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5.75% 20-Month CD at an Illinois CU - Open To All (Consumers)


Consumers Credit Union is offering four CD specials. The best rate is a 5.75% APY 20-month Jumbo CD. The 10-month Jumbo CD has an APY of 5.50%. The minimum deposit for the Jumbo CD is $100K. The APYs for a minimum deposit of $250 is 5.50% for a 20-month CD and a 5.25% for a 10-month CD. These CD rates are 25 basis points higher than what the credit union was offering when I reported on this special last April.

You can become eligible for membership by joining the Consumers Cooperative Association which requires a one-time, non-refundable $5.00 fee.

The credit union has 5 branches located in the North Chicago area.

One important note about this credit union is that it's not federally insured by the NCUA. Like Patelco it is insured privately by American Share Insurance. You can verify their ASI insurance and their financials at this link. One good thing about ASI is that it insures deposits up to $250K per account.