CD Bank Offers Top-Rate 24-Month CD, 3.20% APY


Deal Summary: CDs – 6-month (2.75% APY), 12-month (3.00% APY), 18-month (3.10% APY), 24-month (3.20% APY), $10k minimum deposit.

Availability: Nationwide (internet bank)

The lead-in for the CD Bank July 2018 blog post was,

It’s here – the first nationally available 2-year CD earning 3.00% APY.

Nine months later, Texas-based CD Bank is leading with another top rate: 3.20% APY on its 24-month CD. The minimum deposit is $10k, with no stated balance cap.

0.40%$100k-CD Bank24 Month CD
Rates as of May 24, 2022.

CD Bank opened its virtual doors in May 2017. Since then, the 24-month CD has nearly doubled its initial rate, going from 1.65% APY to 3.20% APY in seven rate increases. In the past year, the 24-month CD has added 135 bps.

In addition to the 24-month CD, three of the Bank’s short-term CDs have new rates, with increases ranging between 10-40 bps.

0.35%$100k-CD Bank18 Month CD
0.25%$100k-CD Bank6 Month CD
Rates as of May 24, 2022.

The Bank’s longer-term CD APYs were increased in early December to competitive levels, but fell dramatically this week when CD Bank raised its shorter-term CD rates. The 36-, 48-, and 60-month CDs now have substantially lower APYs (110, 100, 90 bps, respectively) than the 12-month CD.

0.50%$100k-CD Bank60 Month CD
0.45%$100k-CD Bank48 Month CD
0.40%$100k-CD Bank36 Month CD
Rates as of May 24, 2022.

As stated in the Truth in Savings document, the Early Withdrawal Penalty reads as follows:

The withdrawal penalty on certificates with a maturity of less than one (1) year will be an amount equal to three (3) months interest on the amount withdrawn subject to penalty.

The withdrawal penalty on certificates with a maturity of one (1) year but less than two (2) years will be an amount equal to twelve (12) months interest on the amount withdrawn subject to penalty.

The withdrawal penalty on certificates with a maturity of two (2) years but less than three (3) years will be an amount equal to eighteen (18) months interest on the amount withdrawn subject to penalty.

CD Bank lists several details about its CDs in the FAQ section and in the Truth in Savings Disclosure including,

How do I fund my CD Bank CD?

    The easiest way to fund your account is to transfer funds electronically from another bank account. We also offer options for check or wire transfers. Our online account opening processes will walk your through those steps.

CSR stated the limit on incoming ACHs is a generous $450k.

Not surprisingly, there is no information on CD Bank’s website about accessing maturing funds, with the exception of,

Final Maturity – If your account is not renewed,
the funds in the account will be paid directly to you.

When I last wrote about CD Bank in July, there were two options for receiving those “Final Maturity” funds. This morning I confirmed those are still the only two options.

  • Cashier’s check
  • Wire transfer ($15 fee)

Outgoing ACHs are not available. The $450k limit on incoming ACHs is quite nice, but I'd much rather have an outgoing ACH option.


Headquartered in Dallas, CD Bank (an internet division of Dallas-based TBK Bank, SSB) offers its services and product line to all U.S. citizens and resident aliens, 18 years or older, with a valid Social Security number.

The “Open Your Account” button (located on all of the pages of CD Bank’s website) leads to the online application. Funding a new CD can be done through electronic transfer from another bank account, by wire transfer, or by check.

Note: The first page of the online application states that, besides needing the usual personal identification to complete the application, you will also need,

A printer. At the end of this application we will ask
that you print documents to sign and return to us.

Bank Overview

As an internet division of TBK Bank, SSB, CD Bank operates under TBK Bank’s FDIC Certificate and shares its financial history.

CD Bank/TBK Bank has an overall health grade of "A+" at, with Texas Ratio of 4.17% (excellent) based on December 31, 2018 data. In the past year, the Bank has increased its total non-brokered deposits by $652.94 million, an excellent annual growth rate of 26.38%. Please refer to our financial overview of CD Bank/TBK Bank (FDIC Certificate #23498) for more details.

According to the Frequently Ask Questions page,

TBK Bank, SSB and CD Bank, a division of TBK Bank, SSB are the same FDIC-insured institution. Deposits held under each name are not separately insured, but are combined to determine whether a depositor has exceeded the $250,000 federal deposit insurance limit, per depositor for each account ownership category. For purposes of calculating aggregate deposits held in CD Bank, you should include deposits held in TBK Bank, SSB and Triumph Community Bank, a division of TBK Bank, SSB.

