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Air Force Federal Credit Union1.40%$100k-5 Year CD
Air Force Federal Credit Union1.40%$100k-5 Year IRA (Traditional,Roth,CESA)
Air Force Federal Credit Union1.25%$100k-3 Year CD
Air Force Federal Credit Union1.25%$100k-3 Year IRA (Traditional,Roth,CESA)
Accounts mentioned in this post. Rates as of August 22, 2014

Competitive 3-Year & 5-Year CD Rates at Air Force FCU - Limited Membership


Air Force Federal Credit Union

Air Force FCU continues to offer competitive 3-year and 5-year CD rates. The best rates require a $100K minimum deposit and include a 3.00% APY 5-year CD and a 2.40% APY 3-year CD. For the 5-year CD, the rate only goes down by 5 basis points for deposits as small as $2,500. For the 3-year CD, the rates include a 2.35% APY for $25K, 2.30% APY for $12.5K and 2.25% APY for $1K. These rates are listed in the credit union's savings rates page as of 11/02/2010.

As a comparison, the best 5-year CD rate you can find at an internet bank is 2.75% APY for a 5-year CD at Sallie Mae Bank. For a 3-year CD rate, the best is 2.25% APY at

The credit union also offers IRA certificates with the same rates as above. The credit union's early withdrawal penalty is a little convoluted:

The early withdrawal penalty will be equal to one half of the dividends that would accrue from the date of the withdrawal to the maturity date applying the contracted rate on the certificate based to the amount withdrawn over and above any dividends credited to the certificate to date of withdrawal.

The credit used to be open to all US Armed Forces. However, it's now limited to those connected to the military who are working in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, or Mississippi. If you click on the credit union's "join us" link and then click on "become a member" link, you can see the full details of the credit union's field of membership.

Last year the NCUA cited Air Force FCU for improper membership. I reviewed NCUA's letter of understanding in this July post.

The membership application is available online. For those who prefer to visit an office, branches are located in San Antonio, Texas. The credit union is also part of the CU Service Centers which allows you to make several banking transactions at shared branch offices around the nation.

The credit union has an overall health score at of 4 out of 5 with a Texas Ratio of 2.72% (excellent) based on June 2010 data. Please refer to our financial overview of Air Force Federal Credit Union for more details. The credit union is federally insured by the NCUA (Charter # 8169).

Searching for the Best CD and IRA CD Rates

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Comment #1 by Robert A Glenn (anonymous) posted on
Robert A Glenn
I am the President/CEO of Air Force Federal Credit Union.  I'd like to offer clarification on the Field of Membership concern.  The restriction on membership qualification applies to new members joining the credit union and we can and do serve our members as they move around without restriction.

Via family membership many are potential members who reside outside the five states.  The five states apply to new members joining using their relationship to the military as the basis for member or who are in retirement status.

We would encourage interested parties to call us to verify their eligibility.  (800) 227-5328

Thank you.