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3333 Riverwood Pkwy Southeast
Atlanta, GA 30339

Community & Southern Bank is no longer doing business under that name because it has been merged or acquired. See the successor institution Bank of the Ozarks.

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Community And Southern Bank

Posted by: Suni | Jul 25, 2013

Community & Southern Bank is one of the best banks I have ever had the pleasure to bank with.  I greatly appreciate their professional yet personal touch to banking.  I find that not only is the banking division well tuned and operated, their mortgage division is incredible.  It is unfortunate that people that have a bad experience with one person would condemn the entire bank.  I highly recommend the Ashford Dunwoody location as well as the Riverwood location.

Mixed Reviews

Posted by: EssB | Aug 5, 2016

CSB provides me with a free Checking and Savings accounts. I shouldn't complain, since, as I said, it's free! In fact, that isn't the only pro- to banking here. The free Kasasa Cash checking/linked savings program is easy to qualify for and pays interest each month! 2% interest as cash back is really special and great. They also are pleasant to deal with, with many nice Southern ladies to assist. The cons of banking here begin with the fact that checks take 3-5 days to clear and become available to spend, no matter how big the corporate bank or company it is drawn on is. In the age of electronic, instant internet banking that is just unheard of. I mean, all the banks are linked with instant funds verification electronically, so this makes no sense to me. Also, if you have a question to be answered, you might have to leave a voicemail for the person "in charge of that department". Specifically, I had to leave several different voicemails for several different people over the course of several days in order to get a call back. In general, I would recommend this bank, yes, because it is worth the extra wait and effort for the benefit of cash back for doing not much different than you normally do with a checking account.

How Do You Trust A New Bank?

Posted by: Anonymous | Dec 18, 2010

My husband and I were with The People's Bank for over 9 years, it had existed for over 70 years in Winder, GA. I was never happier with a bank in my 50 years, then the rug was pulled out from under us. I already don't like the way Community & Southern runs things; for example, they sent new debit/credit cards and turned off our old cards without making sure we had activated our new cards...that was loads of fun at the gas pump. Another example, we use to get credit points on our debit/credit cards that we could use towards merchandise etc., when I asked if that was going to continue, no one could tell me. They also couldn't tell me if any of the rates were going to change. They don't know what is going to happen. Poor communication between the Executives and the Branch Managers, makes me very nervous. This bank has swallowed at least 3 banks here in Georgia and no one really knows anything about this institution. They don't talk to their customers or community leaders with an open house forum or anything. The whole thing makes us People's Bank customers very nervous.


Posted by: Snow | May 10, 2016

For some reason, and without notification, they decided to freeze our Visa Debit Card "due to fraud in Atlanta and the surrounding areas". Hmm. Why did you not notify the card holders? "then it would alert those committing fraud we were on to them". Yep. Isn't that a GOOD thing? We were told a "third party company put the fraud alert on and it will be on there until they remove it. BUT we may can purchase less than $95 at a time OR use our PIN". Well, golly we would. BUT YOU DIDN'T SEND US ONE! And, here is a silly question: So fraud is OK as long as it is UNDER $95? We were COMPLETELY locked out of our account, due to not giving us a PIN, for the entire weekend!! NO ACCESS TO OUR MONEY! I contacted VISA corp. They say they no of NO Fraud alert NOR breach. And, IF there had been one..THEY WOULD HAVE NOTIFIED ALL CARD HOLDERS AND PUT IN ON THE NEWS! Gasp! Egads! That didn't happen! Because we don't want the bad guys to know they are ON to them!! NO ONE can tell you anything! They BLAME YOU for not using your PIN..WHICH WE DON'T HAVE! They blame VISA...they were slightly miffed by that! And this mysterious third party... who welds the power...just does as they please and SCREW the account holder!! THIS IS JUST PLAIN SHADY! SHADY! Looks like the one doing all the FRAUD is the Third Party AND Community and Southern!! We intend to get our money out, hire an attorney, and tell COMMUNITY AND SOUTHERN DO GO SCREW THEMSELVES!



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