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5 Year CD Rates

Compare rates on 5 year CDs from banks and credit unions. Use the filter box below to customize your results. You can sort by each column below or select another product to compare rates.

Bank or Credit UnionApyMinMaxEarnings
Melrose Credit Union2.27%$5k-$2,9695 Year Share Certificate
Barclays2.25%--$2,95060 Month Online CD
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CIT Bank2.25%$1k-$2,9425 Year CD
GE Capital Retail Bank2.25%$25k-$2,95060 Month CD
Fulton Bank, National Association2.25%$1k-$2,95060 Month Promo Relationship Banking CD
EverBank2.20%$1,500-$2,8745 Year Yield Pledge CD
iGObanking2.15%$1k-$2,80660 Month iGOCD
GE Capital Bank2.10%$500-$2,7385 Year CD
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State Farm Bank2.05%--$2,67760 Month CD
State Bank of India2.05%$5k-$2,6705 Year CD
State Department Federal Credit Union2.02%$500-$2,63760 Month Certificate
Fairfax County Credit Union2.02%$2,500-$2,63760 Month Share Certificate
Franklin Federal Savings Bank2.02%$500-$2,6295 Year CD
Salem Five2.00%$10k-$2,61060 Month eCD Special
Salem Five Direct2.00%$10k-$2,61060 Month eCD Special
Connexus Credit Union2.00%$10k-$2,61060 Month Certificate With Active Checking
Mountain America Credit Union2.00%$500-$2,61060 Month CD
Lake Michigan Credit Union2.00%$500-$2,61060 Month VIP CD Special
Webster Bank2.00%$1k-$2,6025 Year CD
First Shore Federal Savings and Loan Association2.00%$500-$2,61060 Month CD
Chain Bridge Bank, National Association2.00%$500$250k$2,61060 Month CD
Urban Trust Bank2.00%$500$100k$2,61060 Month CD
Discover Bank1.95%$2,500-$2,5345 Year CD
Intervest National Bank1.94%$2,500-$2,5215 Year CD
Digital Credit Union1.86%$25k-$2,420Jumbo 60 Month Certificate - Relationship Rate
Nationwide Bank1.85%*$500-$2,40760 Month CD
First Technology Federal Credit Union1.85%$500-$2,40760 Month CD
Andrews Federal Credit Union1.81%$1k-$2,35360 Month Share Certificate
Belvoir Federal Credit Union1.80%$1k-$2,33960 Month Share Certificate
Patriot Bank1.80%$1k-$2,33960 Month CD
Pen Air Credit Union1.80%$500-$2,33960 Month CD
Communitywide Credit Union1.80%$2k-$2,33960 Month Share Certificate
HEW Credit Union1.76%$2k-$2,28560 Month Silver Share Certificate
Third Federal Savings and Loan (OH)1.75%$500-$2,27260 Month CD
Northern Bank & Trust Company1.75%$500-$2,27260 Month CD
Astera Credit Union1.70%$500-$2,1985 Year CD
Bank @LANTEC1.70%$500-$2,20560 Month CD
Northrop Grumman Federal Credit Union1.68%$2,500-$2,17860 Month Term CD
AloStar Bank of Commerce1.65%$1k-$2,13260 Month CD
Logix Federal Credit Union1.65%$1k-$2,13860 Month CD w/ Platinum Relationship Rewards
First Internet Bank of IN1.65%$1k-$2,13860 Month CD
Pinnacle Federal Credit Union1.61%$500-$2,08460 Month CD
Ally Bank1.60%--$2,065High Yield 5 Year CD
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Geauga Savings Bank1.60%$1k-$2,07160 Month CD
Consumers Credit Union (IL)1.60%$250-$2,0655 Year CD
