VyStar Credit Union

Overview / Commentary
4949 Blanding Blvd
Jacksonville, FL 32210

VyStar Credit Union is headquartered in Jacksonville and is the 2nd largest credit union in the state of Florida. It is also the 17th largest credit union in the nation. It was established in 1952 and as of June of 2019, it had grown to 1,575 employees and 667,325 members at 68 locations. VyStar Credit Union's money market rates are 4X the national average, and it has an A health rating.

Field of Membership Restrictions

Membership in VyStar Credit Union is open businesses, individuals, organizations or churches who are living, working or operating in the following counties: Marion, Nassau, Baker, Brevard, Alachua, Duval, Bradford, Clay, Putnam, Lake, Levy, Seminole, St. Johns, Orange, Suwannee, Sumter, Volusia, Union, Flagler, Hamilton, Columbia, and Gilchrist. Family of current or eligible members may also join.
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A Great Local Credit Union!

I have been through several banks in my life -- from First Union who turned into Wachovia and then to Wells Fargo. I saw the greed of the large banks. The monthly fees, the required minimums and the poor customer service and run around when there is a problem.

About 6 years ago, I got tired of the run around and decided to look for a local community bank or credit union. I stumbled on VyStar Credit Union and I am happy I did. All of their checking/savings accounts have no monthly maintenance fees and while I don't use their savings accounts due to low rates (use an online savings account!) I do love having a local bank I can go to if I need something. I felt it was important to establish a relationship with a local bank for a variety of reasons. VyStar processes mobile check deposits quickly, usually the same day and their customer service is great. I can chat with them 7 days a week if I need something and they're quick to respond to secure messages from the online portal.

No bank is perfect, but if you're looking to develop a relationship with your bank and not just be a number to them go open an account with VyStar Credit Union. I am happy I did.

Penalized For Being A Victim Of Fraud

***UPDATE: VyStar contacted me and resolved my issue. I am satisfied! Thank you.***

I am a victim of fraud and VyStar is penalizing me for it. I did not physically lose nor lost my card. I did not give out my information to anyone illegitimate. It got hacked into and money stolen from it. Vystar is charging me a liability fee when I was always told by them that the money is federally insured, and in case of illegitimate transactions, all of it will be refunded to me. I thought that a credit union like Vystar will give me piece of mind, but in reality there are just as careless, incompetent, and profit driven as Big Banks. Vystar is supposed to be non-profit. Why are they making members pay for their insecure cards? Members are NOT at fault because VyStar cybersecurity safeguards are too weak to withstand hacking. It is VyStar’ responsibility to place electronic safeguards on the cards ISSUED BY THEM. It’s bad enough that hard earned money was stolen from me, but now the institution that is supposed to protect my money is stealing it again.

Keep An Eye On Your Emails After Opening New Account!!!!

We have been with Vystar for about 7 months. I recently decided to open another account with them in order to have a bill account and spending account. As soon as signing up, I received notification this account was ‘approved’. I then switched my direct deposit to this new account. That Saturday, I went into the Port Orange, FL branch to get a new debit card as I had lost my old one. The gentleman that helped me told me he could not give me a full access debit card, but that he would issue me an ‘ATM’ card to where I could withdrawal cash only from the ATM. I immediately questioned why that was the case as I was expecting my paycheck the next Thursday and would be out of town for work so I needed the debit card to access MY funds. He stated because my account was overdrawn $178 from their return fees due to an auto bill attempting to pull funds from my account multiple times, I could not do anything until I brought that account to a positive. I had to problem with this as I had already intended to make a transfer and split the funds between both accounts anyways. He ended up giving me a debit card and advised me once the account was taken care of, I would be able to make purchases again. Again, this was not a problem to me as long as I could access my funds come payday. I mean, their motto is ‘we never forget it’s your money’, right?? Fast forward to Thursday morning when I receive back to back calls from my husband. I finally answer after being woken up to him questioning if the guy at the bank set a restriction on his card as well. I told him I didn’t think so as he hadn’t mentioned it, but it was a good possibility as we have a joint account and that I would fix it right away and simply make the transfer from the other account. I sprung up out of bed upon opening the mobile app and finding no new existing account and still seeing a negative balance!!! WHERE IS MY MONEY?!!! So I immediately jump on the phone and speak with the call center and am told I never had a new account and it wasn’t possible for me to set up direct deposit to this said account because it wasn’t showing under my member ID. I assured her I did indeed have one along with an email and the account number itself and would be happy to provide them the proof. After further investigating, she did find this new account, but stated it had been closed and my check was rejected and sent back to my employer’s bank. I of course was not a happy da** camper as obviously my check is just ‘floating’ out there and here it is the weekend, so I more than likely won’t be able to access these funds until next week. After this call center representative tells me I should have kept my direct deposit the way it was and this would have never happened (well duh, but who do you think you are to make a comment like that to me?!), I hung up the phone and called my HR dept. They give me a turnaround time of 3-7 business days before they will attempt to release my check again. I changed my account back to my other account at that point. I then checked my emails and sure enough, I received an email days after I had opened my account that they decided against it due to my bad standing with my other account. Now mind you, my account became overdrawn only a week prior to my next pay date. I wasn’t even given a good faith chance to take care of this come the time when I could. So here I am, Friday morning, bills due, kids to feed, plans to cancel, and headed home this morning with no money, and anger inside as this could have been prevented had they just not approved my account after going through the approval process. As soon as I receive my funds, my husband and I intend to close our account and find another credit union to bank with. And I sure hope they do random annual reviews on their calls. Seems like a lot of reps would be out of their jobs from the poor customer service they give to their members!!!

