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2.25% 12-Month Semi-Liquid CD at E-Central Credit Union in CA - Easy Membership


E-Central Credit Union is still offering a special 12-month semi-liquid CD. The rate has fallen since my May post, but it remains competitive with a 2.25% APY. The 3-year CD remains the same with a 2.85% APY. These special CDs and rates are listed in the credit union's News Center page as of 6/21/09.

The credit union calls this 12-month CD a liquid certificate since you're allowed to withdraw as often as every 7 days up to 50% of the initial deposit. Your funds are available 30 days after you open the certificate. Minimum deposit is $5,000, and new money is required.

Membership is open to anyone who belongs to another credit union. I'm not sure if there are additional requirements for this, but this is what is stated in the credit union's Eligibility page. You can also qualify if you live, work, worship, or attend school in one of many California cities. Please refer to the eligibility page for the full details. Membership requires a $5 fee and a $25 minimum deposit in your savings account.

Branches are located in Pasadena and Los Angeles, California.

The credit union has strong ratings for safety and soundness: 4 stars at BauerFinancial (based on 3/31/09 data) and 4 stars (sound) at Bankrate.com (based on 12/31/08 data). The credit union is federally insured by the NCUA (Charter # 62323).

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