Affinity Credit Union1.60%$500-$2,07160 Month Certificate
Dupont Community Credit Union1.56%$500-$2,0125 Year CD
Alliant Credit Union1.55%$1k-$1,90248 - 59 Month Share CD
Bank of Georgetown1.55%$1k-$1,9995 Year CD
Sandy Spring Bank1.55%$1k-$2,00460 Month CD
ABNB Credit Union1.55%*$20k-$2,00460 Month Certificate
Nma Credit Union1.55%$10k-$2,00460 Month Share Certificate
WashingtonFirst Bank1.55%$1k-$2,00460 Month CD
Virginia Partners Bank1.51%$1k-$1,91759 Month CD
E-LOAN.com1.51%$10k-$1,9455 Year CD
Pentagon Federal Credit Union1.51%$1k-$1,9455 Year Money Market Cerificate
West Texas National Bank1.51%$1k-$1,9455 Year CD
Chartway Federal Credit Union1.51%$10k-$1,95160 Month CD
NARFE Premier Federal Credit Union1.51%$1k-$1,9455 Year Step Up CD
John Marshall Bank1.51%$500-$1,9455 Year CD
Piedmont Credit Union1.51%$1k-$1,9455 Year Share CD
Doral Direct1.50%$500-$1,93860 Month CD
Apple Federal Credit Union1.50%$500-$1,93860 Month Share Certificate
Patelco Credit Union1.50%$1k-$1,93860 Month CD
OneWest Bank1.50%$1k-$1,9325 Year Branch CD
Northern Star Credit Union1.50%$1k-$1,93860 Month Share Certificate
Sallie Mae Bank1.50%$2,500-$1,93860-Month CD
US Bank (OH)1.50%$1k$250k$1,90459 Month CD Special
Colorado Federal Savings Bank1.50%$5k-$1,9325 Year CD
Bayport Credit Union1.50%$2,500-$1,73754 Months Premier Share Certificate Special
Justice Federal Credit Union1.50%*$500-$1,93860 Month Share Certificate w/ JNA Relationship
McGraw Hill Credit Union1.50%$10k-$1,93860 Month CD
Salem Va Medical Center Credit Union1.50%$1k-$1,93860 Month CD
The Richmond Postal Credit Union In1.50%$500-$1,93860 Month CD
Truliant Credit Union1.50%*$25k-$1,93860 Month Certificate
TIAA Direct1.49%$1k-$1,92460 Month CD
Commonwealth One Credit Union1.46%$1k-$1,88460 Month Share Certificate
Frontier Community Bank1.45%$1k-$1,8711830 Day Relationship CD
First National Bank (VA)1.45%$500-$1,8665 Year CD
Hudson City Savings Bank1.45%$500-$1,8665 Year CD
Fort Knox Federal Credit Union1.45%$500-$1,83859 Month CD
The National Republic Bank of Chicago1.41%$1k$100k$1,8135 Year CD
Northwest Federal Credit Union1.41%*$25k-$1,8135 Year Share Certificate
Capital Educators Federal Credit Union1.41%*$25k-$1,81860 Month Share Certificate
NSWC Credit Union1.41%$500-$1,8135-Year Share Certificate
Chesapeake Bank1.40%$1k-$1,8005 Year CD
Flagstar Bank1.40%$500-$1,71360 - 71 Month CD
First Virginia Community Bank1.40%$1k-$1,80060 Month CD
Partners Financial Credit Union1.36%$10k-$1,7475 Year Share Certificate
Air Force Federal Credit Union1.35%*$2,500-$1,7345 Year CD
Presidential Bank (MD)1.35%$1k-$1,734Commercial 5 Year CD
American Express Bank, FSB.1.35%--$1,73960 Month CD
Bank of Internet USA1.35%$1k-$1,73960 Month CD
Virginia Heritage Bank1.35%$500-$1,73960 Month CD
Security Bank (OK)1.35%$2k-$1,73960 Month CD
Cardinal Bank1.35%$1k-$1,7345 Year CD
Virginia Community Bank1.35%$500-$1,73960 Month CD
Quantum National Bank1.32%$1k-$1,69960 Month Relationship CD
