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Jax Metro Credit Union
1.61%$500-Jax Metro Credit Union60 Month CD
1.46%$500-Jax Metro Credit Union48 Month CD
1.26%$500-Jax Metro Credit Union36 Month CD
0.50*%$150k-Jax Metro Credit UnionMoney Market Account
Accounts mentioned in this post. Rates as of May 4, 2016.

Top Long-Term CD Rates at Jax Metro Credit Union in North Florida - Local Only


Jax Metro Credit Union is offering some competitive long-term regular and IRA certificate rates. These include a 3.04% APY 5-year CD, a 2.53% APY 3-year CD and a 2.28% APY 3-year CD. The credit union's money market account is also a fairly good deal for large balances. It pays 1.41% APY on balances of at least $150K. These rates are listed in the credit union's rates page as of 9/08/2010.

Credit union membership is open to those who live in parts of Jacksonville, Florida. Please refer to the credit union's membership page for the full details.

The credit union has an overall health score of 4 out of 5 with a Texas Ratio of 1.19% based on June 2010 data. Please refer to our financial overview of Jax Metro Credit Union for more details. The credit union is federally insured by the NCUA (Charter # 67294).

Searching for the Best CD and IRA CD Rates

It's getting difficult to find 5-year CDs with yields above 3.00%. For those who have $175K to invest, USAA Bank is offering a 3.31% APY 5-year CD nationwide. For smaller balances, 3% is about all that you can get. Sallie Mae Bank continues to offer a 3.00% APY 5-year CD that's available nationwide. These rates are as of 9/08/2010.

To search for the best nationwide rates and the best rates in your state, please refer to the following sections of DepositAccounts.com:

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jimddavis   |     |   Comment #1
Rates are rising!  NAPUS credit union has a great rate on a 22 mo. bump up CD, 3.82% APR.    That is almost 2 point higher than anything else I can find!   The minimum is 25 grand and you must be related to a post office employee to join.   This is a hidden jewel for the larger CD investor like me.