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$100 Business Checking Account Promotion at Bank of America


Bank of America is offering a $100 bonus for opening any new business checking account before March 31, 2008. Here's the promotional page. The promotional code is BTB0100. You can open online or at a branch. Here's a coupon page to be printed if you open at a branch. The following is the promotion's small print:
Offer applies to any new business checking account opened with a Visa Business Check Card before March 31, 2008. Limit one $100 incentive per business every 6 months. If opening the account online, you must enter the code BTB0100 to ensure you receive the bonus. If opening your account in a Bank of America banking center, you must provide the coupon to receive the bonus. Your bonus will be deposited directly into your new account within 60 days of account opening. If your account is closed within the first 60 days, you will not be eligible for the bonus.

One good checking account option is the Business Economy Checking. You can avoid monthly maintenance fees for at least 2 years if you have a personal checking account with BofA .

Typically, opening business checking accounts requires documentation such as an employer identification number or a state business license. However, I noticed the following in the online application if you select Sole Proprietorship:
What you need to apply

Sole Proprietorship:

If the business name includes the owner's last name, no documents are required; otherwise:

* SSN or Business Tax ID Number
* Business License showing both business and owner's name, or
* Business name filing document, such as a Fictitious Name Certificate or Certificate of Trade Name, showing both business and owner's name

Credit for this find goes to Hustler $$$ Blog.

Bank of America also has a $75 bonus for opening a personal checking account. Please refer to this post for more details.

Chase still has a $200 bonus for its Business Checking Account (see post).

For the latest deals at Bank of America and Chase, please refer to my Bank of America deals page and my Chase Bank deals page.

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Dan and Vivian's Wedding BlogSpot
Dan and Vivian's Wedding BlogSpot (anonymous)   |     |   Comment #1
I applied for the 75 bonus 3 months ago and forgot to write down the code. I wasn't credited for it and when I sent an email to the CSR, they asked me for the code. I told them it was 3 m ago and I didn't bother to write it down. It didn't take too long for a response, but here is what the latest CSR told me:
Please allow us to apologize for the delay in processing your new
account incentive. After reviewing your online application, we do not
show that a promotion code was entered. However, we have applied a
refund in the amount of $75.00 to your account. The funds will be
credited to your account within one business day.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #2
The fine print after the application is accepted says that you must deposit $100 to receive a Visa Business Check Card. So in order to qualify for the bonus, you'll have to deposit $100 after opening the account.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #3
so, does one have to have a business in order to apply?
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #4
It DOES NOT say you *must* deposit $100. This is the actual text:

3. If your new account is approved, we encourage you to fund your new account with at least $100 within 90 days. Your account will be opened initially with a $0 balance. Upon funding the account, we will automatically send you a new Bank of America Business Check Card.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #5
does someone have a new code?
Thank You