Giantbank.com1.30%$2,500-$1,67360 Month Giant Personal CD
National Bank of Kansas City1.30%--$1,67360 Month CD
INOVA Federal Credit Union1.30%$200-$1,6685 Year CD
Armed Forces Bank, National Association1.30%$500-$1,67360 Month CD
Freedom First Credit Union1.30%$500-$1,67360 Month Share Certificate
Virginia Credit Union, Inc.,1.30%*$500-$1,67360 Month CD
Self-Help Credit Union1.26%$500-$1,62060 Month Standard CD
Entrust Financial Credit Union1.26%$500-$1,62060 Month Certificate
Farmers & Merchants Bank1.26%$1k-$1,62060 Month CD
Marine Federal Credit Union1.26%$1k-$1,62060 Month Term Share Certificate
Village Bank (VA)1.26%$500-$1,62060 Month Certificate
Martinsville DuPont Credit Union1.26%$2,500-$1,6155 Year CD
Argent Credit Union1.26%$500-$1,62060 Month Certificate
Principal Bank1.26%$5k-$1,62060 Month CD
Martinsville First Savings Bank1.26%$500-$1,6155 Year CD
MainStreet Bank1.25%$500-$1,6025 Year CD
Amalgamated Bank1.25%$500$99k$1,6025 Year USAVE Time Deposit
First Trade Union Bank1.25%$500-$1,6025 Year CD
Blue Ridge Bank1.25%$5k-$1,52357 Months Special CD
The Jacksonville Bank1.25%$1k-$1,60760 Month CD
Bank SNB1.25%$10k-$1,60760 Month CD
Easthampton Savings Bank1.25%$1k-$1,60760 Month CD
Bank of the James1.25%$500-$1,60760 Month CD
First Sentinel Bank1.25%$500-$1,60760 Month CD
Airbanking1.25%$500-$1,6025 Year CD
Xenith Bank1.21%$500-$1,55460 Month CD
Seacoast Commerce Bank1.21%$10k-$1,550Premium Certificate 5 Year
Bank of Botetourt1.21%$500-$1,5505 Year CD
Farmers Bank (VA)1.21%$1k-$1,55460 Month CD
Peoples Advantage Credit Union1.21%$1k-$1,55460 Month CD
New Horizon Bank, National Association1.21%$500-$1,55460 Month CD
The Capon Valley Bank1.20%$500-$1,54160 Month CD - Monthly
Beacon Credit Union1.20%$500-$1,54160 Month Share Certificate
United Southeast Credit Union1.20%$1k-$1,54160 Month CD
Eli Lilly Credit Union1.16%$1k-$1,4845 Year CD
First National Community Bank (PA)1.15%$1k-$1,4715 Year CD
FNBO Direct1.15%$500$1m$1,47560 Month CD
Citizens Bank (TN)1.15%$2,500-$1,47560 Month CD
EagleBank1.15%$1k-$1,47560 Month CD
University Of Va Community Credit Union1.15%$500-$1,4715 Year CD
The Blue Grass Valley Bank1.15%$500-$1,47560 Month CD
Heritage Bank1.13%$25k-$1,44960 Month CD
M&T Bank1.11%--$1,42360 Month Select Promo CD
1St Advantage Credit Union1.11%$500-$1,42360 Month Share Certificate
American Bank1.10%$500-$1,41060 Month CD
Benchmark Community Bank1.10%$500-$1,4065 Year Premium CD
PNC Bank, National Association1.10%$10k-$1,41060 Month Callable CD Promo
Burke & Herbert Bank & Trust Company1.10%$10k-$1,41060 Month CD w/ checking
Money One Federal Credit Union1.10%*$10k-$1,4065 Year Share Savings Certificate
Arlington Community Credit Union1.10%$500-$1,41060 Month Platinum Share Certificate
USAA Bank1.06%$1k$95k$1,3535 Year CD - Standard
North American Savings Bank1.05%$10k-$1,27648 - 59 Month CD with Checking
North Country Savings Bank1.05%$500-$1,3405 Year CD
First and Citizens Bank1.05%$500-$1,34460 Month CD
