6.18% 60-Month / 5.92% 48-Month CD at a Florida/Georgia Bank (Southeastern)


Southeastern Bank is offering a 6.18% APY 60-month certificate of deposit. Also available is a 5.92% APY 48-month CD. The minimum deposit is $500, and the CDs are also available in an IRA.

The rates are not listed at the bank's website. A reader emailed me these CD rates, and I called the Yulee, Florida branch to verify. According to the service rep, it's only available to those in the local area. A branch visit is required. Yulee is located about 15 miles north of Jacksonville. Southeastern also has several branches in southeast Georgia. I called the Richmond Hill, Georgia branch and was told that rates are set differently for each local market. The Richmod Hill branch didn't have the 6% rate, but it still had some competitive long-term rates which include a 5.92% APY 60-month CD and a 5.65% APY 48-month CD. The early withdrawal penalty is equal to 3 months of interest.

Branches are located in several cities of southeast Georgia and in three cities north of Jacksonville, Florida. The bank has been FDIC insured since 1934.

Credit for this find goes to the reader who emailed me this info. Thanks!
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