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6.00% 6-Month CD Still Available for Those in Texas


Citibank is still offering the 6.00% APY 6-month certificate of deposit special. I first reported on this back in late June. I noticed that it was still being advertised in today's Dallas Morning News ad. There is a $500 minimum and a $100K maximum deposit.

I called the 800 number in the ad (1-800-349-1987) again to find when it was going to expire. The CSR wasn't aware of an expiration date. She said it's available only in Texas since Citibank is expanding its presence in the state. People in other states can get 5.50% APY for 6-months. One thing that changed since my last call is that the CSR did not give me an option to open the CD without a checking account. A checking account is required for the CD whether it's opened on the phone or at a branch. The CD can't be opened online to get the 6%. It can be funded by an ACH transfer, by mailing a check or by depositing the funds at a branch. You have 30 days to fund the CD after the application.

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Anonymous   |     |   Comment #1
The 30 days to fund is GREAT. You earn interest during that period, even though they don't have the money. I opened on about a month ago, and because my signature card apparently got lost in the mail, they didn't make the ACH pull for more than 2 weeks. I resent the card by fax, and the pull was made a couple of days later. I called and asked what was going to happen, and they said the interest accrues from the day the CD was opened, not funded. If you make your deposit at a branch, you could pretty safely "double dip" on interest.