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This bank was decent while it was W Ga National Bank. Then it became First National. Still, acceptable. Good online banking, nice LOCAL people. Then, when it was shut down and reopened as Community & Southern it has steadly gone downhill. The online banking is USELESS and very old looking. It's almost like they went back 25 years with it. They are not local anymore. They do not fix things when things go wrong. They are hard to get in touch with. The only good thing is deposits are posted that day up until 4pm..unlike most banks...which have 2pm cutoffs. I am moving my money to Suntrust Bank. Not a local bank, but one that seems to be more current with their products. I hate hate hate hate hate this bank. It makes my blood boil to log onto their website.

It only gets 1 star because I have to give it one. but really, this is a no star bank.

This Bank Sucks!

Posted by: nikid | Nov 19, 2011


         I Bank with Community and Southern and It is hands down the worst bank I have ever had the displeasure of banking with. The steal your money and then refuse to fix a problem when they caused it! I would strongly suggest no one use this bank! 

Very Disappointed

Posted by: am1209 | Jan 6, 2016

Everyone who works at this bank is incapable of having even the least bit of common sense, they're rude and have terrible customer service! I have this bank for a little over a year and this point, and all they have managed to do was screw me over in every way possible. I had an overdraft protection on my account, which somehow magically disappeared when some random company decided to charge my card an incredible amount of money, they have cancelled my card and ordered new ones without notifying me, and their customer service is beyond terrible. I'm very disappointed with this bank, and would NEVER recommend this kind of service to anyone!!!

Bunch Of Crooks!!!!!!! In BOWDON GA BRANCH

Posted by: BOWDON | Aug 17, 2012

When it was West GA bank was a great local bank with great service. Not any more..


Not A Community Bank

Posted by: doug69 | Apr 25, 2013

This bank is anything but a community bank.  I think FDIC did the community a huge disgrace by allowing the organization to take over so many banks.  They have taken over two seperate banks I used and trust me the other banks were a whole lot better.  I also would give this bank zero stars.


Posted by: samathx29 | Feb 20, 2013

Theresa whom works at this bank in Carrolton is HORRIBLE!!!! I was on the phone with her for a straight 1/2 hour begging her to release the hold she put on my account that caused my account to go negative and not have money what so ever for several days. This hold was put on there because of a delinquent account I had 5 YEARS AGO!!! Of 120.00 that was done through Gilmer Bank that became Community Southern Bank. I then opened a savings account that I have had for 4 years - in great standing - and they decided to randomly withdraw 130.00 from my current account because they just happen to discover this all of a sudden 5 yrs later. I completely forgot about this Fee actually until I pulled my credit the day before they did this to me. It was not like I was not going to pay it off once I was able to... but atleast send me a letter of some sort to warn me that this will be happening! Dont make someones account negative all of a sudden out of no where! I am unable to get gas, or do anything - and I have a 1 yr old - single mom - and now have to wait Friday in order to get any money... UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Not Impressed

I financed my car with them in 2014. They added $3,676.66 to my loan in 2015 without even a phone call. It took over a month to get this matter straightened out. CHECK YOUR LOAN TRANSACTIONS AND MAKE SURE THEY DIDN'T ADD ANYTHING WITHOUT CALLING YOU!

Small Town - Small Minds

Posted by: franco186 | Feb 26, 2016

Poor mortgage people, harrass you to make the sale, then badger you to death for every piece if your history and financial background. They request letters written, explainations, credit reports etc etc etc, try Rocket Mortgage or a big bank and save your self the trouble.

I Second The Motion; ZERO Star Bank

Posted by: jambaugh | Dec 3, 2012

Branches no longer have a phone number.  TWO days to credit direct deposit pay.  Lost/stolen debit/credit card number goes straight to voicemail and you don't get a return call.  It took me two days to report a lost card then I had to go through the hassel of disputing charges with VISA because the bank will no longer LOOK at the transactions in memo post from the time the card was lost.  Direct deposit on Friday morning is credited on MONDAY morning but Friday withdrawals credit on Saturday at midnight?????  Branches can't assist you anymore on any matter.  It's ridiculous.  I was with Appalachian Community Bank which was part of Gilmer County Bank.  The CEO et all were arrested for fraudulent land deals and some other hefty charges.  The Feds took over and sold us to Community and Southern.  I would rather have our old frauds running the place.  One star cuz I have to give a star.

Terrible Service!

Posted by: Anonymous | Oct 26, 2012

I had been with West Ga since I was 13! Since becoming a customer at C&S, it has been terrible. They have closed 3 of my accounts without notification, been rude and callous with myself and my husband. They have no problem taking my money but they do not want to bother with the people behind the money. I will be going somewhere else in the near future.

No Care For Customers AT ALL

I have been through 4 major changes with this bank and each time the transition is horrible and they NEVER offer any help outside their banking hours. Life does not happen on bankers hours and I travel and have to do most of my banking online and they have been crippled for over a week now and I can't pay my employees, I can't check my automatic bill pay settings, I am furious.

ATM Didn't Dispense All The Funds

O.k here's the situation. It's Saturday morning the Teller line is backed up b/c more than 1/2 the CSB Branches are now closed on Saturday, including the Drive thru. So I go up to the ATM. Ask to withdrawal $160.00. It spits out only $80.00. What now? Go up to Teller She says: " Need to call back of Visa ATM Card PHONE NUMBER". ok. (This is wrong by the way.) Called an they say: Yes, We will put the $80.00 back in your account & come in Monday to fill out paper work. Monday comes around guess what? no refund of the $80.00
But You need to open an investigation. Ok. Done, we will have to put the money back in give Us 4/5 days. 4/5 days no money??? Sent Me a letter stating "NO BANK ERROR". Uhhhh sorry but Yes their was. 1. You lied: stating You would put the monies in first thing Monday morning, 2. You said It will take 4/5 days than you'd put the monies back in. 3. I contacted the Bank Mgr. No call back, no Customer Service at any level & We are out $80.00 from the ATM that no one seems to know how to operate correctly. Ohhh and CSB HAS BEEN BOUGHT OUT recently and they take over in Feb. 2016.

Love This Bank!!

Posted by: Anonymous | Mar 30, 2012

I have banked with this bank since the time it was W. GA. National, and have to say I love it now more than ever! Since the new Community Southern management team took over I have seen vast improvements in the level of service I receive and have also been pleased with the multitude of new products they now offer.

Since I have good credit, I was offered extremely competitive rates for all my banking needs. I have read the other posts on this blog and feel others have not given this "new" bank a chance...