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Bank Deals Blog: Nationwide Deals

Bank5 Connect's High-Interest Savings Jumps to 2.05% APY
Availability: High-Interest Savings Account, 2.05% APY on balances of $100 and above, $10 minimum opening deposit.

Availability: Nationwide, with the exception of Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Bank5 Connect has raised the rate on its High-Interest Savings Account to 2.05% APY. Yesterday’s addition of 115 bps gives the High-Interest Savings Account its highest APY since Bank5 Connect opened its virtual doors in 2013.

While a $100 minimum balance is required to earn the stated APY, the account can be opened with as little as $10. The High-Interest Savings...

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Interior Federal Credit Union's 60-Month CD Earns Up To 3.39% APY
Deal Summary: 60-month Share Certificate, 3.29% APY ($500) and 3.39% APY ($100k). Summer Special 18-month Certificate, 2.68% APY ($500) and 2.78% APY ($100k), new money.

Availability: Easy membership requirement

Interior Federal Credit Union (Interior FCU) recently raised the rates on its 60-month Share Certificate by 41 bps. The new two-tiered APYs are 3.29% ($500 min) and 3.39% ($100k min). In the past eight months, a total of 122 bps have been added to the 60-month Share Certificate.

Interior FCU’s Share Certificates are also available as IRAs...

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Colorado Fed Savings Bank Boosts 12-Month CD To 2.51% APY
Deal Summary: 12-month CD (2.51% APY), $5k minimum deposit

Availability: Nationwide (internet bank)

Colorado Federal Savings Bank (CFSB) added 21 bps to its 12-month CD (2.51% APY) yesterday, making it the top-rated nationally available 1-year CD (minimum deposits of $10k or less). In the seven-plus years DA has been tracking CFSB CDs, the 12-month has offered a top APY seven times, with the rate lasting only a few weeks.

In early March, the 12-month CD held the top spot (albeit by 1 basis point) with its 2.11% APY for...

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KS StateBank Raises All CD Rates Again
Deal Summary: CDs - 2-year (2.80% APY), 3-year (2.95% APY), 4-year (3.10% APY), 5-year (3.25% APY), $500 minimum deposit

Availability: Nationwide

It’s been two months since KS StateBank made any changes in its CD rates. The waiting is over: the Bank raised the rates on all its CDs yesterday, adding between 10 and 30 bps. These latest increases put most of the APYs in second or third place in their respective term length categories. The CDs can be opened in-branch or online with a...

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Capital One 360 Money Market Account is Latest To Reach 1.75% APY
Deal Summary: 360 Money Market, 1.75% APY ($10k+), 0.85% APY (less than $10k)

Availability: Nationwide

Yesterday, Capital One raised the rate on its 360 Money Market by 15 bps to 1.75% APY on balances of $10k+. The APY for balances below $10k remains at 0.85%.

Capital One is the latest of the large internet banks to raise their savings or money market rate to 1.75% APY. Several other large internet banks have already raised their savings account rates to 1.75% APY. These include Discover, Ally, American...

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Citizens Access (New Online Bank) Offers 2.00% APY Savings Account
Deal Summary: Online Savings Account, 2.00% APY, $5k min opening deposit. CDs – 12-month (2.50% APY), 36-month (3.00% APY), and 48-month CD (3.05% APY), $5k min deposit.

Availability: National (internet bank)

Citizens Access, a new internet division of Citizens Bank (RI), has debuted its new Online Savings Account and a variety of competitive Online CDs. Let’s talk about the Online Savings Account first.

Online Savings Account

The Online Savings Account earns 2.00% APY on balances of $5k and above; balances between $0.01 and $4,999.99 earn 0.25% APY. Citizens...

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USALLIANCE Financial Offers 3.00% APY On 35-Month CD To Everyone
Deal Summary: Certificates – 25-month (2.85% APY) and 35-month (3.00% APY), $500 minimum deposit

Availability: Easy membership requirement

If you are a member of USALLIANCE Financial, you may recall receiving a rather odd-looking, “strictly confidential” email in mid-June, announcing that “VIP members are now eligible for a ONE QUARTER POINT RATE BOOST on newly opened 25 and 35 Month Certificate Accounts.” With this rate bump, the 25-month would jump to 2.85% APY and the 35-month to 3.00% APY. That exclusive offer was supposed to be good...

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Congressional Bank Ups Nationally Available 12-Month CD (2.55% APY)
Deal Summary: High Yield CDs: 12-month (2.55% APY), 24-month (2.80% APY), $25k minimum deposit, new money.

Availability: Nationwide

Congressional Bank is currently offering three nationally available High Yield CDs: 12-month (2.55% APY), 24-month (2.80% APY), and 60-month (3.10% APY). The minimum opening deposit is $25k of new money (defined as “funds deposited from outside of Congressional Bank), with no stated balance cap.

I wrote about the 60-month High Yield CD in May and at that time, the 12-month High Yield CD’s APY was only 1.90%....

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Discover Bank Ups Online Savings, Money Market and CD Rates
Deal Summary: Online Savings, 1.75% APY, all balances. Money Market, 1.65% APY ($100k+), 1.60% APY (below $100k).

Availability: Nationwide (internet bank)

Discover Bank is the latest of the large internet banks to raise their savings account rate to 1.75% APY. Discover Bank’s Online Savings Account rate increased 10 bps this morning to 1.75% APY. In addition, it raised the rates by 10 bps of both tiers of its Money Market Account. The top tier now earns 1.65% APY ($100k+) and the lower tier earns 1.60% APY (below...

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Salem Five Direct Ups eOne Savings To 2.05% APY
Deal Summary: eOne Savings, 2.05% APY, $100 minimum opening deposit, $1 million maximum, new eOne Savings customers with some exceptions.

Availability: Nationwide (internet bank)

With this week’s addition of 20 bps, Salem Five Direct eOne Savings account (2.05% APY, up to $1 million) is now a rate leader for nationally available savings account. Balances over $1 million will be transferred to a Statement Savings Account which currently earns 0.05% APY.

Salem Five Direct added the eOne Savings to its product line eight years ago. Since then there have...

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