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EnerBank USA Reviews

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The Don't WANT You To Pay Off The "Loan"

Horrible company. Do not use them. In my opinion, it is their intent to prevent you from paying the balance in full by the payoff date so that they can get interest from you. They never send a statement and when they do send the letter saying the full payment amount is due within 30 days, they don't even include the amount you owe!  It's crazy to me that they are so horrible at keeping you informed. I honestly think that they want you to forget that you owe this money so that they can surprise you at the end and force you to pay the interest. We were foolish enough to not notice the lack of statements or bills, but were lucky enough that we could still pay it off at the end. I have NEVER experience any other credit company that fails to send a single statement to it's customer.  Be Warned!

6Month Free Interest Is Not True

We had CertoPro paint our home and used a 6-month interest free/payment free program. When the work was completed we sent a check in the following two weeks for the full amount of the loan. About 30 days later EnerBank sends a payment book to the home. My wife called them and they stated that 29.30 in interest had accrued on the loan. They then state that we did not sign up for an interest free payment plan; yet I have documentation that says welcome to the EZpay plan which their own documentation says is 6months interest free.

29.30 is not going to break the bank, but it is the principal of the matter. I can only imagine if they pull this scam on 50% of the people who use their services this amounts to thousands upon thousands of dollars in free money for them and most people may not even bother to waste time on the phone or keep their documentation. 

Sadly, they have choosen to rip off someone who does not mind putting hours of work to correct their fraud. I live by the quote, for evil to triumph, good people need do nothing. 

I do hope all of you who have issues with this bank will report their business practices with the FTC, the local BBB, contact the contracting agency that uses them, and also file a small claims court complaint to get back any and all money that is due to you.

Fraud has to stop. 

Bank Error Costs Us $10,000

We owed $19,000 for the solar installation for our house: two payments of $9,500. My husband paid in full yesterday, a full two months before the account is due. However, a keystroke error was made by an EnerBank employee and the bank deducted $19,500 for the first and $9,500 for the second.

Now we are $10,000 in debt, and there is nothing EnerBank can do except take the $10,000 extra out of our account and let all of our other outstanding bills bounce. Our debit cards are frozen, our savings are frozen, and we have no access to any of our resources.

If anyone else took $10,000 from me it would be called theft. What is wrong with this system that there is nothing they can do even though they know this is a bank error?

Once they have the funds, they say they will refund any overage, but in the meantime, our credit is ruined and there is "nothing we can do." This was totally an employee keystroke error. True story. Their mistake is our problem. It seems to me that with transactions of this size there should be some kind of confirmation process that would catch $10,000 errors.

Do Not Use This Company!!

Enerbank is a real financing company but they will rip you off. Their zero interest deals are a fraud. The contractor has to charge you the interest in the cost of the project. So you pay more for the project than if you would just use your own bank. I was a contractor in their program and they pressured me to push the zero interest deals. They also threaten to pull the program from us if we didn't send them more deals. The real interest rate for the zero interest is almost 18%!! Do not use them. We left the program.

I Like The Bank

I really like the bank for it's 0 interest home imporvement loans, but I wish they would send year-end or quarterly statements indicating the outstanding balance.  Even if only available electronically.


They only send out payment coupon books (antiquated) and nothing else.