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HSBC Conversion

Posted by: maryjo585 | May 28, 2012

i recently transferred from hsbc to first niagara bank. when i called the 800 number i talked with heather. she was so patient and helpful. she knew every answer to my questions and the one she didn't know - she found the answer and called me back WITHIN THE SAME DAY. you dont get that kind of personal treatment in other call centers. she was wonderful and polite and completely put my mind at ease of the changes that were coming. very excited for the future relationship i have with this bank

First Niagara Bank Review

First Niagara is a very reasonable and respected banking service in the Western NY area. Once known as HSBC, the name change was the only change in the easy to use customer service and friendly banking provided by this company. They serve many clients in Rochester, Buffalo and the surrounding areas. They're easy to use customer service is very convenient for people who use the bank and it's very easy to report problems and issues with online and in-person banking. One negative is the surcharge given for over drafting your bank account without notice. This can be easily prevented by setting up text alerts or possible emails if overcharging is a possible issue. Overall, First Niagara is a very solid bank and is a fine choice for individuals in the Western NY area. Their friendly attitude, easy to use online banking, and very convenient locations are all reasons to bank with this company.

Not Entirely Awful

there were definitely some errors in the change over but all in all, my issues have been resolved, i have access to my money, and so far the customer service has been really friendly.

Want To Talk About Incompetent

We have had our business and personal accounts here since they took over Harleysville Bank. Every year FNB finds a new ways to screw you with new fees, extra fees or just fees they make up as they go. My favorite is where your funds will not be available until 9:00 a.m. but the FNB starts processing your debits at 6:00 a.m. They are basically conducting business prior to business hours in order to charge you overdraft fees.
My personal favorite FNB story is the time I confused the teller by taking two transactions in at the same time. I was making a deposit in our business account and transferring money from the business account into the personal account a the same time. I prepared two separate deposit slips and the transfer slip. I gave them to the teller. She goes back to her til on the other side of the bank. After a long time she comes back with one receipt. When I try to ask her about it she has already moved on to the next customer. I finally had to go the manager. It turns out she deposit all the money in the business account. She literally took the money I was transferring from the business account and deposited it right back in the business account. I don't even know how that would be possible. The worst part is the manager didn't seem to care.
I can go and on, but the short story is, our accounts are now in a new bank.



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