4.00% 6-Month / 3.75% 12-Month CD at a Michigan CU (Family First).


Update 3/22/08: The CD rates have gone down. Please check the financial institution's website for the latest rates.

Update 3/15/08: The 6-month CD rate has fallen from 4.25% to 4.00% APY, and the 12-month CD rate has fallen from 4.00% to 3.75% APY. The title has been changed.

Family First Credit Union is offering yields of 4.25% APY on a 6-month CD, 4.15% APY for a 8-month CD and 4.00% APY for a 12-month CD. The 12-month CD is also available as an IRA certificate. The minimum deposit is $500 ($1,000 for the IRA).

According to the credit union's Join-Us page, membership is open to any retiree age 55 or older, receiving a pension, no matter where they live. Membership is also open to anyone living, working, worshipping or going to school in Saginaw or Bay County. Membership requires a minimum deposit of $10 in the savings account.

Branches are located in Saginaw and Freeland, Michigan. The credit union is federally insured by the NCUA (Charter # 61909). It has $54.0 million in assets and 6,262 members.

Best Short Term Nationwide CD Deals

Countrywide Bank recently cut the rate on its 6-month CD from 4.30% to 4.10% APY. Century Bank Direct still has a 4.21% APY on its 5-month CD. Xerox Federal Credit Union has the best deal with a special 5.00% APY for 5-months. However, the maximum deposit is $25,000. For a list of the best nationwide CD deals, please refer to my top 6-month CD rates. Note, this is from Saturday, and a few of these rates are already out-of-date.
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Countrywide just made another small cut in 6 mo CD too 4.05 from 4.10%. I think Bank of America's offer for Countrywide was $7.00 or more per share. If that is correct I wonder why Countrywide stock is selling at about $5.00 per share. Does anyone think the smart money may know something we don't. When the deal falls thru Countrywide will be looking for money again. That is if they are still in business.
Don't Tase Me Bro
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The B of A deal with Countrywide will not fall through.