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Amazing Customer Service

Any issue I have, one phone call and one button press later (no massive voice menus) Im talking to a real person within 1 minute, who is always pleasant and friendly and helpful.  

I just had an outstanding experience that motivated me to write the review.  I noticed my state tax refund never showed up in my account, almost a month after the IRS claims to have deposited it.  So i call up the IRS, and find out they misread my handwriting and deposited it to an account ending in 118 rather than 113.   They say its up to my bank to figure it out, so I call up danvers, and talk them through the situation.  Within 5 minutes, not only have they located my funds, but theyve transferred it to my account while im on the phone with them, and stayed on the line with me until I can see it myself in online transactions.  

I couldnt be happier, with a larger bank, if i could have even got a real person, I imagine it would take weeks or months to get my money back if at all.  Thank you so much danversbank, you've earned a customer for life.  

3.01% October 4, 2010

Just got an email. They will be lowering the rate as of October 4th to 3.01%

Overdraft Fees

I have been a customer of Danversbank for many years, but my experience with them over the past year has been awful. In September of 2011 I over drafted my checking account through my bank card because I had oops protection, to the amount of $750.00 in fees. At that time I tried to work with the bank manager to reduce this amount. She would not hear of it, so I paid the overdraft fees and resumed using my account. Last week I set my bills to be paid for a certain day. My husband went to the bank that day to make the deposit into the account to pay these bills. Deposit made on the 20th bills to be paid on the 20th. On the 21 the bank charged me $175.00 in overdraft fees. I was away for a wedding over the weekend and went to use my bankcard only to find out my balance was to low. On Monday the 25th I called the bank to inquire why I was charged these overdraft fees only to find out that because my husbands check which was put in as cash didn't clear for 24 hour this was the reason for the overdraft fees. I explained to the assistant bank manager that my husband is on disability and I only work one day a week, have had two brain surgeries and that we could not afford to take a hit for $175.00. At that time he told me he would have to speak to the manager who was out on Monday and that he would speak with her and get back to me on Tuesday. On Tuesday I waited until 3:00 for a call, and decided to call him instead. After being on hold for a long while the assistant manager picked up my call and informed me that the manager would only refund me $70.00. I was very upset with this action. While I grateful for the $70.00 I feel that it should be a full refund of the fees. I will be sending this along to the local newspapers and The Boston Globe. I will be closing my accounts and taking my banking elsewhere.

Rate Going Down So I Am Leaving

I just got with this bank's Rewards Checking a month ago because The Provident Bank lowered their rate to 3.01% for the same thing.

So now DanversBank is lowering their rate to the very rate I fled.

I will be looking at a different bank. Annoying to have to move money around AGAIN.

DanversBank is very highly rated, which also annoys me since so few banks are any good these days.

Good Service

Danversbank is an excellent business model. Very good customer service.

Danvers Rate To Drop

Received email - rate dropping to 3% as of october