Established in 1981 as Franklin National Bank, the Bank rebranded in 2004 (Equity Bank, SSB) and 2010 (Triumph Savings Bank, SSB) before becoming TBK Bank, SSB in 2015. Following acquisitions in 2016 (Colorado East Bank & Trust) and 2017 (Valley Bank & Trust, Colorado, TBK Bank has become the 16th largest bank headquartered in Texas, with assets in excess of $4.5 billion and more than $3.4 billion in deposits.

How the CDs Compare

When compared to 217 similar length-of-term CDs tracked by, which are nationally available and require a minimum deposit of $10k or less, CD Bank’s 12-month CD APY currently ranks first.

When compared to 167 similar length-of-term CDs tracked by, which are nationally available and require a minimum deposit of $10k or less, CD Bank’s 18-month CD APY currently ranks second.

When compared to 211 similar length-of-term CDs tracked by, which are nationally available and require a minimum deposit of $10k or less, CD Bank’s 24-month CD APY currently ranks first.

When compared to the similar length-of-term CDs tracked by, which are nationally available and require a minimum deposit of $10k or less, CD Bank’s 6-months CD APY currently ranks third.

The above rates are accurate as of 4/24/2019.

To find the most competitive CD rates, both nationwide and state specific, please refer to our CD Rates Table page.

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  |     |   Comment #1
I did not see these rates last week when I rolled over my old Andrews for the 17 month at 2.95% or I might have opened an account here. I still may because I have some additional money with more coming friday and after 5/5.

The roach motel aspect is not great but maybe if they continue to have top rates it won't be a big deal?
  |     |   Comment #2
I called & asked a few questions. No chexsystems inquiry,$10 fee for funds wired in. No plans to set up an ACH out. Rate is locked in when you open the account.

While I do not want a 9 month term its interesting that it has a lower rate than a 6 month.

6 Months 2.75%
9 Months 2.45%
12 Months 3.00%
18 Months 3.10%
24 Months 3.20%

I am interested in a 12 month and a 24 month. I have money at multiple places right now which kind of complicates things and I am unable to park it in a savings account at CD Bank while aggregating funds. Which means I open multiple small CDs with varying maturity dates and then wait for a snail mail checks when they mature or I do a bunch of transfers in advance potentially losing interest in the process.

Or I could wait for a deal with a FI that has fewer limitations but a similar rate. (I am unable to join NAVY federal)
  |     |   Comment #3
Decent rates-especially like the 24 month.......Horrible options at maturity.
  |     |   Comment #4
PS-I assume they don't offer any MM or liquid account? That's another bad option(or lack of option).....What about beneficiary? Nice rates but does not look like an easy place to do business with......Not interested.
  |     |   Comment #5
The interest difference on $100k for 2 years at 3.20% versus 3% elsewhere is $400.

That will pay for the $15 wire out fee if they do not have competitive rates at that time.
And from all indications, they might.

I emailed to ask about the POD but I can't imagine they would not allow those.
  |     |   Comment #6
I saw the new weekly CD post last night an was going to say something about not seeing TBK listed it isn't the highest but if your local to their market the branch has better rates
12m $10,0003.18%3.20%
18m $10,0003.27%3.30%
24m $10,0003.37%3.40%
I have accounts there at the 1 located off 635/Coit an will say it is a strange bank it struck me more like a boiler-room or clearing house than a traditional bank there aren't tellers per say or even a drive-thru
  |     |   Comment #7
You don't say which FI has the rates listed above but Im guessing its not nationwide like CD bank is.

I emailed CD bank about combining 3 different transfers into one larger CD but their system is not set up for it. I have money at a handful of places, so I may have to open 4-5 total, the last 3-4 in small amounts each.
For those, I will have to wait on snail mail checks for sure unless I reinvest.
  |     |   Comment #8

It is who started
  |     |   Comment #9
So you are saying they have better rates if you went person than online?

Usually its the other way around.
  |     |   Comment #11
TBK listed it isn't the highest but if your local to their market the branch has better rates
12m $10,0003.18%3.20%
18m $10,0003.27%3.30%
24m $10,0003.37%3.40%

You tell me which rates are higher. Sure seems like the in person division pays more unless this guys math is wrong.

