Changes in ShoreBank Direct's Savings Account


Update 1/14/10: Rates have fallen. New rates are 1.09% APY for under $100K and 1.25% APY for $100K+. Note how close these are to the FDIC rate caps.

ShoreBank Direct recently sent letters to its customers informing them of a new tiered rate structure for the online savings account. Here's an excerpt of the letter:
In order to provide ongoing flexibility in the ShoreBank Direct Online Savings Account, we will begin offering a tiered interest rate. Separate rates will apply to accounts with a balance under $100,000.00 and accounts with a balance of $100,000.00 or more. At this time, the rate for both tiers will remain 1.70% APY* (1.68% Interest Rate).

Credit goes to FW member xavierjay for posting this letter.

ShoreBank Direct's website is already showing the two tiers. Both are still at 1.70% APY, but I doubt this will last long. I hope we don't see an uncompetitive rate below $100K. I've seen many cases in the past when banks will add tiers, slash the low-tier rate and then continue to advertise a decent rate for the top tier.

ShoreBank Direct had long been offering top rates on its internet savings account. The rate had remained above 2% for much of 2009. The online account also has some decent features such as allowing you to link up to 6 external accounts for ACH transfers (see account review).

One question is whether ShoreBank is subject to the FDIC's new rate caps. The FDIC rate caps for money market accounts have a higher rate for a Jumbo account ($100K minimum balance).

I don't know if ShoreBank is officially considered less than well capitalized. Only those banks are subject to these rate caps. However, ShoreBank's financial problems have been well publicized. Reuters just reported that the Fed has ordered ShoreBank to suspend dividends. In July 2009 the FDIC issued a cease and desist order. As you might expect, their ratings at both BauerFinancial and are at the lowest levels.

I hope they can overcome these problems. Not only have they offered a competitive online savings account, but the company has tried to be a different kind of bank. As described in ShoreBank's corporate info page "ShoreBank Corporation is America's first community development and environmental bank holding company."

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I wish I had known the information about ShoreBank's being a "different kind of bank." I would have become a customer even though I don't reside in their market areas. Let's just hope this is not an example of good guys finishing last. But don't expect the government to care about such things.
Sandra (anonymous)   |     |   Comment #2
New rates posted on website
1.25% over $100000.
1.09% under $100000.
Bob (anonymous)   |     |   Comment #3
Sometimes in June last year FDIC sent memorandum to all FDIC insured banks to stay within posted guidelines _ or 0.50%, so it is expected most banks to comply to that.
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