Ally Bank Offers Limited-Time 13-Month Select CD


Deal Summary: 13-month CD, 1.25% APY, no minimum deposit

Availability: Internet Bank

Ally Bank is again offering a select CD which features a limited-time promotional rate and term (1.25% APY 13-month). This is a small improvement to Ally’s last select CD in October which had the same rate but a 15-month term. This is also the same rate as the 11-month No Penalty CD special that Ally was offering in December and early January. That No Penalty CD rate is back down to 0.87%. This new select CD is now the best deal at Ally for a term around one year.

1.25%--Ally Bank13-Month Select CD
Accounts mentioned in this post. Rates as of February 19, 2017.

Below are the details of this new select CD:

  • 1.25% APY, 1.24% interest rate
  • 13-month Select CD available for a limited time.
  • No minimum opening deposit or maximum balance cap.
  • Early Withdrawal Penalty is 60 days of interest.
  • At maturity, the account rolls over into a 1-year term unless you provide alternate renewal instructions.


Headquartered in Midvale, Utah, Ally Bank is currently the 23rd largest bank in the country, with assets in excess of $114 billion and over 2.2 million customer accounts. Ally offers its services and product line to individuals 18 years or older, who have a valid Social Security number and a U.S. mailing address.

Applying for the 13-month select CD can be done using Ally Bank’s online application or by calling Ally (877-247-2559). You can fund your new account in a few different ways:

  • Transfer from an Ally or non-Ally account
  • Check (by mail or Ally eCheck Deposit)
  • Wire transfer

Bank Overview

Ally Bank (FDIC Certificate # 57803) has an overall health grade of "A+" at, with a Texas ratio of 1.51% (excellent) based on September 30, 2016 data. In the past year, Ally has increased its deposits by $10.38 billion, an excellent annual growth rate of 16.23%. Please refer to our financial overview of Ally Bank for more details.

How the CD Compares

When compared to 90 similar length-of-term CDs offered by internet banks tracked by, only six banks offer a higher rate than Ally’s 13-month select CD rate. The table below shows how Ally’s 13-month select CD compares to two of the top 1-year CDs from internet banks:

Interest RateCD Length of TermInternet Bank
1.36% APY1 Year Yield Pledge CD ($5k min)EverBank
1.35% APY1 Year CD ($2.5k min)Live Oak Bank
1.25% APY13-Month Select CD (no min)Ally Bank

The above rates are accurate as of 2/13/2017.

To look for the best CD rates, both nationwide and state specific, please refer to our CD rates table or our Rates Map page.

RJM   |     |   Comment #1
They watched me take out 6 figures last week for Penfeds 15 month 1.41%.

Had they done this a week or so sooner, I might have kept it at Ally at 1.30% (with the .05% renewal)

Too little, too late. Ally.
  |     |   Comment #2
Redoing the 11 month no-penalty at that rate would've been a lot nicer.
Kaight   |     |   Comment #3
14 month CD bogey is 1.75%. JMHO

Get very far south of that and I commence yawning uncontrollably.
Large Rate Increase on Ally Bank’s 11-Month No Penalty CD

UPDATE 1/4/17: The No Penalty CD APY has fallen from 1.25% to 0.87%.

Availability: Internet Bank

This might be a sign that Wednesday’s Fed rate hike will have an effect on deposit rates. Ally Bank just raised the APY of its 11-month No Penalty CD by 38 basis points to 1.25%. This is the highest APY that Ally Bank has offered on this CD since 2010.

The 1.25% APY applies to all balances. Ally Bank added rate tiers in 2015, but this 11-month CD currently has just one rate...

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Ally Bank Increases 18-Month and 3-Year CD Rates
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Ally Bank increased the rates of two of its High Yield CDs today. The rates increases are small, but it’s another positive sign that we may finally be at the start of a rising interest rate environment.

The rates increased by 5 basis points for the top balance tiers ($25k+) of both the 18-month CD (1.35% APY) and the 3-year CD (1.60% APY). Rates for the lower tiers did not change, except for the mid tier ($5k-$25k) of the 3-year CD which increased by 3 basis points...

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Ally Bank Offers Another Limited-Time Select CD
Availability: Internet Bank

It’s not only Columbus Day, but it’s also National Online Bank Day. This was a day that Ally Bank first promoted last year to highlight the benefits of internet banks. Most brick-and-mortar banks are closed for Columbus Day, but many internet banks (including Ally) are open with customer service taking calls.

To celebrate the occasion, Ally Bank is offering a new Select CD, which features a limited time promotional rate and term (1.25% APY 15-month).

Features of this 1.25% APY 15-month Select CD include :

    Promotional rate and term...

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Ally Bank Adds Limited-Time 30-Month Select CD
Availability: Internet Bank

It’s Labor Day Weekend – summer is winding down, the now-downgraded Hurricane Hermine is somewhere in the Atlantic, college football season has begun. In other words, I really wasn’t expecting any good deals to pop up during this holiday weekend; I was wrong.

DA’s guest contributor, Charles Rechlin (aka ChasR) posted in the Forum about Ally Bank’s (Ally) limited-time 30-month Select CD (1.50% APY).

I did a Live Chat to confirm the details and learned that:

    The 30-month Select CD is available through September 15, 2016.

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Ally Bank’s New Cash Back Credit Card

Ally Bank has just introduced its first credit card. It’s a cash back credit card in which Ally Bank deposit customers can earn a bonus cash back rate. The cash back percentages are nice, but I wouldn’t call them great. If you’re active with cash back credit cards, this new Ally credit card probably won’t excite you. Nevertheless, it’s nice to see this new offering from Ally Bank. For those who prefer to keep things simple with all of their banking needs at one bank, this new credit card makes...

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