Most cannot drive up locally so we need nationwide deals.
  |     |   Comment #13
blame #10 on dyslexia
  |     |   Comment #12
Surprised no one is mentioning the 18 mos. interest penalty for early withdrawal on the 24 mo. cd. I've never taken an early withdrawal on a cd but one never knows how one's circumstances might change so it it's a deal breaker for me.
  |     |   Comment #14
#12-I agree 100%. I will NEVER again do a long term cd. I am having to suddenly support my father and will probably get huge fees to get out of my CD's......And I don't even know if I can sell my brokered cd's. I dont care about rates any more.....I will only do short term cd's. Amazing how life finds a way in the door to harass you......never fails. It will find a way. Usually just when you think all is perfectly fine.
  |     |   Comment #15
Look at the exclusions to any penalty, e.g. illness in family, disability, etc. especially if the "father" is also on the account. :-)
  |     |   Comment #16
Thanks Nothing but no such luck.....He wasted all his money and now he has nothing. I'm going to help him to a point and then that's it......I'm not going to let him bring me down too. Family.....can be a blessing.....and a curse.
  |     |   Comment #17
Rethink the penalty...perhaps then he is a dependent with a medical condition that excuses the penalty or...
  |     |   Comment #18
Has any DA reader had experience with the final maturity withdrawal options?
Did the process go smoothly?
  |     |   Comment #19
For getting your funds at maturity, can't you simply have a checking account there and write a check? If so, then there is the consideration is any costs involved in the checking account, of course. You might even be able to just get a few temp checks-starter checks, whatever they call them, for free, rather than pay for a supply of checks.

If they are going to have no branches to deal with, and then make it hard to get your money back without spending too much, and delays and/or costs getting your money in -- you're taking a loss at every turn, they are not.

Do they credit your account the day the ACH for deposit is initiated, or do they wait until the money arrives? Most wait, but some credit the account on the day of initiation, and you don't lose any interest for those days. This place, though, even wants to charge you $10 to give them your money via wire, and you still have to pay the outgoing wire charge too!
  |     |   Comment #20
They don't have checking accounts. When the term ends, its wire out for $15 or snail mail.

But my home is they continue to offer top rates in 24 months or whatever.

The EWP is not going to stop me from opening this account.
Cash Flow
  |     |   Comment #21
I will open @ TBK too.... great rate for 24 month term and FINALLY available to everyone.
  |     |   Comment #22
Need it as an add-on
  |     |   Comment #23
They responded to an email. Apparently, you have to print something & send it in for EACH CD you open and you cannot pull form various places and combine to buy a single CD.

I had planned to use Northern to pull money to combine it but just found out they have ridiculously low transfer limits. $5000 each.

So I guess I will have to use my broker. I should probably go ahead & open one CD now and send a check with the paperwork and then pull some money at various places to target a mid May 2nd round CD. Of course, by then they will probably lower their rates.

Far too much work. But at least there was no chexsystems inquiry. SMH
  |     |   Comment #24
Opened a cd with them tonight. Easy. Had 5 identity type questions. Did not have to get my wallet for the date I renewed my license or when it expires.

Added 2 beneficiaries and POD. It allowed more. It was a scroll type thing.

They want the checks payable to TBK bank.

The forms don't mention the banks name anywhere or the CD I chose. Under account description it was blank, I wrote in 24 month 3.20% for me.

Could not set up an online log in without an account number.

confirmation email: Thank you for choosing us for your financial needs.
We have received your application.
Your Application Number is: xxxxx
Please keep an eye on your inbox. Within the next business day we will review your application and notify you of next steps.
We look forward to assisting you.
Thank you,

Online Support
  |     |   Comment #25
I applied online on 25th. The same day I got confirmation email and the next day some instructions to confirm my funding account. By 29th the fund was taken and transferred to TBK bank. That part was Ok.
They didn’t reply to any of my emails for the last five days. Phone calls ended up in a general voice message queue. That part is not Ok.
  |     |   Comment #26
I sent a couple of checks since I had to send paperwork by snail mail anyway. I have not heard back from them like they said but they probably won't get my stuff until Thursday.
  |     |   Comment #37
Applied on 25-th. Two days ago, I called and got a representative on the phone and she said that all good on their end with my CD and they are waiting for my signed paperwork and copy of my ID to arrive. I emailed it the same day. So, I guess, it is just a different dynamic of my expectations and the applications approval processing speed of the bank. Where are blockchain smart contracts when you need them? In my case this is a two-year contract with the bank. A couple days more should not make a big difference.
Dr Cents
  |     |   Comment #38
Yes Dr Hieeld!

