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Competitive Long-Term CD Rates at Liberty Savings FCU in NJ - Local Only


Liberty Savings Credit Union

Liberty Savings Federal Credit Union is offering several competitive long-term CD rates. The best ones include a 3.00% APY 6-year CD, a 2.90% APY 5-year CD and a 2.65% APY 4-year CD. Minimum deposit is $5,000. An extra 0.10% rate is added for a $50,000 minimum balance for CD terms of at least 2 years. These rates are listed in the credit union's certificates rates page as of 10/24/2010.

As a comparison, the best 5-year CD yield available from an internet bank is 2.75% at Sallie Mae Bank.

Membership at Liberty Savings FCU is open to persons who live, work, worship, or attend school in Hudson County, New Jersey. Please refer to the members page for the full details. There's also a long list of employment, education, and organizational eligibilities. The membership application seems to imply anyone may be able to join. In the instructions it states:

To become a member, complete the attached Membership Application card and return it to the credit union. There is a one time $10* membership fee.

*Fee is waived for members joining through a Select Employee Group.

If you're interested in joining, you may want to call and see if there's a way you can join.

Branches are located in Jersey City and Union City, New Jersey.

The credit union's overall health score at is 3 out of 5 with a Texas Ratio of 33.06% (above average). Please refer to our financial overview of Liberty Savings Federal Credit Union for more details. The credit union is federally insured by the NCUA (Charter # 7184).

Searching for the Best CD Rates

To search for the best nationwide CD rates and the best CD rates in your state, please refer to the CD rates section of

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Comment #1 by Wil posted on
I've been a membership of LSFCU since Feb. 2008. You need to be careful to maintain at least $100 in the primary savings account, or they will hit you with a $2 per month fee for being below the minimum balance. And to earn interest on the primary savings account, you must have at least $501 deposited in that account. The schedule of fees also includes a $5 per month "dormount account" fee, but I have yet to encounter it. The credit union also has many fees, including a "membership termination fee" of $5. So, be careful to regularly check your statements (they will automatically enroll in electronic statements, and do so without telling you).

Comment #2 by Wil posted on
Sorry about the typo: should be "dormant account," not "dormount"! Incidentally, once my CD matures in 2012, I plan to kiss LSFCU goodbye. In hindsight, I would rather have gotten a CD elsewhere at a slightly lower rate than have to go through the trouble of being so vigilant in order to avoid their fees.