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Ken Tumin founded the Bank Deals Blog in 2005 and has been passionately covering the best deposit deals ever since. He is frequently referenced by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and other publications as a top expert, but he is first and foremost a fellow deal seeker and member of the wonderful community of savers that frequents DepositAccounts.

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Langley Federal Credit Union Adds 29-Month Promo CD, 3.04% APY
Deal Summary: 29-month Jumbo Promotional Certificate, 3.04% APY, $50k minimum deposit

Availability: Easy membership requirement

Langley Federal Credit Union (Langley FCU) has added a 29-month Jumbo Promotional Certificate Special, which earns 3.04% APY. This limited-time offer requires a minimum deposit of $50k, with no stated balance cap.

Langley FCU’s Active Rewards, which adds an additional 0.10% to CDs, does not apply to the Jumbo Promotional Certificate. According to the Account Disclosure,

The grace period is a generous “twenty-one (21) calendar days from the maturity date.”

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Veridian Credit Union Ups 18- and 41-Month Bump CD Rates
Deal Summary: Bump-Up Jumbo CDs ($100k min) – 18-month (2.85% APY) and 41-month (3.35% APY). Bump-Up CD ($1k min) – 18-month (2.75% APY) and 41-month (3.25% APY).

Availability: Easy membership requirement through Dwolla; residents of all 99 Iowa counties and six southeast Nebraska counties.

In August, Veridian Credit Union (Veridian) began offering limited-time rates on its 18- and 41-month Bump-Up CDs. Bad news – those tiered APYs are no longer available. Very good news – Veridian has raised the rates on both Bump CDs, with the 18-month...

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Goldman Sachs Bank USA Ups Rate of Savings Account to 1.90% APY
Deal Summary: Rate increase on the Online Savings Account (1.90% APY)

Availability: Nationwide

This morning, Goldman Sachs Bank USA (now operating under the brand Marcus by Goldman Sachs) increased the rate of its Online Savings Account by 5 bps to 1.90% APY.

Like past rate hikes, this new rate doesn’t make the savings account a rate leader, but it does keep the savings account on the high end for the large internet banks, and it should put pressure on the other large internet banks.

CD rates remained the same...

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Montgomery County Employees Fed CU Adds 9-Month CD, 2.53% APY
Deal Summary: 9-month Share Certificate Special, 2.53% APY, $1k minimum deposit

Availability: Easy membership requirement

Maryland-based Montgomery County Employees Federal Credit Union (MC EFCU) has added a 9-month Share Certificate Special, which earns 2.53% APY. The minimum deposit is $1k, with no stated balance cap.

MC EFCU's Member Value Program bonus points (an additional 5, 10, or 15 bps) do not apply to the Certificate Special. Following the 7 day grace period, the Certificate Special renews as a 12-month Certificate.

As stated in the fine print on the Certificates...

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TIAA Bank Ups 1-Year Yield Pledge® CD (2.61% APY)
Deal Summary: 1-year Yield Pledge® CD, 2.61% APY, $5k minimum deposit

Availability: Nationwide (internet bank)

It’s been more than a year since I wrote about TIAA, either as the former TIAA Direct or the current TIAA Bank. Written after the acquisition of EverBank, my June 2017 blog post noted that TIAA Direct and EverBank rates had begun to mirror each other, even though the two banks were operating separately.

Over the weekend, the newly minted TIAA Bank raised the rates on a few of its Yield Pledge® CDs, including the...

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Alliant Credit Union Ups 12-17 Month CD Rate to 2.65% APY
Deal Summary: 12-17 month Share CD ($1k minimum) and Jumbo Share CD ($25k minimum), 2.65% APY.

Availability: Easy membership requirement.

I was surprised to discover that I hadn’t written a blog post about an Alliant Credit Union (Alliant CU) Share Certificate (CD) in more than three years. I’ve posted a few times in the Forum about CD rate changes, but I always seem to include the phrase, “these rate increases nothing to get excited about.” That changed over the weekend, with the 12-17 month CD reaching 2.65%...

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AgFed Credit Union Adds 16-Month CD Special, 3.16% APY
Deal Summary: 16/16/16 Share Certificate Special – 16-months, 3.16% APY, $1.6k minimum deposit, new money.

Availability: Easy membership requirement.

AgFed Credit Union (AgFed) has added a 16/16/16 Share Certificate Special – 16-months, 3.16% APY, and $1.6k minimum deposit of new money. This is a limited-time offering, and “AgFed reserves the right to change of withdrawn this offer at any time without advance notice.”

When AgFed states this is a “limited-time offer,” they are serious: previous limited-time offers have been available for only about a week or...

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Capital One Ups Rates on Six 360 CDs
Deal Summary: 360 CD rate hikes. Most noteworthy is the 1-year CD, 2.50% APY, No minimum deposit

Availability: Nationally available

Capital One increased the rates on six terms of its 360 CDs and 360 IRA CDs this morning. Most noteworthy is the rate increase of the 1-year CD. The APY increased only 10 bps, but it reached 2.50%, which keeps it competitive with the large internet banks. The 18-month CD had the largest rate gain, but Capital One had lowered the rate of this CD in June to an uncompetitive...

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American Express National Bank Hikes Rates on Four CDs
Deal Summary: CD rate increases, most noteworthy is the 60-month CD (3.00% APY).

Availability: Nationwide (internet bank)

American Express National Bank raised the rates of four of its long-term CDs by 10 bps yesterday. The most noteworthy increase was the 60-month CD: its APY reached 3.00%. All four of the new CD APYs are shown below in bold and are effective as of 9/13/2018. The previous APYs are noted inside parentheses.

  • 24 mo - 2.60% (2.50%)
  • 36 mo - 2.65% (2.55%)
  • ...
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BankPurely and iGObanking Up Money Market Account and CD Rates
Deal Summary: PurelyMoneyMarket (2.25% APY) and iGOmoneymarket (2.25% APY), $25k min/$500k max, new money, new accounts only. 12-month PurelyCD (2.65% APY) and 12-month iGOCD (2.65% APY), $1k minimum deposit.

Availability: Nationwide (internet banks)

As BankPurely and iGObanking are both internet divisions of Flushing Bank, it makes sense to write one blog post about the money market accounts (MMA) both banks are offering. The rates on both MMAs (PurelyMoneyMarket and iGOmoneymarket) were raised earlier this week to 2.25% APY on balances of $25k and above. The minimum...

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