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CD Deal Reminders - 5% 100-Day at The Golden 1, 5.25% 5-Year at US Bank


One downside to posting so much is that the some good deals often become hard to find after a week or two. So I decided to highlight some past deals that are still available.

The first is a 5.00% APY 100-Day CD special at The Golden 1 Credit Union in California. The offer is scheduled to last through June 30, 2008. Refer to my June 9th post for details about this CD and membership requirements.

The second is a 5.25% APY 60-month CD special at US Bank. They also have some other competitive long-term CD rates. It appears you have to live in a state where they have branches. Another downside is that they have a severe early withdrawal penalty. Refer to my last US Bank post for more details.

And don't forget Wachovia's latest CD deals which includes a 5.25% APY 60-month CD, a 4.25% APY 12-month CD and a 4.00% APY 7-month CD. They just started this promotion last Friday. More details are available in my Sunday post.

For other CD rates and deals, please refer to my weekly rate summary. Click on the "Quick Link" under the title, and it'll take you to an index of links where you can quickly access the terms that interest you. Also, this weekly summary is a good place to leave comments if you want to discuss banking related issues.

To comment on a new deal or special that hasn't been posted, refer to my Finding the Best Deals Post. Links and summaries of the latest 5 comments are shown on top along with a quick link to the comment submission.

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