Blockchain Smart Contracts (TM) are the only way to open same day CDs!

For the Future!
  |     |   Comment #27
This is the worst application I have ever dealt with; there is no live phone number to contact; all they say is leave a message and we will get back to you. I tried the phone number of the main headquarters and you get the same message. Totally non friendly service;
  |     |   Comment #28
The first time I called, I got a live rep. Not the 2nd & 3rd time. I think they answered 2 of 3 emails.
  |     |   Comment #29
CD Bank does not respond to email’s and they are very hard to get on the phone. Either under staffed or do not care about customer service.
  |     |   Comment #32
Sounds exactly like Ally bank. So we can choose bad service with good rates or bad service with bad rates.

By the way, Andrews also has poor customer service. So its pretty much everywhere.
  |     |   Comment #30
Can't get pass reading the privacy document in the application process. Link to proceed is is grayed out. With the issues outlined in the above comments they don't deserve any business. Not responding and poor customer service is an indication of terrible lueless cmanagement and processes that are out of control.
  |     |   Comment #31
I has that problem. You have to open the document and there is a button to check and then you can proceeds.

Im guessing they are not allotting many man hours to the CD Bank division. When I opened my account Sunday night they said to expect an email within a business day. i have not heard back from them yet. And I emailed late yesterday afternoon asking if everything was ok.

But, Ally has long waits for phone calls and even longer waits for emails.

And a 2 year at 3.20% is a top rate.

But by all means do not open an account if your life will be ruined over what I presume will be a slow account opening.

I sent my checks monday so they should get them today. I hope I hear back from them.

There are no other nationwide 3.20% 2 year rates by the way.
  |     |   Comment #33
Thank you for pointing out the location of the "button". Didn't notice it was outside the document. Got half way through the application process and it disappeared. Not worth the hassle for me.
  |     |   Comment #34
I had the same thing at another bank or credit card...where you have to open the file & click on it to get past the page. Im hoping my CD gets opened without problem because I am considering sending more next week when an old Penffed CD matures.

I simply cannot get a 3.20% 24 month rate anywhere else. Or 12 month at 3% or 18 month at 3.10% for that matter. Because of that, I'm willing to deal with slow customer service or a slight delay. I am not losing much in the way of interest because I funded with checks so I am earning something until it clears.

The EWP is not a concern for me because its hard to envision myself needing the money before the term ends or rates skyrocketing.
  |     |   Comment #35
Unacceptable that an internet bank makes it this difficult to open and fund an account. What kind of hoops are they having their customers jump through upon maturity.
  |     |   Comment #36
Nobody is forced to open an account with them.

If you are aware of other 2 year 3.20% banks where everything is perfect, great. I'm unaware of any open to anyone.

Still have not heard back from them by email.
  |     |   Comment #39
I have not heard back from CD Bank. They ignored my last 2 emails and I have no idea if they got my checks and opened my CD. They did not ask for, nor did I send a copy of my drivers license.

I did not call yesterday.
  |     |   Comment #40
Still waiting for them to respond. I sent 2 emails last week, my paperwork & checks should have gotten there thursday and I called & left a message this morning before 9am.

They have not responded at all. i had planned to open a 2nd one today but they don't seem to know whats going on.

If I don't hear anything in the next few hours, maybe I call their parent bank?

Easy to say 'avoid" but I'm trying to open a 3.2% 2 year CD and nobody else offers them to me.
  |     |   Comment #41
Unacceptable customer service. Have they cashed your check(s)?
  |     |   Comment #43
They finally answered the phone. They pulled me up and said I made a mistake on my drivers license number. Apparently it autofilled my name by mistake.

So I have to send them a copy of my drivers license and I finally did that. Hopefully that will get things moving? She said they had a lot of interest and thats why they have not returned calls & emails. Maybe without that mistake everything would have processed already? I did not get an immediate response so I will probably call again this afternoon. I intend to open another CD as soon as I can.
  |     |   Comment #44
Now they are not sure they received my checks or not. She said she had to call Dallas to see if they had it. Said I can go ahead & open a 2nd one now if I want. But Id sure like to get the first one opened first.
  |     |   Comment #45
This is the email I was expecting last week. (Still unsure if they have my check or not as it does not say)

I don't recall them asking for my ID to be sent originally.

