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IRA Savings Accounts

IRA savings accounts provide a means of saving for retirement without having funds locked up for a set amount of time.

Bank or Credit UnionApyMinMax1yr Est.
Connexus Credit Union1.50%$10k-$375Roth IRA Supreme Account w/Active Checking
CIT Bank0.95%$25k-$238IRA Savings Account
Community Financial Services Credit Union0.90%--$225IRA Share Account
Ally Bank0.87%--$217IRA Online Savings Account
Garden Savings Federal Credit Union0.80%*--$200Roth IRA Accumulator
Capital One 3600.75%--$188IRA Savings
Capital Educators Federal Credit Union0.75%--$188IRA Savings (59 1/2) Traditional
Cattaraugus County Bank0.75%$100-$188Individual Retirement Account
Alliant Credit Union0.70%--$175IRA Savings
Patelco Credit Union0.67%$25k-$168Treasury Roth IRA
North Country Savings Bank0.60%*$25k-$150IRA Advantage
Lake Michigan Credit Union0.60%--$150Roth IRA Shares
Self-Help Credit Union0.55%--$138Roth IRA Savings
South Jersey Federal Credit Union0.55%*$20k-$217IRA Savings
Self Reliance (NJ) Credit Union0.50%--$125Roth IRA Savings
Northwest Federal Credit Union0.50%--$125Share Roth IRA
Melrose Credit Union0.50%--$125IRA Share Account
The Bank of Princeton0.50%--$125IRA Savings
The Pennsville National Bank0.45%$100-$113IRA Account
Chartway Federal Credit Union0.40%$100-$100IRA Share
Peapack-Gladstone Bank0.40%--$100Roth IRA Savings
Franklin Bank (NJ)0.40%$10k-$100Roth IRA Savings
Communitywide Credit Union0.40%$2k-$100I.R.A.Savings
Sun National Bank0.35%$25-$87.50Sun Growth Relationship IRA
First Jersey Credit Union0.35%$2k-$87.50IRA Shares
Jersey Shore Credit Union0.35%--$87.50Variable IRA
NJM Bank0.35%$100-$87.50IRA Savings
Andrews Federal Credit Union0.31%$100-$77.50IRA Savings
America's Credit Union 0.30%$50-$75.00Roth IRA Savings
Sandia Laboratory Credit Union0.30%*$10k-$75.00IRA Share Savings
Principal Bank0.25%--$62.50High Yield Roth IRA
Lusitania Savings Bank0.25%$100-$62.50Variable Rate Roth IRA
Consumers Credit Union (IL)0.25%--$62.50Roth IRA Savings
Kearny Federal Savings Bank0.25%$25-$62.50Statement Savings IRA
Credit Union Of New Jersey0.25%$200-$62.50Roth IRA Share
University Federal Credit Union0.25%$100-$62.50Variable Rate IRA
RSI BANK0.25%$100-$62.50Green IRA
Air Force Federal Credit Union0.25%--$62.50IRA Shares
Apple Federal Credit Union0.25%*$20k-$62.50IRA Share
Oritani Bank0.25%$250-$62.50IRA Savings
Northrop Grumman Federal Credit Union0.25%$100-$62.50IRA Accumulation
Fort Knox Federal Credit Union0.25%*$25k-$62.50Roth IRA
First Point FCU0.25%$100-$62.50IRA Share Account
First Technology Federal Credit Union0.25%*$25k-$62.50Instant Access IRA
Mid-State Credit Union0.25%$500-$62.50ROTH IRA Account
Boiling Springs Savings Bank0.25%$25k-$62.50IRA Asset Builder
Justice Federal Credit Union0.25%--$62.50IRA Share
Riegel Credit Union0.25%--$62.50Traditional Share IRA Account
Bogota Savings Bank0.20%*$25k-$50.00IRA Statement Savings
The Atlantic Credit Union0.20%*$10k-$50.00Basic IRA
Digital Credit Union0.20%--$50.00Roth IRA Savings
Third Federal Savings and Loan (OH)0.20%$25k-$50.00Retirement High Yield Savings
Royal Bank America0.20%$1,500-$50.00IRA Savings
Advanced Financial Credit Union0.20%--$50.00IRA Savings
Astera Credit Union0.20%--$50.00IRA Account
Fulton Bank of New Jersey0.15%--$37.50IRA Statement Savings
Delanco Federal Savings Bank0.15%$250-$37.50IRA Passbook Savings Account
United Financial Services Credit Union0.15%--$37.50IRA Share Savings
United Teletech Financial Credit Union0.15%$100-$37.50IRA Share Account
Union Bank (San Francisco, CA)0.15%$25k-$37.50Retirement Income IRA
20Th Century Fox Credit Union0.15%*$25k-$37.50IRA Savings
GSL Savings Bank0.15%$50-$37.50IRA Savings
Atlantic Stewardship Bank0.10%$50$25k$25.00Roth IRA Variable Rate Savings
Spencer Savings Bank 0.10%$100-$25.00IRA Savings
First National Bank (LA)0.10%--$25.00IRA Savings
Wells Fargo Bank0.10%$25k-$25.00Wells Fargo Retirement High Yield Savings
Affinity Credit Union0.10%$50-$25.00IRA Accumulator
McGraw Hill Credit Union0.10%--$25.00IRA Savings
First Financial Credit Union0.10%$100-$25.00IRA Savings Account
Raritan Bay Federal Credit Union0.10%$100-$25.00IRA Savings Account
NVE Bank (NJ)0.10%--$25.00Retirement Savings
Polish & Slavic Credit Union0.10%--$25.00IRA/ESA Savings Account
Hamilton Horizons Credit Union0.06%--$15.00IRA Shares
Simplicity Bank0.05%$100-$12.50IRA Savings
Pinnacle Federal Credit Union0.05%$50-$12.50Roth IRA Share Savings
ViewPoint Bank, National Association0.05%$1k-$12.50IRA Ultimate Savings
Belvoir Federal Credit Union0.05%$50-$12.50IRA Share
SussexBank0.05%--$12.50Variable Rate IRA
First Atlantic Credit Union0.05%--$12.50IRA Club Account
Great Lakes Credit Union0.05%$100-$12.50Roth IRA Share Savings
Pentagon Federal Credit Union0.05%$25-$12.50IRA Share Account
Sturdy Savings Bank0.03%$100-$7.50Passbook Retirement Account
South Division Credit Union0.03%*$10k-$7.50IRA Accounts
NJ Gateway Credit Union0.01%$25-$2.50Roth IRA Variable Rate Share Account
INOVA Federal Credit Union0.01%--$2.50IRA Savings