Great Lakes Credit Union1.05%$1k-$1,3405 Year Share Certificate
First Security Bank & Trust1.05%$2,500-$1,34460 Month CD
Goldwater Bank1.01%$5k-$1,2885 Year CD - Out of State
Union Bank (San Francisco, CA)1.01%$350$100k$1,29260 Month CD
Green Bank, National Association1.00%$1k$250k$1,2755 Year GO! CD
Amegy Bank1.00%$1k-$1,2755 Year Personal CD
Univest Bank and Trust Co.1.00%$500-$1,27960 Month Fixed CD
University Federal Credit Union1.00%$1k-$1,27960 Month Regular CD
EVB1.00%$1k-$1,27960 Month CD
Newtown Savings Bank1.00%--$1,2755 Year CD
Aspire Federal Credit Union1.00%$500-$1,27960 Month eCertificate
InTouch Credit Union1.00%$1k$95k$1,27960 Month CD
New Generations Federal Credit Union1.00%$1k-$1,2755 Year Share Certificate
Simplicity Bank1.00%$1k-$1,2755 Year CD
Access National Bank1.00%$10k-$1,2755 Year CD
First National Bank (LA)1.00%--$1,27960 Month CD
First Bank (VA)1.00%$500-$1,27960 Month CD
The Bank of Southside Virginia1.00%$1k-$1,2755 Year CD
Virginia Commonwealth Bank1.00%$500-$1,27960 Month CD
StellarOne Bank1.00%$5k-$1,27960 Month Promo CD
Partners 1St Credit Union0.99%$500-$1,26660 Month CD
Citizens State Bank (FL)0.99%*$1k-$1,26660 Month CD
Pacific Mercantile Bank0.95%$10k-$1,21460 Month Net CD
Highlands Union Bank0.95%$500-$1,21460 Month CD
PortAlliance Credit Union0.95%$1k-$1,21460 Month CD
Zions Bank0.90%$1k-$1,1455 Year Gold CD
Capital One 3600.90%--$1,14960 Month CD
Pendleton Community Bank0.90%$500-$1,14960 Month CD
Citizens Community Bank (VA)0.90%$500-$1,14960 Month CD
Union First Market Bank0.90%$1k$100k$1,1455 Year Preferred CD
ViewPoint Bank, National Association0.85%$1k-$1,08460 Month Regular CD
Bronco Federal Credit Union0.85%$1k-$1,08460 Month Share Certificate
KeyBank0.85%$25k$100k$1,08460 Month Tiered CD - Relationship
New Peoples Bank, Inc.0.85%$500-$1,08460 Month Certificate
Front Royal Credit Union0.85%$500-$1,0815 Year Share Certificate
United Central Bank0.80%$1k-$1,01660 Month CD
Appalachian Community Credit Union0.80%$1k-$1,01960 Month Term Share Certificate
Bank of Blue Valley0.75%$500-$90760 - 71 Months CD
Woodforest National Bank0.75%$500-$9525 Year CD
The National Bank of Blacksburg0.72%$500-$91660 Month CD
South Division Credit Union0.70%$1k-$8875 Year CD
Credit Union Of New Jersey0.70%*$500-$8875 Year Basic Share Certificate
Urban Partnership Bank0.70%*$500-$89060 Month CD
1st Source Bank0.65%$500-$8235 Year CD
NexBank0.65%$10k-$82560 Month CD
Capital One Bank0.60%$1k-$7595 Year CD
Chase Manhattan Bank0.55%*$10k-$66260-83 Month CD - Relationship
Citibank0.50%$1k-$6315 Year CD
NewDominion Bank0.50%$1k-$63360 Month Fixed Rate CD
Comerica Bank0.35%$1k-$4415 Year Fixed Rate CD
BankDirect0.25%$10k-$31560 Month CD
GiftsforBanking.com0.25%$5k-$3145 Year CD Gifts
Bank of America0.20%$1k-$23948 - 59 Month CD - Platinum Rate
Guardian Credit Union0.04%$500-$50.1860 Month Share Certificate
H&R Block Bank 0.03%$250-$37.6360 Month CD
Charles Schwab Bank0.03%$1k-$37.6360 Month CD