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USA Today Article on I Bonds


This article from USA Today has an analysis similar to my last week post on predicting the next fixed rate of I Bonds. It tries to help you decide whether you should buy the I Bond now or later, and includes predictions from two authors of savings bond books who hold different opinions about how the I Bond fixed rates are determined.

A spokesman for the Treasury's Bureau of Public Debt also was interviewed. As you would suspect, he provided no hint of the new I Bond fixed rate. According to the spokesman, the rate is "discretionary on the part of the Treasury."

The spokesman did provide some useful information. If you want to buy I Bonds with an October issue date, be sure to place orders at TreasuryDirect no later than Friday. However, if you buy the I Bonds through a bank branch, you can wait as late as October 31 to purchase the I Bond.

For more information on I Bonds, refer to this post. The official info is available at TreasuryDirect's I Bond FAQ.