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Delta Community Credit Union's 4.50% 12-month CD Ending on Dec 13th


Delta Community Credit Union
Like many other banks and credit unions, Delta Community Credit Union is ending their CD special early. Their 4.50% APY 12-month CD has been available since early November, and it was supposed to last through December. A reader noted this end-date yesterday. I called and was told the same thing this morning.

Anyone can join this credit union via an association membership. However, for those who don't live near one of their branches in Georgia, I don't know if it's possible to get this deal before it ends tomorrow. A reader who noted this end-date said he was able to join and open the CD from Los Angeles. He was able to fund the CD by going to a local credit union which is part of the credit union service centers network.

For more details about this CD special, this credit union and how to join, please refer to my original review of this deal. Several commenters shared their experience with this credit union. Joining and opening an account definitely appears to be easier and quicker if you can make it to a branch.

One Other 4.50% CD Deal

There's still a 4.50% CD deal at another credit union that's easy to join. It's at Digital Credit Union, and the CD has a term of 16 months. I first reported on this special on October 20th, so it may not last much longer either. They also have a 4% APY 8-month CD special. Please refer to my review of this deal for the full details.

I'm afraid CD rates are falling fast. Banks that have cut their CD rates this week include GMAC, E-LOAN, State Bank of India and Discover Bank. It may soon be difficult to find a 4% rate for terms of under 2 years.

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