There Are Better Choices For Banking

Posted by: jackstiger | May 3, 2019

Yes, everyone is superficially nice and friendly when you call or go into a branch. On the other hand, their on-line services is down a lot more than the other banks I've dealt with. They also make closing an account unnecessarily difficult. I had a joint account with my mother, who was primary on the account. When I went to close the account after she passed away, I went into the branch with her certified death certificate as well as my driver's license. Unlike every other bank where I've closed an account under the same circumstances, they were unable to finish the transaction. They told me their policy was that their central office had to review the information before closing the account and they were backed up (wtf?). They said that they would get back with me within 24-48 hours so I could come back in to close the account. They could not tell me why they needed to do this other than it is policy. Well, they never called me, but I did call them the next day to confirm that the account was ready to be closed. On this second trip in to accomplish what should have been done the day before, I asked again why they needed to review this. They said it was to verify that there were no outstanding loans or unprocessed transactions. I knew there were none before I requested to close the account. If they've experienced bad experiences with other members they should have said so, and made arrangements to actually close the account once they reviewed the information without my having to come in a second time. I don't like being treated like a thief or a child in handling my own money, nor being inconvenienced to the degree I experienced. I've closed many bank accounts in my lifetime without having to make 2 trips due to the bank's arbitrary policy. BTW, this was a $2,000 account in good standing, and I have a high credit rating. There are better banking choices available.



Health Grade Components

NCUA #68490
Year Chartered1952
Primary Regulator
Profit Margin
Return on Assets - YTD0.76%
Return on Equity - YTD8.66%
Annual Interest Income$159.6MM
Assets and Liabilities
AssetsQ2 2019vs Q2 2018$8.73B$7.70B
LoansQ2 2019vs Q2 2018$5.95B$5.40B
DepositsQ2 2019vs Q2 2018$6.47B$5.77B
Equity CapitalQ2 2019vs Q2 2018$762.4MM$667.3MM
Loan Loss AllowanceQ2 2019vs Q2 2018$34.4MM$33.5MM
Unbacked Noncurrent LoansQ2 2019vs Q2 2018$18.7MM$15.3MM
Real Estate OwnedQ2 2019vs Q2 2018$911.00K$179.00K
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* The APY shown varies based on the deposit amount. Expand the listing to see APYs for other deposit amounts.

