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Update on LaSalle Bank's $100 Checking Account Bonus


LaSalle Bank is still advertising on its home page a $100 bonus for opening its checking and savings account. It requires the following:
  • Open a checking account with a minimum of $250
  • Open a statement savings account with a minimum of $100
  • Sign up for a LaSalle Money Card debit card
  • Make a purchase with your Money Card within 60 days of account opening

After these requirements are met, bonus will be credited to the savings account within 120 days from the date of account opening. Bonus is limited to one per household, and may be considered income to you for tax purposes.

I have more information on this promotion and LaSalle Bank in this October post. Note, some readers have reported that LaSalle Bank hasn't been waiving the fee for the Statement Savings Account. Normally, a minimum $250 balance is required to avoid the monthly fee. However, the small print in the promotion states that this fee is suppose to be waived for the first six months. Another reader reported on problems with online access and customer service. So keep these issues in mind if you decided to give this promotion a try.

The offer page states you can apply online, at a LaSalle branch or by phone. I'm not sure if it's available for all states. LaSalle is now part of Bank of America.

One thing that has changed since my October post is that now you can qualify for the Keep The Change Program with the LaSalle checking and savings accounts. If you're a heavy user of the debit card, you can potentially earn up to $250 in this program.

Bank of America also has a bonus for opening a checking account. It used to be $100, but now it's $75. Please refer to this post for more details.

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