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Special CDs with Top Rates at Patriot FCU in Parts of PA and MD


Patriot Credit Union

Patriot Federal Credit Union has come out with four special CDs with very competitive rates. The best one is a 5-year CD with a 3.00% APY. The others include a 4-year CD with a 2.50% APY, a 3-year CD with a 2.00% APY and a 30-month CD with a 2.00% APY. The 4-year CD has a step-up feature which allows you to increase the rate one time to the rate currently in effect for that CD. Minimum deposit for these special CDs is $25,000, and new money is required. These are also available as IRA CDs. The specials are listed in the credit union’s deposit rates page as of 4/7/2014. Thanks to DA member Pearlbrown who reported on this special in the DA forum.

The early withdrawal penalty is 365 days’ dividends. The early withdrawal penalty and other CD details are listed in the credit union’s Truth in Savings for Share Certificates document. The link to this document is located at the top of the credit union’s deposit rates page.


Credit union membership is open to anyone who lives, attends school, works or worships in Franklin or Fulton County of Pennsylvania, or in Washington County of Maryland, or in the Borough of Shippensburg of Pennsylvania. Please refer to the credit union’s Join page for more details.

Membership requires a minimum balance of $5 in the share savings account.

Credit Union Overview

Patriot Federal Credit Union branches are located in the Pennsylvania cities of Chambersburg and Waynesboro, and in the Maryland city of Hagerstown.

The credit union has an overall health grade at of an A+ with a Texas ratio of 4.36% (excellent) based on December 2013 data. Please refer to our financial overview of Patriot Federal Credit Union for more details. The credit union is federally insured by the NCUA (Charter # 16574).

How These CD Rates Compare

This special Patriot FCU 5-year CD rate is much higher than what’s nationally available. The highest 5-year CD rate that’s nationally available is 2.30% APY at CIT Bank. This requires a $100K minimum deposit. It has a 2.25% APY for a $1K minimum deposit.

Patriot’s 4-year and 3-year CD rates are also much higher than what’s nationally available. The highest 4-year CD rate is 2.02% APY at Melrose Credit Union, and the highest 3-year CD rate is 1.75% APY at Connexus Credit Union. This requires an active checking account.

These rates are accurate as of 4/7/2014.

To search for nationwide CD rates and CD rates in your state, please refer to the best CD rates section of

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Comment #1 by QED posted on
Gosh, that's a wonderful rate of interest, Ken.  Time to enroll for a course at a college inside that region, I guess.  I've done this before as a way to gain credit union entry.  You have to be careful, though.  Some credit unions also require students be in residence, without disclosing the requirement unless you ask.  And after you've signed up for the course it's too late to ask.

Comment #2 by Anonymous posted on
Taking a on-line class may be a tough sell for qualifing?

Comment #3 by QED posted on
Yes.  You are correct.  It works at some CUs . . . but not at others.

I have been in both situations.  Couple of times I got in and it was sweet.  At least one other time I can recall they told me, in no uncertain terms, to "get lost".

Before you pay your money to the school, you need to learn the policy, the precise rules, of the CU you wish to join.