5.75% 6-Month CD at an Illinois Bank Continues (Town Center Bank).


Town Center Bank continues to offer a 5.75% APY 6-month certificate of deposit special. The minimum is $2,000, and it requires opening a checking account. This special continues to be extended. The current end date is now April 1, 2007. My last report on this was in December.

When I first checked on this deal in November, I was told that they would accept out-of-state deposits by mail. I called again today to see if this is still true. The service rep now stated this is only intended for locals.

The bank is also offering locals a $25 refer-a-friend bonus for opening an account. Feel free to use the comments of this post to request referrals for this bank.

Branches are located in Frankfort and New Lenox, Illinois which is just south of Chicago.

It's a newly established bank that has just been FDIC insured since September, 2006.
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Anybody want to help youself and I out with $25? I would open an account here, and could use a referral if anyone out there has an account already. I suppose all I would need is a name, right?