ableBanking's 1-Year CD Joins 1.75% APY Club


Deal Summary: 1-year CD, 1.75% APY, $1k minimum deposit, $240k maximum deposit

Availability: Nationwide (internet bank)

In October, ableBanking (internet division of Northeast Bank) became a player in the nationally available 1-year CD rate race, by adding 30 bps to its 1-year CD (1.70% APY). Two months later, ableBanking has added an additional 5 bps to the 1-year CD, placing it at the top of the rate pile. The 1-year CD can be opened with a $1k minimum deposit; there is a balance cap of $240k.

1.75%$500$240kableBanking1 Year CD
Accounts mentioned in this post. Rates as of December 17, 2017.

The 1-year CD was part of the product line when ableBanking opened its virtual doors in 2012. Four months after the 1-year CD debuted, the rate rose to 1.12% for about a month, which I noted was "especially competitive" in a November 2012 blog post. (Five years later, a 1.12% APY is not even in the ball park.) For most of the next five years, the 1-year CD’s APY was at 1.00% or lower, not attracting much attention. In the past seven months, the 1-year CD has added 100 bps, rescuing it from rate oblivion.

In a Live Chat, CSR stated that “a certificate with a term of less than three years has an early withdrawal penalty of 90 days simple interest on the amount withdrawn.” CSR also mentioned that partial withdrawals are now allowed; in the past, if any of the principal was withdrawn early, the CD was closed.

According to CSR, two beneficiaries can be added on the initial application, and “a total of four can be added after the account is opened by written request.” Each beneficiary added requires a Social Security number, date of birth, address, and relationship to the account owner.

Funding a CD can only be done through ACH transfer from an existing bank account. ableBanking will send maturing funds back to the original funding account, or will issue a check that will be mailed to the address on file.


Headquartered in Lewiston, Maine, ableBanking is an online division of Northeast Bank and, according to the online application, offers its product line to “United States Residents,” 18 years or older. As ableBanking requires a Social Security number for everyone named on the account, I think it’s safe to assume U.S. citizens and resident aliens are included in “United States Residents.”

ableBanking requires a copy of your driver’s license or valid government-issued ID (passport, military ID, etc.) to open an account.

We will not consider your account opened until we receive this information from you. Once
your account is opened, you will receive additional details on your account from us in the mail.

Bank Overview

As an online division of Northeast Bank, ableBanking operates under Northeast Bank’s FDIC Certificate and shares Northeast Bank's financial history.

Northeast Bank/ableBanking has an overall health grade of "A" at, with a Texas Ratio of 10.92% (excellent) based on September 30, 2017 data. In the past year, the Bank has increased its total non-brokered deposits by $51.35 million, an excellent annual growth rate of 6.2%. Please refer to our financial overview of Northeast Bank/ableBanking (FDIC Certificate # 19690) for more details.

Northeast Bank was originally established in 1872 as the Bethel Savings Bank. (Bethel, Maine, was known as a fashionable summer resort between the Civil War and World War I.) The Bank’s name remained the same for almost 125 years and was changed to Northeast Bank following the acquisition of Brunswick Federal Savings in 1996. Northeast Bank is currently the ninth largest bank in Maine, with assets in excess of $1 billion.

How the CD Compares

When compared to the 205 similar length-of-term CDs tracked by that require a similar minimum deposit and are available nationally, ableBanking’s 1-year CD APY currently shares the top place with two other internet banks and two “easy membership requirement” credit unions.

Interest RateCD Length of TermCredit Union/Bank
1.75% APY1-Year CDableBanking
1.72% APY12-Month IB CDIncredible Bank
1.71% APY12-Month CDUSALLIANCE Financial

The above rates are accurate as of 12/14/2017.

To look for the best CD rates, both nationwide and state specific, please refer to our CD rates table.

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Deal Summary: 1-year CD, 1.70% APY, $1k minimum deposit, $240k maximum deposit.

Availability: Nationwide (internet bank)

ableBanking (internet division of Northeast Bank) is the latest bank to become a player in the nationally available 1-year CD rate race, by adding 30 bps to its 1-year CD (1.70% APY). The minimum deposit is $1k, with a balance cap of $240k.

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