VyStar Credit Union Savings Account Rates

0.56%*$100k*-IRA Savings
OTHER TIERS: 0.26% Up to $10k | 0.36% $10k - $25k | 0.46% $25k - $50k | 0.51% $50k - $100k
0.46%*$100k*-Health Savings Account
OTHER TIERS: 0.26% Up to $10k | 0.31% $10k - $25k | 0.36% $25k - $50k | 0.41% $50k - $100k
0.25%$2.5k-Business Savings
0.25%$50-Primary Savings
0.25%--Kids Club Savings
0.25%$50-VyTeen Savings
0.25%$50-Bravo Savings
0.25%$50-Achieve Savings
0.25%$50-Regular Savings
0.25%$50-Holiday Savings

VyStar Credit Union Money Market Rates

1.55%*$250k*-Business Money Market
OTHER TIERS: 0.65% Up to $10k | 0.80% $10k - $25k | 0.85% $25k - $50k | 1.00% $50k - $100k | 1.15% $100k - $250k
1.55%*$250k*-Money Market Account
OTHER TIERS: 0.65% Up to $10k | 0.80% $10k - $25k | 0.85% $25k - $50k | 1.00% $50k - $100k | 1.15% $100k - $250k

VyStar Credit Union Checking Account Rates

0.10%$2.5k-Small Business Checking
0.10%$5k-Regular Business Checking
0.10%--Regular Checking
0.10%--VyTeen Checking
0.10%--Bravo Checking
0.10%--Achieve Checking
0.10%$2.5k-Non Profit Association Checking

VyStar Credit Union CD Rates

2.75%*$50k*-60 Month CD
OTHER TIERS: 2.60% $500 - $50k
2.75%*$50k*-Business 60 Month CD
OTHER TIERS: 2.60% $500 - $50k
2.60%*$50k*-48 Month CD
OTHER TIERS: 2.45% $500 - $50k
2.60%*$50k*-Business 48 Month CD
OTHER TIERS: 2.45% $500 - $50k
2.55%*$50k*-36 Month CD
OTHER TIERS: 2.40% $500 - $50k
2.55%*$50k*-Business 36 Month CD
OTHER TIERS: 2.40% $500 - $50k
2.40%*$50k*-30 Month CD
OTHER TIERS: 2.25% $500 - $50k
2.40%*$50k*-Business 30 Month CD
OTHER TIERS: 2.25% $500 - $50k
2.35%*$50k*-24 Month CD
OTHER TIERS: 2.20% $500 - $50k
2.35%*$50k*-Business 24 Month CD
OTHER TIERS: 2.20% $500 - $50k
2.30%$100$2k12 Month Kid's CD
2.30%$100$2k12 Month VyTeen Member CD
2.30%$100$2k12 Month Bravo Member CD
2.30%$100$2k12 Month Achieve Member CD
2.20%*$50k*-18 Month CD
OTHER TIERS: 2.10% $500 - $50k
2.20%*$50k*-Business 18 Month CD
OTHER TIERS: 2.10% $500 - $50k
2.05%*$50k*-12 Month CD
OTHER TIERS: 1.95% $500 - $50k
2.05%*$50k*-Business 12 Month CD
OTHER TIERS: 1.95% $500 - $50k
1.95%*$50k*-9 Month CD
OTHER TIERS: 1.85% $500 - $50k
1.95%*$50k*-Business 9 Month CD
OTHER TIERS: 1.85% $500 - $50k
1.85%*$50k*-6 Month CD
OTHER TIERS: 1.75% $500 - $50k
1.85%*$50k*-Business 6 Month CD
OTHER TIERS: 1.75% $500 - $50k
1.30%*$50k*-3 Month CD
OTHER TIERS: 1.20% $500 - $50k
1.30%*$50k*-Business 3 Month CD
OTHER TIERS: 1.20% $500 - $50k

VyStar Credit Union IRA Rates

2.75%*$50k*-60 Month IRA
OTHER TIERS: 2.60% $500 - $50k
2.60%*$50k*-48 Month IRA
OTHER TIERS: 2.45% $500 - $50k
2.55%*$50k*-36 Month IRA
OTHER TIERS: 2.40% $500 - $50k
2.40%*$50k*-30 Month IRA
OTHER TIERS: 2.25% $500 - $50k
2.35%*$50k*-24 Month IRA
OTHER TIERS: 2.20% $500 - $50k
2.20%*$50k*-18 Month IRA
OTHER TIERS: 2.10% $500 - $50k
2.05%*$50k*-12 Month IRA
OTHER TIERS: 1.95% $500 - $50k
1.95%*$50k*-9 Month IRA
OTHER TIERS: 1.85% $500 - $50k
1.85%*$50k*-6 Month IRA
OTHER TIERS: 1.75% $500 - $50k
1.30%*$50k*-3 Month IRA
OTHER TIERS: 1.20% $500 - $50k


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