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Hudson City Savings Bank Reviews

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Be Careful Of These Guys...

Customer service is non-existent. It is impossible to get anyone on the phone except the department that receives your payment (haha). Also, they do not participate in any of the government programs such as HAMP or HARP - basically Fannie or Freddie are not involved. This makes it impossible for you to refinance your home unless you have substantial equity in it. Who knows wherearehouse prices headed. I will never again repeat the mistake of choosing Hudson City Savings Bank.


I am forced to use Hudson City because they are the only bank in NJ that offers a reduced documentation loan and I am self employed.  No one answers the phone at their mortgage office and calls are not returned when you leave a voicemail.  Similarly, no one responds when you send an email.  In government as well as private business, NJ is a cesspool of corruption and monopolies.

This Is The Most Raciest Bank!

This is the most raciest bank, once they see u speak with an accent or have a not so common name, they give u the run around, my parents called them for a modification but they put them in the wrong  one and their payments went up. They called left messages no answer even called the head of their mortgage department still no answer. Then they gave me a POA, called myself, they claimed that they cant do anything, they send an appraiser they said the house is under water and they cant help  and their top manager in charge of helping people who feel behind yelled at them and said u have 2 years of free rent and hang up!

Mortgage Department

The customer service in the mortgage department is deplorable. I have never dealt with so many people that just pass the phone call along, not return messages or call back when they said they will call back.

If you want an institution that can truly help and work with you--it is NOT Hudson.

Can't wait to refinance, with someone else.

Worst Customer Service On The Planet!

Everything takes forever to do here. Staff not trained. Bad attitudes. They get 0 stars from me.


I was (I would say forced ) into using Hudson --- my finance person had me almost to the closing date for BOA and I was told due to my HOA they could not close for me. Reason I was told ---- that there are low/moderate income housing within the complex ----- and BOA couldn't accept that. SO I was automatically turned over to Hudson Savings --- Hmmmmmm seems a little fishy to me! I asked my finance person and was told we had to go with them. I wanted to back out but wasn't sure if that was the right move either. I was told I couldn't go with any other company as well. Stinky ..... Hudson doesn't seem to wanna answer their phones maybe because it a Friday ...not sure ! I will keep trying ...................................booooooooooooo to Hudson and their savings/checking rates don't seem to impressive either! I'm sticking with my federal credit union ---

No Call Backs.

I have called in several times to get information on an account I hold wth this bank. The phone rings about 9 times before a receptionist picks up, but at least I get to speak with someone. That said, each time I get switched to someone's line I get voicemail. I'm fine with that if I received a return call within 24 hours, but I do not. Customers understand that you are not always ready to take their call, but a call back within a reasonable amount of time is a prerequisite of good customer service.