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$50 HSBC Smart Checking Package Bonus Update


About 3 weeks after I signed up for the HSBC Smart Checking package, I received the $50 bonus credited to the new checking account. The bonus was credited on March 20th. The 20th of the month seems to be a typical date that HSBC credits bonuses. This checking account bonus is available through April 23rd. Here's the link to the promotional page. Refer to this previous post for all of the details about this $50 bonus and the $10 free-checking account bonus. A checking account will allow you to link your ING Direct Savings account to HSBC.

Unfortunately, the $25 sign-up bonus for the HSBC Online Savings account expired February 28th. I wouldn't be surprised if HSBC offers this bonus again sometime in the near future.

Here's the dateline of events during my Smart Checking Package application process:
  • March 5th - Applied for Smart Checking Package
  • March 6th - Mailed in signature card
  • March 6th - Trial deposits made to linked account
  • March 7th - Verified trial deposit at HSBC
  • March 17th - HSBC acknowledged the receipt of my signature card
  • March 18th - Premium Money Market and Checking accounts shown when logged into the Online Savings account
  • March 20th - $50 bonus credited to checking account
  • March 25th - Received letter with checking account info and number to call to request first order of checks

Comment #1 by andrea (anonymous) posted on
Sounds like everything went as it should with your application. Not so with mine and my husband's. We applied for two separate accounts on 1/24 and don't have the bonus yet. They made a mistake with the initial deposits (on two different checks with clear specifications) for my husband's and my new checking accounts and it took about a week and a couple of phone calls to fix it. Also, no moneymarket account was opened although we both applied with the bonus code GET50. After another phone call, I received a major folder with material to apply for the money market account. I haven't done it yet. How was it that your money market account was opened through the online application? I can't recall that possibility. My husband received his debit card without asking for it, while I had to call for it. I am very confused although I have quite some experience with these kinds of online deals. Is the bonus dependent upon the money market account, or was it supposed to be credited after the checking account is opened? I just may have to call them again. I am also not sure whether they will credit the bonus if I open the account through the mail. Is there a minimum deposit for this money market account?

Comment #2 by Banking Guy (anonymous) posted on
Banking Guy
Andrea, sorry to read about your problems with this promotion. This money market requirement complicates this promotion, and for those with the Online Savings account, I don't know why anyone would want it except to qualify for this bonus.

When I signed up, there were a list of checkboxes for several account/service options. That is where I selected the Premium Money Market Account in addition to the Interest checking account.

There doesn't seem to be any minimum deposit requirements for this Premium MMA. I just opened it and the checking with $5 each.