent.

Institution Statistics

FDIC Certificate #588
Year Established1856
Primary RegulatorFED
Assets and Liabilities
Assets$84.35 billion
Loans$62.65 billion
Deposits$68.18 billion
Equity Capital$10.99 billion
Loan Loss Allowance$912.03 million
Unbacked Noncurrent Loans$1.17 billion
Real Estate Owned$66.11 million
Historic Data - December 2012
Assets$82.09 billion
Equity Capital$10.27 billion
Loan Loss Allowance$920.46 million
Unbacked Noncurrent Loans$1.17 billion
Real Estate Owned$102.44 million
Profit Margin - Quarterly
Net Interest Margin3.8%
Return on Assets1.44%
Return on Equity11.28%
Interest Income$2.93 billion

Always verify rates and promotions with the bank or credit union. We are not M&T Bank, we are a rate comparison website and can not provide official rates or promotions.

M&T Bank Savings Account Rates

2.00%$100k-Health Savings Account
0.02%-$2,500Relationship Savings
0.02%-$2,500M&T Starter Savings

M&T Bank Money Market Rates

0.38%$100k$1mMyChoice Money Market (Premium)
0.30%$50k$1mMyChoice Money Market (Regular)
0.05%-$2,500M&T e-Money Market

M&T Bank Checking Account Rates

0.05%$100k-MyChoice Premium Checking
0.01%--M&T Classic Checking With Interest Balance
0.01%--MyChoice Plus Checking With Interest Balance

M&T Bank CD Rates

1.11%--60 Month Select Promo CD
0.90%--36 Month Select Promo CD
0.50%--24 Month Select Promo CD
0.40%--18 Month Select Promo CD
0.30%--36 Month Select CD
0.30%--12 Month Select Promo CD
0.20%--18 Month Select CD
0.20%--24 Month Select CD
0.15%--12 Month Select CD
0.15%--6 Month Select Promo CD
0.10%--6 Month Select CD

M&T Bank has 758 locations. Click to view all M&T Bank locations.