Welcome to CD Bank

Thank you for choosing us for your savings needs. We are thankful you chose us and look forward to the opportunity to serve you! We have received and began to process your application. As a reminder to finalize your account please:
Mail the signed account documentation along with a copy of identification for each account owner on your new account. We accept the following types of identification:
a. State issued Driver's License
b. State issued Identification Card
c. Passport
Fund your account. If you chose to fund your account by:
a. Mailing a check: please make the check payable to and mail it along with your account documentation and a copy of your identification to the mailing address below.
b. ACH Transfer: Within 2 business days we will send you an email titled: "Account Funding Validation." This email will provide the steps for validating your ACH transfer request.
c. Wire Transfer: Provide your current bank with the following Wire Instructions, please note, your bank may access a fee for the transfer.
Wire Funds To:, a division of TBK Bank, SSB
ABA (Routing) # - 111909579
Credit To:
Your Name
Your Address
Account Number: Provide the bank with your application ID number
ATTN: Online Accounts
Our mailing address is:
ATTN: Online Accounts
12700 Park Central Drive, Suite 1700
Dallas, TX 75251
What to Expect Next:
• Once we receive your deposit and all requested documentation we will mail your Certificate of Deposit certificate within 7 - 10 business days.
• Your account will begin ! accruing interest the day we receive and deposit your initial deposit.
• Once your account is funded you will be eligible to enroll in Online Banking. You may enroll by visiting
If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at 1-888-201-8185 or email us at [email protected]
Thank you
  |     |   Comment #46
Geez...I hope it's easier to get your money back at maturity...
  |     |   Comment #47
Probably not but hopefully they will have some top rates 2 years from now?

My checks still have not cleared. SMH

And I am still pondering another either 18 or 24 month with money I did not have 10 days ago.

Its not like competition is beating down my door with better deals.
  |     |   Comment #48
A couple of days after verifying my ACH trial deposit account without funds being pulled I called for a status. Turned out my ACH verification actually failed.....even though there was no message of failure or issue. Turned out the CSR knew what the problem was..... it failed because a 0 was not added before the decimal point..... 0.xx. is required. . I suggest everyone avoid this bank....its poorly run at best.
  |     |   Comment #49
The interest rate difference is worth a few problems when it comes to large amounts.

If I was dealing with $5000, I probably would not bother.
  |     |   Comment #51
It seems my patience may finally be paying off. After many phone calls and getting nowhere and getting cut off with no call backs, it happened again today. Only this time she called back, confirmed they got my checks, gave me my account number and said I could sign up for online banking tomorrow. She asked for a copy of my ID but I told her I already sent it and she said ok.

I am still considering trying again for a 2nd CD with money I did not have when I opened the first one.

One thing is for sure, there is no line of FIs offering 3.20% 2 year CDs.

Even assuming similar Faux Pas at the end of the term, their deal is better than my alternatives.

And maybe in 2 years they will have their act together and/or have top rate CDs at that time?
  |     |   Comment #53
Very happy for you! May be most people canceled their applications so the bank can handle the few that have the patience to stay. Hope the process is easier if you do go forward with a second CD.
  |     |   Comment #60
My checks cleared yesterday. Today I signed up for online banking and was pleased to find out that my CD was dated 5/3. That's nice because I feared I would not be getting interest.

I sent my application & checks on Monday 4/29 and the account started earning interest on 5/3.

And my checks did not clear until 5/10. So their inefficiency actually made me money.

Their website has no mention of CDBank, its TBK and its extremely bare bones.

