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$25 Bonus for Paying Bills Using HSBC's Online Payment Account


HSBC Direct is offering $25 for paying 3 bills using its Online Payment Account. Here's the promotional page link. According to the terms:
You must use Bill Pay to make three bill payments through your Online Payment Account by January 31, 2008. If you qualify, $25 will be credited to your Online Payment Account 6-8 weeks after that date.

Credit for this find goes to SD member rsqdoc56 who posted it at this SD thread. In some previous HSBC promotions, a few readers reported being told by HSBC that the promos were only for those who received a mailer. So your miles may vary. Be sure to save the webpage if you try this promotion. If you already have the Online Payment Account, there's not much to lose for giving this a try.

The Online Payment Account (OPA) is a free online checking account without paper checks similar to ING Direct's Electric Orange account. All payments are designed to be done using their free online bill pay. There's no minimum balance or fees. The current yield is 2.50% APY on all balances over $1. For those who already have the HSBC Online Savings Account, it's easy to open the OPA. I have more info on the OPA and my experiences opening this account in my OPA review post.

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Comment #1 by Victor (anonymous) posted on
I want to know if I already have hsbc online saving account, when I open this OPA, do I still get a hard or soft inquiry in my credit report.
Thanks banking guy.

Comment #2 by Anonymous posted on
Question: Am using HSBC Bank with Online Savings and Online Bill Payment since HSBC is one of my LOCAL banks here linked to Countrywide Bank as I need to deposit physical checks at the ATM.

Is HSBC OPA/OSA with LOCAL ATM and Countrywide combo still the best game in town?

Comment #3 by Anonymous posted on
I already have interest checking account with bill paying. If I open this new account and pay bills with the new account, will I still get $25?

Comment #4 by Anonymous posted on
This account is still not listed at HSBC home page among the list of savings or checking account.
It seems the only way to open this account is through the link posted by you.

Comment #5 by Anonymous posted on

You can find the OPA link on the page.

Comment #6 by cardoffer (anonymous) posted on
Yes. I'm just wondering whether this promotion is available for other accounts.

Comment #7 by Anonymous posted on
I made 3 billpay payments in December. When I wrote asking about my bonus, this is the initial response I received which is in conflict with the wording of their offer. I have written back explaining that I did comply with their terms and that nothing in the promotion indicated to wait a month and make all the payments during January.

HSBC's response: "To qualify for the promotion you were to make three Bill Pays throughout the month of January. Our system indicates that you did not make any Bill Pays during the month of January. You did make Bill Pays in December."

Kinda wondered if anyone else ran into this dis-service?

Comment #8 by Anonymous posted on
HSBC so far did not honor this promo even though I got a personal mailer! Ah... HSBC

Comment #9 by Anonymous posted on
I'm the April 8 poster. I wrote back to HSBC pointing out the exact wording of their offer. Here's there newest perhaps there is still hope(?).

HSBC said: "We apologize for the confusion. You are correct you did make three Bill Pays by the end of January. Your account will
be credited the bonus of $25.00. As the promotion states your
account will be credited by April 30, 2008."

Comment #10 by routing (anonymous) posted on
HSBC sucks. I made 4 billpay payments in December. When I called about my bonus. I was told that I did make Bill Pays in December not in Jan., 2008." How do I fight HSBC?

Comment #11 by Anonymous posted on
April 8 poster here again. When my bonus didn't auto-post by April 30, I replied to the previous bank mail asking again for the bonus to be credited to my account. Their prompt reply on 5/1 was "Your request regarding the $25.00 cash bonus for the Bill Pay promotion has been forwarded to our Online Processing Center." The next day, I received an email (not a bank mail) from a Branch Operations Specialist which, in part, says "I have received your request for the $25.00 Bill Pay Bonus for your Online Payment Account. You did make the 3 bill payments during the promotional period. The $25.00 bonus will be credited to your account within 3 business days." The bonus posted to my account later that same day. I suggest contacting them through bank mail, quoting the stated requirements and detailing your transactions if necessary...and remain pleasant in your communications with them. Good luck!