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United Community Bank (GA) Reviews

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Forget Afterhours

UCB is the pits. Their on-line banking is years behind. The ABILITY to talk to someone about a debit card or ATM problem is non-existant. Even credit unions have access afterhours to speak to someone when there is a problem. Not UCB. They expect someone to tell their boss in this economy - hey I gotta contact my bank so I can't work my job. And when you do get UCB better plan on a run around, multiple transfers, and finally to be put on hold. Never known it to take less than 1/2 the day to deal with them. And it's always a problem at their end. Some reason their system wasn't functioning and caused abc.....

Problem again today. I have money in the bank. I balance almost daily. I stop at the grocery store - my debit card states insufficient funds and rejects. I go home - nope online banking agrees with me - plenty of money in the bank for the transactions Try to call UCB afterhours access to see what it states the balance is. I can't. It keeps telling me my PIN isn't my PIN. You know the same one I used yesterday.  

Your Local Bank

The bank does fine on service, but i'm still leery of where they've been financially, and it's a tad too early to put everything there. The health rating system provided by is a very good indicator, but it's not everything. Do your homework.....

Customer Service

United Community Bank is the best bank in the area!!! This bank has the best customer service I have ever encountered! I would recommend anyone to this bank, I tell everyone I come in contact with that UCBI can serve them the best!


This is a very poorly operated bank, they also have nice new buildings and have raised or added new fees to customer services to pay for all the new buildings. I have banked here for about one year and have moved all business here, a big mistake on my part. They are poorly trained, and will open your accounts wrong and then you have to deal with so called customer service. The online banking is a joke even when it works, good luck with that.


The biggest waste of time was opening an account at this bank. It's horrible. They are underhanded and dirty, and don't respect any of the people they do business with.

Preditory Lender - Buyer Beware

We had a mortgage loan with this bank and ran into financial difficulty a couple of years ago. We fell behind and then secured more income and made an offer to the bank to let us pick up the payments and put the past due payments on the end of the loan. They decided to foreclose instead.

They then reported the loan as outstanding every month (even after selling the property) until several phone calls. They then corrected the posting to "foreclosure", but extended the life on this negative rating by one year by their incorrect reporting for a year. They are still showing a balance due to the credit bureau.

The promise to rectify, they promise to call back. These are all lies!