And it appears each new CD will have a separate application, filling all all the duplicate information and snail mailing new paperwork for each one.
I'm unclear if their website will aggregate multiple CDs on the same log in or not. It might but we will have to see.
Plenty of room for efficiency improvements with their processes thats for sure. Why must I snail mail another 7-8 pages worth of documents?
  |     |   Comment #61
Added TBK Bank personal to Mint, it asked 2 of my 3 multi-factor identification questions and it was added quick & easy. I did not see CD Bank listed on mint.
  |     |   Comment #64
I went ahead and opened a 2nd CD with them last night and sent my paperwork & checks in today's mail. Many reasons to avoid this bank but even assuming similar issues in 2 years, the extra interest makes up for it.
  |     |   Comment #65
Terrible and confusing at best.....although...... received higher interest rate than planned. Signed up for the 1 yr certificate at 3% but received 3.2%. How did that happen?.....because TBK bank offers a higher rate than CD bank.....but I opened the account at CD bank....well.....according to the CSR sometimes the CDbank on line application gets routed to TBK bank.....what? So....can I open a second cd at the higher rate if I go through TBK bank.......yes. But....too confusing Still have not received paper work and don't where my CD resides. Fun fact....the paper work provides the option to open the account as a trust account.....just kidding....that's not possible for on line account. How is one suppose to know that? you can't....the paperwork is universal and anything included may or may not apply. We are sorry for any inconvenience we have caused.
  |     |   Comment #66
Might have uncovered the reason for the higher interest rate.......did an ACH to fund the certificate and the ACH was initiated and pulled by TBK...the parent of CDbank....and not CDbank. If verifiable.....ACH might be the best approach for funding to get a higher interest rate.. Funding by check is payable to
  |     |   Comment #67
Nothing on my paperwork even says cdbank. But Im 99% sure I got 3.20% for the 2 year.

I wrote the terms on the paperwork I mailed in with my check.

My checks were payable to TBK. Again, nothing anywhere mentions CDBank except their website & email address. Not on any official paperwork.
  |     |   Comment #68
I am having log in issues. I had saved their login page but it was deleted. I went to their main page, clicked on a link which opened a new page and tried to log in with my saved password and it would not let me.

Mint, meanwhile, updates fine with the same password.

I tried to call TWO phone numbers this afternoon around 4:40. CD Banks and TBKs and neither were answered. They are supposed to be open until 5pm.

No evidence that they have gotten my 2nd check and paperwork which was sent monday.
  |     |   Comment #69
There on central time
  |     |   Comment #70
Me too.

The only reason I tried to log in last night was to see if my new CD would be shown on that sign in or not. I don't need to log in regularly as long as mint shows them.

Neither check cleared this time either but last time it took a full 10 days for them to clear. But they dated them on the 3rd. Unsure if they really got them on the 3rd or they back dated it a week because it took them so long?

Wish I could count on email response but I can't so I'm not even going to try.

Im not upset. And someone posted on the review topic they were told they are planning to get ACH out. So that would be nice for 2 years from now. Of course, if they still have a top rate then, I will roll it over. But, I will not go over 3 years without a premium to the 1-2 year terms. And never over 5 again. (I have a 10 year penfed that matures 1/21. 5%) But, won't do that again even for 5%. Reasonable chance I won't be breathing in 10 years.
  |     |   Comment #71
My new CD showed up Saturday on Mint. Which means they opened the CD and just have not let me know yet. I was worried it might require a separate log in but it did not.

Still not sure why mint works but I can't log in on my own anymore with the same password.
  |     |   Comment #72
The rate on the CD Bank website decreased today to 2.95% APY for the 24 month CD and 2.85% APY for the 12 month CD.
  |     |   Comment #73
My 2nd one was just in time, funded friday. But, they previously told me that your rate was locked in at the time you open the account which was last monday. Or late sunday night.

One of my checks cleared. The other one will probably later tonight. Still unable to log in myself. But mint still works inexplicably. Same username & password for both. No way to manually reset your password. I probably won't bother emailing but I would like to know the maturity date of the 2nd one as it does not show at mint.

Glad I opened them despite the customer service issues.

Here are the new rates:
3 Months 1.90%
6 Months 2.50%
9 Months 2.45%
12 Months 2.85%
18 Months 2.90%
24 Months 2.95%
36 Months 1.90%
48 Months 2.00%
60 Months 2.10%
On 2nd thought, maybe they have time to answer emails now that the rates went down?
  |     |   Comment #74
Opened an account and went through the process. My observations: This On-line bank was not ready for launch and has several issues to be addressed. Person in the charge should be terminated for allowing this mess to continue so long and that person's superior should also be reprimanded for not knowing what's going on. Clearly these people have NEVER opened up an account at competing bank to see how the process should work. This is not "rocket ship science".

