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Excellent Source for Mortgage Loan

Posted by: MrsJay | Jan 30, 2015

I have used Anchor Bank for the last ten years for my mortgage. Because of their competitive rates and low fees, I refinanced my condominium mortgage with them ten years ago. I refinanced again four years and received one of the lowest interest rates my lender had seen. Recently, my husband and I purchased a new home. My lender spent much time with us going over our options for financing including offering a bridge loan to pay our down payment if we did not sell our condominium prior to closing of our house. I was so grateful that they went out of their way to make our dream of home ownership come true. My lender is very responsive and thorough whenever I call or email with questions. In addition, he is just a friendly man that I enjoy working with as a person.

Stay Away!

Posted by: Anonymous | Sep 13, 2012

So many other banks to choose from.

No Help In Forclosure.

Posted by: Anonymous | Jul 10, 2012

I was placed in foreclosure four a $400 past due tax bill. Because it had gotten to this stage the total mortgage was due in full. I couldn't refinance because of the foreclosure on my credit so they got the house and made $54200 on the sale. They are snakes! Do not get any loans from them unless you are prepared to loose them to the Bank because they will screw you!

Stay Away From This Bank, Especially With A Mortgage

I was stupid to take the advice of a family member when signing onto a mortgage with Anchor Bank. I wrote a check out for .91 cents less than what our mortgage payment was and I was getting collection calls and received a notice of default in the mail.

When I finally called about the rediculous charges to my account, over $80 worth of charges for a check written only .91 cents short of the actual amount, I decided it was time to look elsewhere.

In addition to this, they said my account was $1.82 short of the mortgage payment, which was not true. If the representative would have done the math they would have found that .91 + .91 equals $1.82 and somewhere there was a double charge.

Even more frustrating is the sent me a delinquincy notice and my payment was not even applied to my mortgage, it was put into a reserve fund because they said my payment was more than $1 short (yes ONE DOLLAR) and it was their double charge error that caused this in the first place. Therefore, my credit rating suffered over all of this.

The biggest kicker, I have never missed a mortgage payment and had pristine credit when I signed the mortgage papers. I will be refinancing my home and taking my business to another bank, soon and very very soon.


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