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4.30% 60-Month and 4.00% 15-Month Online CDs at


iGObanking has some competitive rates on its internet CDs. The highest rate is 4.30% APY for a 60-month term. There's also a 4.00% APY for a 15-month term. The minimum deposit is $500. The yield on the other terms over 12 months is 3.85% APY.

The certificate of deposit details are described in their disclosure page. The early withdrawal penalty for terms over one year is 6 months of interest. The grace period at maturity in which you can close the CD without penalty is 7 calendar days. still has one of the most competitive no-minimum online savings accounts. The current yield is 3.86% APY. This account started in November 2006 with a yield of 5.30% APY (see my account review). is a division of Flushing Savings Bank, FSB so deposits are FDIC insured. Flushing Savings Bank has a safe and sound rating of 3 out of 5 stars (performing) at based on 9/30/07 data. This is down from 4 stars when I reported on this bank in November 2006.

Thanks to the reader who mentioned these CDs in the comments.

Other Nationwide CD Deals

The best national deal for a 5-year CD continues to be at Pentagon Federal Credit Union which is offering a 4.75% APY. For banks, the best 5-year CD deal is at KeyDirect which still has a yield of 4.50% APY. However, not all states are eligible. For other CD deals please refer to my last week's CD rate summary. Make sure to check the websites of the banks and credit unions since some rates are already out-of-date.

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