1) calls and emails are not returned. The phone numbers listed on emails and on-line seem to go to different locations which end up in voice mail. When I called, the system asked me "please enter the extension of the party you are trying to reach".....what ???
2) It seems the on-online application systems has quirks when using different browsers. When I tried to enter the amount deposited by CD Bank for authentication, the application process stalled and I was dead in the water.
3) To open an account via ACH which is verified and then not redeem at maturity into the same account via ACH is appalling. This is a simple process which would benefit the customer and the bank.
4) Once your account is open and funds are deposited expect no more correspondence until you get documentation in the mail which took me 14 days. In the meantime, I had no way of knowing if the process was complete and had no verification or a simple account number.
5) The head of this department clearly lacks organizational skills to implement this project and thus all the hiccups hurt the reputation of TBK Bank. I doubt that senior management knows what's going on here.

On the positive side, an email of mine (mentioning the State Bank Commissioner) did get the attention of presumably the person in charge which authenticated my account so that my account could be completed.

While I now have an account open, I don't feel comfortable with this bank to increase my deposits or recommend this bank to others. The hassle and anxiety when opening an account is not worth the few pennies of incremental interest. I remain very concerned about my CD's maturity. I expect that to be a difficult process also costing me lost interest.
CD Bank Offers 24-Month CD Nationwide
Deal Summary: CDs – 24-months (3.00% APY), 9-months (2.45% APY), 12-months (2.60% APY), 18-months (2.70% APY), $10k minimum deposit.

Availability: Nationwide (internet bank)

It’s here – the first nationally available 2-year CD earning 3.00% APY.

Texas-based CD Bank has just raised the rates on several of its CDs, with the 24-month CD (3.00% APY) the headliner. The minimum deposit is $10k, with no stated balance cap.

In the past 14 months since CD Bank made its debut, the 24-month CD has nearly doubled its rate, going from...

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CD Bank's Nationally Available 12-Month CD Rate Increased
Deal Summary: CDs – 3-months (1.90% APY), 6-months (2.10% APY), 9-months (2.25% APY), 12-months (2.50% APY), 18-months (2.60% APY), 24-months (2.75% APY), $10k minimum deposit.

Availability: Nationwide (internet bank)

When I wrote about CD Bank in May, the Bank had just celebrated its first year anniversary. At that time, CD Bank had raised the rates on its shorter-term CDs, and less than a month later, those same CDs now have new rates. Since early May, the shorter-term CDs have added between 20-50 bps. The minimum deposit...

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CD Bank Ups Nationally Available 12-Months CD
Deal Summary: CDs – 9-months (2.05% APY), 12-months (2.30% APY), 18-months (2.35% APY), 24-months (2.50% APY), $10k minimum deposit.

Availability: Nationwide (internet bank)

CD Bank, the internet division of Dallas-based TBK Bank, has just had its first year anniversary. What better way to celebrate than to raise a few CD rates. The new CD rates include, 9-months (2.05% APY), 12-months (2.30% APY), 18-months (2.35% APY), and 24-months (2.50% APY). Of the four, the 9- and 12-months CDs offer the more competitive rates. The minimum deposit...

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CD Bank Boosts Nationally Available 12-Month CD Rate
Deal Summary: 12-months CD, 1.75% APY, $10k minimum deposit.

Availability: Nationwide (internet bank)

About six months ago, Dallas-based TBK Bank launched CD Bank, its new internet division that only offers CDs. CD Bank is currently promoting two CDs: 12-months (1.75% APY) and 24-months (1.85% APY). Of the two, the 12-months CD is clearly the more competitive. CD Bank’s 18-months CD (1.80% APY) isn’t part of this promotion, even though its APY is quite competitive. The minimum deposit for a CD Bank CD is $10k, with...

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CD Bank Ups Nationally Available Short-Term CD Rates
Deal Summary: 9-month CD (1.40% APY), 12-month CD (1.65% APY), 18-month CD (1.75% APY), $10k minimum deposit

Availability: Nationwide (internet bank)

In May, Dallas-based TBK Bank launched CD Bank, its new internet division. As you might guess, CD Bank only offers CDs. Over the weekend, CD Bank raised the rates on most of its product line, with the most competitive CDs being the 9-month (1.40% APY), 12-month (1.65% APY), and 18-month (1.75% APY). The minimum deposit is $10k, with no stated balance cap.

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