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Popular Direct (Internet Bank) Ups 3-Year CD Rate

Deal Summary: 3-Year Popular Direct CD, 1.90% APY, $10k minimum

Availability: Nationwide, internet bank

It’s been almost nine months since Banco Popular North America introduced its newest internet division, Popular Direct. At the end of last week, Popular Direct raised the rates on its long-term CDs, with the 3-year Popular Direct CD being the most competitive. The minimum opening deposit for any Popular Direct CD is $10k, with no stated balance cap.

Since August 2016, there have been four rate increases for the 3-year CD,...

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First Central Direct Has Nationally Available 36-Month CD (2.00% APY)

Deal Summary: 36-month E-Certificate of Deposit, 2.00% APY; 30-month E-Certificate of Deposit, 1.85% APY; $500 minimum deposit.

Availability: Nationwide (internet division)

Earlier this month, I wrote about First Central Direct, the new online division of First Central Savings Bank, and its competitive online money market account. First Central Direct has just raised the rates on its online 36-month E-Certificate of Deposit (2.00% APY) and 30-month E-Certificate of Deposit (1.85% APY). The minimum deposit is $500, with no stated balance cap.

According to CSR, the Early Withdrawal Penalty for any...

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Ally Bank Increases Rates on 1-Year, 5-Year and Raise Your Rate CDs

Deal Summary: 1-year CD, 1.30% APY (increase of 25 bps); Also, rate increases on 5-year CD, 2-year Raise Your Rate CD and 4-year Raise Your Rate CD.

Availability: Internet Bank

Ally Bank increased the rate of its 1-year CD by 25 basis points. The new rate is now 1.30% APY for all balances. In addition, Ally increased the rates by 10 basis points of its two Raise Your Rate (RYR) CDs. The 2-year RYR CD has a 1.40% APY, and the 4-year RYR CD has a 1.50% APY. The...

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New Internet Bank, PurePoint Financial, Debuts Top National Rate

UPDATE 3/22/2017: Late last week PurePoint Financial raised its 12-month and 18-month CD rates by 5 bps to 1.45% APY. This post was originally published on 2/23/2017.

Deal Summary: 12-Month CD, 1.45% APY; $10k minimum deposit. Online Savings, 1.25% APY, $10k minimum.

Availability: Nationwide

When I have the occasion to write about a new bank, “new” usually means opened in the recent past; in the case of PurePoint Financial, “new” means yesterday, literally. PurePoint Financial is an online division of MUFG Union Bank, N.A. (Union Bank) which itself...

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Synchrony Bank Increases CD Rates to Very Competitive Levels

Deal Summary: Rate Increases on CDs with terms from 1 to 5 years with APYs ranging from 1.35% for 1-year CD to 2.30% for 5-year CD.

Availability: Nationwide (internet bank)

Synchrony Bank has just raised its CD rates on terms from 1 to 5 years. This move comes less than a week after the Fed increased the fed funds rate, and it’s a positive sign that interest rates are finally moving up for savers.

The size of the rate increases ranged from 10 basis points on the 12-month CD, to 30...

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Evansville Teachers FCU's Vertical Dividend Checking (3.00% APY) Available Nationwide

Deal Summary: Vertical Dividend Checking, 3.00% APY up to $15k

Availability: Easy membership requirement

Evansville Teachers Federal Credit Union’s (ETFCU) high yield reward checking account, called Vertical Dividend Checking, was added to the product line more than two years ago. The initial 3.00% APY on qualifying balances up to $15k has been effect since its introduction. No dividends are paid on balances over $15k or on non-qualifying balances.

Vertical Dividend Checking Monthly Requirements

  • Have at least 15 debit card purchases.
  • Have at least one Direct Deposit.
  • Have at least one...
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New Buffalo Savings Bank Has 24-Month Bump Rate CD (1.75% APY) Nationwide

Deal Summary:

24-Month Bump Rate CD, 1.75% APY, $1k minimum deposit

Kasasa Cash, 2.27% APY on qualifying balances up to $35k

Availability: Nationwide

New Buffalo Savings Bank (NBSB) has added a 24-month Bump Rate CD (1.75% APY) that allows for one rate increase during the life of the CD. The minimum opening deposit is $1k, with no stated balance cap.

As stated on NBSB’s Personal Savings page, the Early Withdrawal Penalty reads as follows:

Early withdrawals result in 6 months of interest in penalties.

Kasasa Cash

NBSB’s Kasasa Cash checking account has been...

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Big CD Rate Hikes at Capital One, 5-Year CD Now 2.30% APY

Deal Summary: 5yr CD, 2.30% APY; 2yr CD, 1.60% APY; 18mo CD, 1.45% APY; no minimum deposit

Availability: Nationally available

Capital One increased the rates on four of its 360 CDs this morning. The 5-year CD rate had the largest increase. The APY is now 2.30%, up by 30 basis points. The 2-year CD rate also had a sizeable increase, up 15 basis points to 1.60% APY. The 18-month CD rate increased 10 basis points to 1.45% APY, and the 9-month CD rate increased 20 basis points to 0.60% APY.

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M.Y. Safra Bank Features Online Special CDs

Deal Summary: 1-Year Special CD, 1.36% APY; 2-Year Special CD, 1.58% APY; 3-Year Special CD, 1.81% APY; $5k minimum, new money.

Availability: Nationwide

New York-based M.Y. Safra Bank is currently promoting three online Special CDs: 1-Year Special CD, 1.36% APY; 2-Year Special CD, 1.58% APY; and 3-Year Special CD, 1.81% APY. All three Special CDs require a minimum $5k opening deposit of new money. M.Y. Safra Bank offers a "Jumbo" version of the Special CDs that requires a minimum $100k deposit, but the APY is...

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KEMBA FCU Adds March Madness 60-Month CD (3.00% APY) w/Relationship

Deal Summary: March Madness 60-Month Certificate; 3.00% APY (Advantage members); 2.25% APY (non-Advantage members); $5k min/$1m max; available through April 8, 2017.

Availability: Easy membership requirement

Now through April 8, 2017, KEMBA Financial Credit Union (KEMBA) is offering a March Madness 60-month Certificate, earning 3.00% APY for KEMBA Advantage members, and 2.25% APY for non-Advantage members. The minimum deposit is $5k, with a $1 million cap per Certificate. The offer is only valid with new money, which is defined as “money not on deposit with KEMBA in the...

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